Saturday, 23 February 2019

The Brexity lies that have gone mega-viral on Facebook

Numerous people have written to me asking me to look into a list of 26 reasons to be afraid of the Lisbon Treaty that has gone mega-viral on Facebook numerous times via copy n' paste reposting, often with changes to the introduction to make it look like the list was personally compiled by the poster, not just copied from elsewhere.

I've included a image of one of the most widely shared versions of this pack of lies so you check it out as I go through it point by point.


Before we even get to the 26 points there are already a load of red flags in the introduction.

We're expected to believe that the poster read the entire Lisbon Treaty, which is a crude and highly suspect appeal to authority.

They're positioning themselves as the "expert" who has read and analysed the whole Lisbon Treaty, meaning we should uncritically take them at their word about what they say about it.

This posturing as an expert is then completely undermined by a paragraph of ALL CAPS SHOUTING which includes the first glaringly obvious lie. The Lisbon Treaty does not come into force in 2020, it already came into force in 2009!

The Lisbon Treaty is not a future threat to be afraid of, it's the current circumstances that have existed within the EU for the last decade!

Then we get to the assertion that no Remainer ever asks what will happen if we stay in the EU, which is another outright lie.

I'm a massive critic of Tory hard-right Brexit yet I also have all kinds of legitimate concerns about the future of the EU, such as the draconian copyright extremist legislation they're trying to pass, the blind eye the EU institutions have turned to the extraordinary political repression in member states like Spain, Hungary, and Poland, their enforcement of ruinous austerity dogma on member states like Greece, and their use of extrajudicial ISDS measures in trade deals.

It is possible to have reservations about the EU, yet not believe that the best solution to these problems is to conduct a chaotic job-destroying Tory-administered flounce out of the EU.

Having legitimate questions about the future of the EU obviously is a completely different thing to wilfully spreading a pack of fear-mongering lies, which is what everyone who has shared iterations of this Facebook post has been doing.

Point 1: Loss of abstention veto (lie)

There is no abstention veto to lose. No country has ever been able to torpedo EU legislation just by abstaining. Unsurprisingly it's always necessary to actually vote against legislation in order to stop it. So the only people who could be upset about point 1 are those who don't understand the structures of the EU, or even just how voting works in general, meaning they fear the UK losing a right they never actually had.

Here's an article detailing how voting in the European Council actually works if you're interested.

Point 2. Federalisation (lie)

The Lisbon Treaty does not introduce EU federalisation. In order for that to happen the EU member states would have to agree a new treaty to extend the powers of the EU.

Voting on treaties is very different to the European Council voting system. Treaties must be agreed by all member states unanimously, so if a treaty enforcing federalisation of all member states 
is proposed, all member states must vote in favour of it.

This has not happened, and will not happen.

3. Accept the Euro by 2022 (lie)

If you mindlessly believe this copy n' paste thread all member states will be forced to join the Euro by 2022. If you believed the Daily Telegraph in 2014 all member states would be forced to join the Euro by 2020. If you believed the Daily Express in 2017 all member states would be forced to join the Euro by 2025.

Why do they all use different dates? Because they're making it up, but this Facebook propaganda thread is particularly bad because it outright lies that the Lisbon Treaty forces member states to join the Euro when it does no such thing.

4. Moving the London stock exchange to Frankfurt (lie)

How utterly gullible would you have to be to actually believe that the EU could force the London stock exchange to move to Germany through the Lisbon Treaty?

The origin for this lie is the proposed merger between the London and Frankfurt stock exchanges that was eventually blocked by the EU competition regulator!

If you are worried about British-based financial services moving overseas, then you should be absolutely horrified by Brexit, which has already caused a mass exodus of capital ($1 trillion in assets) and thousands of financial services jobs to other countries that remain in the EU.

Even Tory Brextremist Jacob Rees-Mogg has joined the exodus by shifting his investment fund to Ireland in order to keep a foot in the Single Market!

5. Supremacy of European Parliament and ECJ (lie)

This point relies on a crass misunderstanding of what the ECJ (European Court of Justice) is, and how powers can be shared between different legislative bodies (consider the federal and state governments in the United States, and how state law can over-rule federal law on all manner of issues such as cannabis legalisation).

A good example of how they've got this so wrong is to consider the December 2018 ECJ ruling that found that the UK Parliament has the sovereign democratic right to revoke Article 50, and that the European Parliament or any of the other EU institutions can do absolutely nothing to tinker with the UK's terms of membership as a punishment for the three year farce we've put them through.

