Saturday 31 March 2018

Esther McVey wants to make teenagers carry the can for Brexit

The Tory DWP minister Esther McVey has announced a bold new policy for mitigating the economic fallout from Brexit; she wants teenagers who were too young to even vote in the EU referendum to carry the can.

The exodus of EU workers is already harming various sectors of the British economy including health and care services, tourism and hospitality, manufacturing, and the agricultural sector.

The number of nurses coming to work in the NHS from the EU has collapsed by 90%; the hospitality industry are projecting a huge post-Brexit recruitment crisis; and £millions worth of fruit and veg are already being left to rot in British fields ... but Esther McVey thinks that the solution is to get British teenagers to plug the gaps by getting Saturday jobs!

It's not just that these youngsters are being robbed of their right to live, study, and work in any of 27 other European nations as the result of a referendum they weren't even able to vote in, they're now being told by out-of-touch Tory millionaires that they should carry the can for the economic fallout of this decision too.

In a way this approach does kind of make sense from a rudimentary greed-based, pro-corporate, hard-right agenda. Why should corporations pay European Union workers full minimum wage of £7.83 per hour to pick fruit and veg or work in the hospitality industry, when they could get a bunch of British teenagers in and pay them as little as £4.20 per hour?

But of course it's necessary to skip over the fact that the cumulative worker-hours of a few tens of thousands more teenagers doing evening and Saturday jobs will never be able to make up the huge labour shortfall Brexit is already delivering, but since when were stuff like facts and evidence ever important to the Brextremists?

It could be argued that Brexit was delivered by pensioners, so pro-Brexit pensioners rather than teenagers should be the ones to fill the gaps in the economy by picking fruit and veg or working in the hospitality industry for just £4.20 per hour.

This makes a lot more sense than trying to shift the workload onto teenagers because there are far more pro-Brexit pensioners than teenagers. And anyone who believes that Britain should be aiming to become a high-skill high-tech economy must surely believe that teenagers should be concentrating on their studies, rather than picking fruit and veg for £4.20 an hour because the Brextremists chased all the migrant workers away.

But the Brexit-voting pensioners obviously won't lift a finger because they'll be perfectly happy as long as all of the negative consequences of the chaotic "make it up as we go along" Tory Brexit farce are loaded onto the shoulders of the younger generations who didn't even get a vote on the issue.

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Friday 30 March 2018

What the mainstream media don't want you to know about anti-Semitism

Nobody denies that there are problems with anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry within the Labour Party. Given that anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry are shockingly commonplace in wider society, any organisation of the size of the Labour Party is bound to have a few horrible people kicking around.

The problem is the way the mainstream media insist on presenting the anti-Semitism debate as if it's a Labour-specific problem that's getting worse under Jeremy Corbyn, when the actual evidence shows that anti-Semitic views are very much more common from Conservatives, and that rates of anti-Semitism have actually fallen dramatically amongst Labour supporters since Jeremy Corbyn became leader in 2015.

Falling Labour anti-Semitism

Comparison of two YouGov surveys in 2015 and 2017 shows that rates of anti-Semitism amongst Labour supporters has fallen dramatically, while the same polls show that anti-Semitism rates amongst Tory supporters is barely falling at all.

In 2015, 22% of Labour voters agreed with the statement that ‘Jews chase money more than other people’, whilst in 2017 the number of Labour voters agreeing with the statement had declined to 14%.

These results compare with 31% of Conservative voters who agreed with the statement that ‘Jews chase money more than other people’ in 2015, whilst in 2017 this had declined slightly to 27% who still agreed with the statement.

Tory supporters are almost twice as likely to agree with this anti-Semitic trope as Labour supporters, yet the mainstream press insist on portraying the anti-Semitism furore as if it's a Labour-specific problem.

The same pattern occurs across all of the other anti-Semitic statements in the two YouGov polls. The rate of agreement amongst Labour voters has fallen dramatically since Corbyn took over, while the rate of agreement amongst Tories is both much higher than the Labour rate, and falling much more slowly.

