Tuesday 18 April 2017

Theresa May chickens out of general election TV debates

Anyone who has seen any of Theresa May's performances at Prime Ministers' Questions will know that she's an incredibly weak public speaker who relies almost entirely on the tactic of regurgitating pre-written non-answers to questions, ans snide personal attacks.

She's clearly absolutely hopeless when she has to think on her feet, as has been proven by the many times she's been outwitted and outperformed by Jeremy Corbyn. Even his most loyal supporters would struggle to argue Corbyn is a great public speaker who is adept at thinking on his feet, so Theresa May must be truly awful to have let Corbyn repeatedly get the better of her to such an extent that she's petrified of going into open debate with him.

David Cameron famously wimped out of having a Scottish Independence debate with Alex Salmond, but he wasn't cowardly enough to evade the 2015 General Election debates completely. A year ago it would have been difficult to imagine the Tory party being run by an even more self-serving and cowardly weasel than David Cameron, but here we are with a Prime Minister who is demonstrably petrified of debating the likes of Jeremy Corbyn and Tim Farron!

Theresa May knows that she's even more pitifully inept in an unscripted environment than Cameron was, so the only way she thinks she can avoid getting pummelled in the televised General Election debates is by outright refusing to participate.

It's no surprise at all that Theresa May is angling to scrap the televised General Election debates by chickening out. 
If the broadcasters decide to abandon the debates because Theresa May refuses to participate, they'd clearly and undeniably be giving her a massive helping hand in avoiding her inability to deal with unscripted situations, so the
 only unbiased option the broadcasters now have is to hold the debates regardless of her threats to not participate, featuring an empty podium for the Tory party if she refuses to turn up.

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