Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The Kuenssberg thought experiment

Theresa May is running scared of a head-to-head TV debate with Jeremy Corbyn and she's running scared of an unscripted TV debate with the other party leaders too.

Not only is our "strong and stable" Prime Minister terrified of being held to account by her political opponents, she's also petrified of the general public too. She launched her opportunistic self-serving election campaign in front of a hand-picked audience of Tory loyalists (Corbyn launched his in the streets) and at another micro-managed Tory publicity event the staff at the factory she visited were banned from talking to the press.

The BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg is notorious for her anti-Corbyn bias, in fact she's so bad that a BBC investigation concluded that she fabricated a fake anti-Corbyn story in order attack him, but somehow she was allowed to keep her job at the taxpayer funded BBC.

Amazingly when Theresa May went into hiding on April 24th Kuenssberg responded to the story on Twitter by turning Theresa May's cowardice into an attack on Jeremy Corbyn, proclaiming that hiding from the press and the public was some kind of political masterstroke from the Tories because it was allowing Labour to "stew in their own juice".

Let's just try a little thought experiment. Let's imagine that the story was the other way around.

Let's imagine it was Jeremy Corbyn running scared of TV debates with his political rivals. Let's imagine Corbyn launched his election campaign in a political "safe space" surrounded by party loyalists bussed in from over 50 miles away with local members of the public excluded and the press banned from asking questions. Let's imagine that Jeremy Corbyn visited a factory and leaned on the owners to ban their employees from speaking to the press about their opinions on his speech. Let's imagine it was Jeremy Corbyn who had gone into hiding for a whole day during an election campaign.

  • Who thinks that Laura Kuenssberg wouldn't be furiously condemning him for refusing to debate his political opponents?
  • Who thinks Kuenssberg wouldn't be slamming him for hiding in political "safe spaces" and running scared of encounters with actual members of the public?
  • Who thinks Kuenssberg wouldn't be screaming blue murder about him barring the press from several of his campaign events, and banning them from asking questions at several others?
  • Who honestly believes that Kuenssberg would try to spin Corbyn hiding for a whole day into a "isn't Theresa May shit" Tweet?

So then who is daft enough to believe that the BBC can continue to claim to be an impartial public service broadcaster when they employ such a blatantly biased political editor?

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