Comparative analysis

Then there's the research from the Campaign Against AntiSemitism that found that the prevalence of anti-Semitic views amongst Labour and Lib-Dem supporters is much lower than the general public, but that the prevalence of anti-Semitic views amongst Tories is higher than the public at large, and even actually higher than the average for Brexit voters!

Of course Labour needs to fight against anti-Semitic views amongst its members and supporters, but anyone who tries to make out that anti-Semitism is a Labour-specific problem when rates of anti-Semitism are loads higher, and falling much more slowly in the Tory ranks is clearly weaponising allegations of anti-Semitism for party political purposes.

Of course it's a still a problem that any Labour supporters agree with anti-Semitic tropes, but the reality of the situation is that they're significantly less likely to than the general public, while Tories are significantly more likely to.


Then there's the study from the Institute for Jewish Policy Research that found that rates of anti-Semitism are way higher on the right of politics than on the left (see image).

The fact is that the hard-right are the most anti-Semitic demographic of all, and the Tories have been openly and brazenly courting these hard-right ultranationalist blue-kippers ever since the Brexit vote and the collapse of Ukip.

It's absolutely astounding to see a political party that's intent on courting the most bigoted demographic of all suddenly pretending to be concerned about anti-Semitism. 

If the Tories were really bothered about anti-Semitism they'd clean their own house first, and they'd definitely stop welcoming so many bigoted blue-kippers with open arms.

Mainstream media lies

Given the evidence is clear that that rates of anti-Semitism are much higher amongst Tories and the political right, the effort to present anti-Semitism as if it's a Labour-specific problem is clearly dishonest journalism.

But plenty of mainstream media sources have gone much further than dishonesty, by wandering off into the realm of outright lies.

Take the Scotsman's claim that "rising anti-Semitism could bring Corbyn down". Not only is anti-Semitism actually falling, but it's falling much faster under Jeremy Corbyn than it is under Theresa May.

The problem of course is that the truth is largely irrelevant to a vast numbers of mainstream media hacks, who continually attack anyone who threatens the neoliberal orthodoxy because they're not really journalists at all, they're simply stenographers for the right-wing establishment.

Wedge strategy

The reason the anti-Semitism issue has arisen again, just before the local elections, is that it's a highly effective wedge strategy to attack the political left with.

The blind eye that's been turned to numerous Tory bigotry scandals over the same time frame as the anti-Semitism furore stands as proof that most Tories don't give the faintest damn about bigotry amongst their own ranks, but they know that people on the liberal-left do give a damn, which is why they're using the issue to attack Labour.

The effort to smear Labour as the party of anti-Semitism (when their own party is actually much worse) isn't really designed to pinch Labour voters and turn them into Tory voters. A person would have to be politically insane to abandon Labour over bigotry and defect to a party with the raving bigot Boris Johnson as their Foreign Secretary!

The anti-Semitism furore is all about causing disillusion amongst the liberal-left in the hope that they won't turn out to vote at the local elections.

Reality vs illusion

Just remember that a significant proportion of mainstream media hacks are Orwellian illusion-artists

They don't give the faintest damn about rampant bigotry in the Tory ranks, and they don't give a damn that anti-Semitism is actually much higher amongst Tories than it is amongst Labour supporters.

All they caren about is using anti-Semitism to attack Labour, because they've completely lost the political argument so weaponising the fight against racism is pretty much all they've got left.

  • The whole illusion crumbles when you look at the actual facts on anti-Semitism.

  • The whole illusion crumbles if you look at the fact that the Labour anti-Semitism march was attended by a bunch of sectarian bigots from the DUP and the racist "Chingford skinhead" Norman Tebbit.

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Wednesday 28 March 2018

Does John Woodcock have less integrity than bloody Ukippers?

The right-wing Labour MP John Woodcock is one of the most duplicitous wreckers in the entire party. Whenever there's an opportunity to attack Jeremy Corbyn and the hundreds of thousands of Labour members who support him, Woodcock is always at the forefront slinging as much political abuse as possible.

