Thursday 15 March 2018

Britain's official diplomatic position "Russia should go away and shut up"!

"Russia should go away and shut up". This is now the official UK government position as outlined by the Tory defence secretary Gavin Williamson in a rambling speech that has been described as "one of the least impressive speeches ever delivered by a government minister".

Incredibly this childish playground taunt style "diplomacy" is being allowed to stand as Britain's official stance because Theresa May is far too weak and incompetent to slap it down.

As long as Theresa May refuses to disown these ridiculous comments Williamson's bizarrely childish taunt is being allowed to stand as the UK's official position!

Given that Williamson came across as a frightened child-like figure, it's no surprise that the Tories have been trying to keep him out of the limelight since Theresa May unexpectedly promoted him way beyond his qualifications or experience to the role of defence secretary. And the horrified reaction of the Tory party to this unexpected promotion makes a lot more sense now that we've seen this.

One of the oddest things about Williamson's taunt is that it's just a few weeks since the Tories auctioned off direct access to him to the wife of a former Putin government minister.

One wonders whether he'll be telling Lubov Chernukhim to "go away and shut up" after taking £30,000 of her cash to buy access to him?

In another part of the speech Williamson accused Russia of "ripping up the international rule book", which is an accusation that would carry a lot more weight if the UK government actually complied with the Chemical Weapons Convention to provide samples of the nerve agent as is required by international law.

It's perplexing how Russians are supposed to "go away and shut up" immediately after they ask the UK government to comply with international law and provide samples of the chemical weapon agent under the framework of the Chemical Weapons Convention, but they're welcomed with open arms if they've got thirty grand or so to lob into Tory party coffers.

It's almost as if Williamson and his Tory mates are a bunch of intellectually stunted money-obsessed hypocrites who resort to childish playground taunts when what is required is some serious adult diplomacy.

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