Now it turns out that Woodcock has been going around threatening to quit the Labour Party in order to inflict as much damage on the party as possible before the local elections.

The reasons he gives are the usual stuff. The Corbyn's a "Russian stooge" smears (despite the Tories taking £800,000 in donations from Russian oligarchs and Putin cronies and Labour taking £0 since Corbyn took over) and the anti-Semitism smears (despite the fact that Jeremy Corbyn can point to a track record of opposing all forms of racism and bigotry all the way back to before he became an MP in the 1980s).

Woodcock is also whining that the Labour MP Dan Jarvis is being asked to stand down as an MP if he wants to become the mayor of the Sheffield region, because of the Labour Party policy of no double-jobbing.

Jarvis is trying to claim he should be allowed to do both jobs, but the precedent is absolutely clear. Sadiq Khan stood down as an MP in 2016 to become London Mayor, Andy Burnham stood down as an MP in 2017 to become Mayor of Greater Manchester, and Steve Rotherham also stood down in 2017 to become the mayor of the Liverpool City Region.

Why Jarvis thinks he shouldn't follow this precedent is anyone's guess, and why Woodcock has decided that this particular argument is the one he wants to have a final ruinous tantrum over is anyone's guess too.

If Woodcock does go ahead with his threat to quit the Labour Party and see out the parliament as an independent MP he won't just be betraying his constituents in Barrow who voted for him to serve as a Labour MP, he'll also be demonstrating that he's got significantly less integrity than Ukippers.

When Douglas Carswell and Mark Reckless quit the Tory party in 2014 to defect to UKIP, they at least had the decency to call by-elections to give their local constituents the right to choose whether they were still wanted. By-elections they both won by the way.

Woodcock has no intention of doing that because he'd almost certainly lose his seat to the replacement Labour candidate, so he's planning on squatting in the seat for as long as possible in order to attack the Labour Party at every move, which is hardly what his constituents voted for.

If Woodcock does go ahead with this threat to quit the Labour Party and then squat in the seat for as long as possible, it'd be proof that he's got less integrity, less regard for his constituents, and less commitment to democracy than the Ukipper fruitcakes on the extreme-right fringe of UK politics!

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British democracy is under threat and Tory Brexiteers are trying to shout down the warnings

The Speaker of the House of Commons was forced to intervene when a braying and jeering mob of Tory MPs attempted to shout down a vitally important question from the Green Party MP Caroline Lucas.

Once order was more-or-less restored Lucas asked her question, and staying true to her usual tactics, Theresa May waffled on about a completely different issue in reply.

The question Caroline Lucas asked was about the urgent need to update Britain's electoral rules for the digital age in order to defend democracy from unscrupulous anti-democratic practices, but Theresa May blatantly evaded answering the question in order to waffle on about data protection measures.

Anyone who paid attention to the testimony of the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Chris Wylie the day before would have been horrified at the allegations of widespread cheating of the electoral rules.

Not only do the Vote Leave campaign stand accused of unlawful co-ordination with other supposedly independent Brexit campaigns like BeLeave, Wylie also made an astounding allegation that the American Billionaire Robert Mercer has used financial trickery to get around legal election spending limits.

The way it allegedly works is that Mercer pumps millions of dollars into Canbridge Analytica and the associated companies which then sell their psychological profiling/election-rigging products on to right-wing political campaigns at a loss.

Subsidising a company so that they can provide services to right-wing political campaigns at way below cost obviously gives them a huge advantage if other parties are sticking to the electoral spending rules but buying data analytics products at their true market value.

If the allegation is true, it's absolutely critical to British democracy that something is done urgently to close this loophole which essentially allows foreign billionaires to buy massive amounts of influence over our elections and referendums.

After all of their rhetoric about "defending British democracy" during the referendum campaign you would have thought the Brexiteers would be all over this story like a rash, demanding action to prevent foreign billionaires from interfering with British sovereignty.

But no!

When the issue was debated in parliament in the hours after Wylie gave his testimony, only seven Tory MPs bothered to turn up to the emergency debate, and the only one who made any meaningful contribution at all was the minister who was required to be there to represent the government!

The conclusions are obvious. They don't give a damn about alleged foreign interference in our democratic processes as long as the outcome of the interference aligns with their own personal agenda. And they don't want to address the issue because they fear that if referendum cheating is uncovered, then their beloved Brexit might be taken away.

Oh how shallow those Brexiteer referendum cries to "stand up for British democracy" ring now. Now that the very same people are determined to turn a blind eye to the extraordinary allegations about how our democratic processes have been undermined.

Caroline Lucas is absolutely right. Our electoral laws need to be updated as a matter of urgency to make them suitable for the digital age.

The loopholes that allow dishonest players to bypass election spending rules by flogging their services at below cost value must be shut down. The use of big data in election campaigns should be carefully regulated, not left as a total free-for-all. The use of dark ads should be stamped out. And the rules against campaign groups spreading outright lies should be strengthened and updated for the digital age.

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Sajid Javid just baselessly called hundreds of Jewish Labour Party members "neo-fascists"

The Tory government minister Sajid Javid has just stood up in parliament and accused the Labour activist group Momentum of being "neo-fascists"

Aside from the fact that it's the political left who have always stood in solidarity with the Jewish people to fight against actual fascists from the political right (as at Cable Street where they beat the British Union of Fascists in the 1930s, when they beat back the rise of the National Front in Lewisham in the '70s, and the regular criticism of modern neo-Fascist hate groups like Britain First from the political left), there's also the well-known fact that the leader of Momentum is a Jewish guy called Jon Lansman.

Now if we know anything at all about anti-Semitism then surely we know that it's deeply anti-Semitic to baselessly resort to calling Jewish people Nazis just because you disagree with their political views.

So where is the tide of outrage about this hard-right government minister deliberately and offensively tarring hundreds of peaceful anti-fascist left-leaning Jewish people with the vile ideology that resulted in the mass genocide against their ancestors?

Aside from the blatantly anti-Semitic nature of his revolting smear-tactics, there's another thing to realise about Sajid Javid:

When Zac Goldsmith and the Tories used vile extreme-right propaganda tactics copied straight out of the BNP playbook to attack Sadiq Khan during the London Mayoral election in 2016, guess who remained absolutely silent on these disgusting tactics?

Then there was the blind eye that Javid turned when the actual fascist Britain First leader Paul Golding recently threatened to violently intimidate anyone who dares to oppose or criticise right-wing politicians like Rees-Mogg.

Then there's the fact that Javid refused to criticise his fellow Tory MP Bob Blackman after he shared extreme-right Islamophobic propaganda on his Facebook page just a few days before he hid behind parliamentary privilege to shout his offensive slurs at Jewish Momentum members.

When his own political party used neo-fascist tactics copied straight from the BNP, Sajid Javid remained silent; when the Britain First neo-Nazi thugs threatened to act as a violent enforcement militia for the Tories, Sajid Javid remained silent; when his fellow Tory MP shared disgusting fascist propaganda on Facebook, Sajid Javid remained silent.

And then after all of that silence he resorts to full bore anti-Semitism by slurring every single Jewish member of Momentum as neo-Nazis.

Will Theresa May do anything to discipline her own government minister for debasing parliament by resorting to anti-Semitic smear-mongering? Doubtful

Will the Tories like Brandon Lewis who was promoting his "respect pledges" on social media just a few weeks ago call his fellow Tory out on his hyperbolic and offensive slurs? Doubtful

Will the mainstream media call Sajid Javid out for baselessly smearing hundreds of Jewish Labour Party members as Nazis just days after the whole anti-Semitism furore? Doubtful

Just like Javid's own personal attitude to Zac Goldsmith's disgusting use of neo-Nazi propaganda tactics, his fellow Tories will doubtless turn a blind eye and refuse to hold their own to account.

And given the blind eye the mainstream media have turned to half a dozen other bigotry and bullying scandals within the Tory ranks this week, few would expect mainstream journalists to call him out either.

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Surely Londoners aren't gullible enough to blame Sadiq Khan for the consequences of Tory austerity dogma

By now surely we're all familiar with the Tory strategy of blaming others for what they're guilty of themselves.

The way opportunistic Tory MPs gleefully jumped on the Labour anti-Semitism furore in a week in which their own party has been rocked by one outrageous bigotry scandal after another is a clear example of this, but perhaps the clearest example of all is the right-wing fixation with attacking the Labour Mayor of London Sadiq Khan for the consequences of devastating Tory cuts to the London police budget.

After 26 year old Abraham Badu became the tenth murder victim in just twelve days in the capital, a flood of right-wingers have been desperate to cast the blame onto Sadiq Khan and the Labour Party instead of turning their attention to the unprecedented Tory cuts to police services in London.

Here are some of the facts about the devastating impact of Tory austerity dogma on London policing since 2010.
  • The Tories have slashed £600 million from the London police budget since 2010, and intend to impose another £400 million in cuts by 2021.
  • As a result of these unprecedented austerity-driven cuts the number of London police personnel has collapsed by 30% from 14,330 to 9,985.
  • Tory austerity cuts have also resulted in the loss of 65% of London's police community support officers, a reduction from 4,607 to 1,591.
  • Tory austerity dogma has resulted in the closure of 120 police buildings across the capital, and the elimination of almost all of the capital's police counters.
The reality of the situation is that Sadiq Khan has pleaded with the Tories to stop their ideologically driven vandalism of the London police force, but they've simply ignored him and carried on regardless, despite rapidly rising levels of violent crime and the increased threat of terrorism (both from Islamist fanatics and extreme-right terrorists).

The Labour Party as a whole stand with Corbyn and proposed a reversal in the Tory cuts to the police budget in order to hire 10,000 extra police officers across England and Wales

Unfortunately more members of the public voted in favour of continued Tory cuts to the national police budget than for Labour's plan to reverse the worst of the cuts, so this policy will have to wait until Labour are eventually elected. 

The thing is that right-wingers know that a lot of people are driven by emotions rather than facts, so they're intent on pinning responsibility for the surge in violent crime on Khan because as a left-wing Muslim political leader he's a very convenient scapegoat for people with a bigoted right-wing agenda.

If you don't believe the Tories would utilise lies, bigotry, and anti-Muslim prejudice for their own political purposes, just think back to Zac Goldsmith's disgusting BNP-style election campaign back in 2016.

The right-wing smear merchants know perfectly well that the unprecedented Tory cuts to the London police service are a major factor in rising violent crime rates, and they know that Sadiq Khan is a vocal opponent of these police cuts. But they're absolutely intent on using emotion, anger, and underlying anti-Muslim prejudice to frame the debate about rising crime in the capital so as to turn Khan into the scapegoat.

The really sad thing is that significant numbers of people are so gullible and easily led that they'll actually believe the ludicrous reality-reversing propaganda that the guy who actually campaigns against the £1 billion in Tory cuts to the London police budget is ultimately responsible for the rise in violent crime.

If this kind of fundamentally dishonest reality-reversing propaganda wasn't effective at convincing a significant number of people to blame an opponent of Tory austerity dogma for the horrific consequences of Tory austerity dogma, then the Tories and the right-wing press simply wouldn't use it would they?

But on the bright side, Londoners were smart enough to reject the lies and Islamophobic smear-mongering when it formed the basis of Zac Goldsmith's mayoral campaign in 2016, so hopefully they're smart enough to reject it now that the Tories and their right-wing cheerleaders are using similar tactics to blame Sadiq Khan for the devastating consequences of their own fixation with ruinous austerity dogma.

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Tuesday 27 March 2018

Why are the mainstream media giving Theresa May an easy ride over her endorsement of homophobic bullying?

As a result of his decision to blow the whistle on Brexit campaign cheating Theresa May's aides revenge outed the whistleblower as gay (putting his family in Pakistan in danger). Not only did Theresa May refuse to apologise to the victim, but she actually expressed her "full confidence" in the perpetrator!

Just try to imagine the storm of mainstream media outrage if a Labour employee had done this, and then Jeremy Corbyn had actually endorsed such grotesque homophobic bullying by refusing to apologise to the victim and actually issuing a statement of confidence in the perpetrator.

The mainstream media reluctance to call out this ridiculously clear cut demonstration of Theresa May's tolerance towards the use of bigoted homophobic bullying tactics is one of the reasons that so many people have completely lost faith in professional journalism.

There is absolutely no way Theresa May should be getting an easy ride over this from the mainstream press, especially given that the subject of bigotry in politics has been deliberately pushed to the forefront of political debate as a means of stopping the public from talking about the way toxic Tory austerity dogma has completely ruined local government services up and down the country and left numerous councils in a state of de facto insolvency.

If you're going to call out bigotry that's great. 

But if you're only doing it for the purpose of undermining Jeremy Corbyn's leadership of the Labour Party whilst you ignore the immediate and absolutely incontestable evidence of Tory bigotry and bullying scandals, including Theresa May's endorsement of homophobic bullying tactics, then you're no ally of the oppressed at all. 

You're just a cynical opportunist who uses other people's actual suffering to score partisan political points.

And with their unwillingness to treat this homophobic bullying scandal right at the heart of Theresa May's government with the seriousness it deserves, especially after all the coverage they lavished on the Labour anti-Semitism row, it makes it look an awful lot like a lot of mainstream media hacksare far more interested in partisan political point scoring on behalf of the Tory party than actually confronting bigotry in politics.

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Why are the mainstream media ignoring the shocking Tory bigotry and bullying scandals?

The mainstream media are absolutely desperate to assist the Labour right-wingers in their plot to reduce Labour's vote at the local elections by amplifying their anti-Semitism smears, but the huge story they're ignoring is the very real problem of bullying and bigotry within the Tory party.

Just two weeks ago the Tories relaunched their youth movement with the disgraced Tory Vice Chair Ben Bradley at the forefront of the launch.

Bradley is a guy who promoted the forced sterilisation of poor people and got caught spreading totally outrageous lies on Twitter, but somehow the mainstream press didn't bother to ask how this odious man is still in his job, let alone why such a bigot is being entrusted with the Tory youth movement.

Another question they didn't bother to ask is why the Tory youth movement needed to be relaunched. The answer of course is that it was shut down after a young Tory activist was bullied so badly that he was driven to suicide.

The Tories had to close down their youth movement because they actually bullied someone into suicide, and then they had the cheek to cry victim that right-wing young people are supposedly being told (by unspecified persons) that "they have to be Corbynistas"!

Bigotry and bullying have always been part of the right-wing Tory agenda, from Daily Mail articles abusing Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany and Tory politicians signing up to anti-Semitic groups in droves; through the shockingly racist "If you want a coloured for a neighbour, vote Liberal or Labour" election leaflets of the 1960s; the homophobic Section 28 legislation of the 1980s; the profoundly sexist Tory austerity dogma that has loaded 86% of the economic burden of the financial crisis onto the shoulders of women; to Theresa May quoting a disgustingly bigoted and misogynistic extreme-right Twitter troll in parliament in order to score cheap political points against Jeremy Corbyn in the recent past.

But Tory bigotry and bullying aren't just issues from the past, they're very much going on right now too.

It's just that providing proper coverage of the disgusting behaviour of the Tories runs entirely against the current mainstream media objective, which is to assist the right-wing Blairites in their plot to drive down the Labour vote at the local elections in order to have another crack at deposing Jeremy Corbyn.

If the media were in any way balanced, the following four examples of Tory bigotry and bullying would have got an absolute storm of publicity but instead they've been buried underneath a landslide of anti-Semitism smears against Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party, and the left in general.

Tolerance of racism

Las t week the bigoted Tory MP Ben Bradley made a huge song and dance about attracting two defectors from the Labour Party into the Tory fold.

What Bradley forgot to mention was that one of them had been suspended as a Labour Councillor for his appalling 44% attendance record, while the other one was running away from Labour because he was under investigation for alleged racism.

What a truly wonderful story for any racist politicians out there: If you get caught being a racist prick, avoid going through the investigation and expulsion process in your own party, just jump ship to the Tories before the investigation is concluded!

Self-hating Jews

At Prime Minister's Questions on March 21st Theresa May was rattled. Jeremy Corbyn was asking difficult questions about the devastating impact of Tory austerity on local council budgets, so she retorted with the classic "whataboutery" distraction tactic of talking about something else. The subject she picked was the anti-Semitism storm the Labour right-wingers have been brewing in order to attack their own party's chances at the local elections.

The problem for Theresa May is that she's such a third rate thinker that she managed to accidentally use a grotesque anti-Semitic smear during her attempted criticism of anti-Semitism within Labour. When she claimed "there is no place in Labour for those who want to tackle anti-Semitism" she  labelled every single Jewish person within the Labour Party as tolerant of anti-Semitism. 

A non-Jew accusing a significant number of Jewish people of being tolerant of anti-Semitism is clearly an act of anti-Semitism in itself because it's an invocation of the deeply anti-Semitic trope of the "self-hating Jew".

Astoundingly the mainstream media refused to even address the fact that the Prime Minister of the UK used a well worn anti-Semitic trope in order to attack the opposition party as anti-Semites.

Homophobic bullying

Within days of her team of advisers telling her to use an anti-Semitic trope to attack Jewish members of the Labour party, Theresa May's inner circle did something even more bigoted. They decided to out someone as gay against their will in a desperate effort to discredit their whistleblowing over alleged cheating by the Vote Leave campaign.

Theresa May's reaction to this outrageous piece of homophobic bullying wasn't to apologise to the victim and sack the perpetrator. In fact she didn't even bother to apologise to the victim at all, and instead put out a statement of "full confidence" in the homophobic bully!

It was possible to imagine that the decision to revenge out someone as gay was made without Theresa May's knowledge, but when she intervened to express her absolute support for the homophobic bully on her team it became obvious that Theresa May is still the raging homophobe who spent the majority of her parliamentary career voting against gay rights.


On the same weekend that Theresa May's team resorted to homophobic bullying in order to defend their beloved Brexit the Tory MP Bob Blackman took to Facebook in order to share a grotesque piece of extreme-right, Islamophobic, anti-Somalian propaganda from the United States.

Blackman subsequently deleted the post and issued the extraordinary excuse that he had never actually visited the website he shared a link to, but this is a guy with a proven track record of bigotry that even went as far as promoting the EDL founder Tommy Robinson.

Has Theresa May reprimanded Blackman for his disgusting behaviour. Of course she hasn't, she's just remained completely silent and relied on the mainstream media to almost completely ignore the scandal.

Tory sexism

Over the last 8 years the Tories have pushed the deeply sexist policy of loading 86% of the economic burden of their austerity dogma onto women, but occasionally they betray their sexist attitudes in person. Take Boris Johnson's pathetic effort to demean Labour's shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry by referring to her by her husband's title.

The Speaker John Bercow rightly chastised Boris Johnson for his sexism, but the fact remains that the Tory party is stuffed full of political dinosaurs who consider addressing women by their husband's title is some kind of incredibly witty putdown.


You won't hear very much about the numerous Tory bigotry and bullying scandals of the last week because that would run entirely counter to the establishment objective of driving down the Labour vote at the local elections in order to give the coup-plotting Labour right-wingers another crack at deposing Jeremy Corbyn and reverting Labour to the same hard-right neoliberal economic dogma as the Tories and Lib-Dems.

But just because you don't hear about it in the mainstream media, doesn't mean that the rampant Tory bigotry and bullying aren't happening, they are, and they're absolutely scandalous.

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