The ECJ actually ruled that the UK parliament is sovereign and that there's nothing any of the EU institutions can do about it, yet somehow, according to this copy n' paste fear-list they're the enemy to be feared and despised!

6. Abolish parliament! (lie)

The nasty EU and ECJ are going to force the UK to accept everything they say so we might as well abolish the House of Commons and the House of Lords!

In reality EU legislation only makes up 13% of UK law (even after decades of integration), so even if we completely accept the ludicrous proposition that the UK would be forced to accept 100% of EU law, then there's still the other 87% of UK law for parliament to concentrate on.

Even if this fear-mongering nonsense were true, why on earth would it mean that parliament would cease to exist as we know it? It's a complete non sequitur.

7. No trade deals (absurdity)

The threat that the Lisbon Treaty somehow rules out Britain's future ability to make trade deals is absolutely absurd because this isn't some future threat, it's the actual current state of affairs.

The EU Single Market is the single largest trading block on the planet which gives it enormous power to craft trade deals to its own advantage. All of the individual states that decided to join made the decision to give up their ability to make their own trade deals in return for access to the Single Market and the advantage of pooled negotiating power.

Repurposing the actual current state of affairs as a terrifying future threat is an extraordinary tactic, and it just goes to show how gullible people can be that the tens of thousands to have shared this nonsense didn't even notice that they were being directed to fear the introduction of what is actually the norm, and has been for decades.

8. No trade tariffs (absurdity)

This is basically just a reiteration of the previous point to present the current state of affairs as a terrifying future threat. Trade tariffs are decided communally by the EU. If it didn't work like this the Single Market and Customs Union couldn't exist in their current form.

9. No trade quotas (absurdity)

Another reiteration of the same idiotic effort to present the current state of affairs as a terrifying future threat.

10. Loss of fishing rights (lie)

EU member states will not lose control of their fishing rights in 2020. It's hard to tell where this lie even stems from. It's got nothing to do with the Lisbon treaty, that's for sure.

There are EU plans to improve sustainable fishing practices in 2020 in order to prevent the depletion of fishing stocks (the next step after the abandonment of discards in 2015), but these plans actually introduce more regionalisation, and more stakeholder consultation.

Anyone who tries to present these sustainability plans as a loss of all fishing rights is simply lying through their teeth. 

11. Loss of oil and gas rights (lie)

There is absolutely nothing in the Lisbon Treaty forcing member states to give up their oil and gas rights. In fact this complaint is so loosely worded that it's not even clear what it means. Are they trying to say that the exploration rights are to be given up? The territorial rights? The rights to collect tax revenues on oil industry profits? The right to assign oil industry revenues to national GDP?

It's just naked fear-mongering about the nasty EU taking what is "ours". The contentiousness of this point should be obvious to all Scottish people given that the UK government has essentially forced Scotland to give up its oil and gas rights so that tax revenues on oil industry profits can be seized by London.

Essentially this "loss of oil and gas rights" argument makes a much better case in favour of Scottish independence, than it does against the EU!

12. Forced entry into Schengen (lie)

Only six member states are outside the Schengen zone: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania and the UK.

There are no plans to force member states to join the Schengen free travel area by 2022, and definitely not in the Lisbon Treaty. In fact the only reference to forced Schengen acceptance anywhere is a 2017 article in the Daily Express based on a load of fear-mongering nonsense about how the EU might punish Britain if it cancels Brexit (punishment the December 2018 ECJ ruling declared unlawful should the UK parliament decide to revoke Article 50).

Perhaps the original author of this copy n' paste propaganda mistook their copy of the Daily Express for the Lisbon Treaty?

13. Loss of control of planning legislation (lie)

Town and city planning is not an EU competence. This means they don't set planning rules for member states. Sometimes EU laws impact national planning legislation (stuff like air pollution laws) but the idea that the nasty EU superstate is going to take over your local council planning office is so absurd it's extraordinary that people actually believe this nonsense.

14. Loss of armed forces and nuclear weapons (lie)

The EU does not have an army and any decision to create an EU army would have to be made unanimously. Many member states remain steadfastly opposed to the idea. Additionally there is absolutely nothing in the Lisbon Treaty forcing the creation of an EU army, forcing member states to give up their own armies, or compelling member states to hand over their nuclear weapons (in the case of the two member states that actually have them).

The Lisbon Treaty doesn't even mention the creation of an EU army. All it mentions is a the framing of common defence and security policies, which means cooperation between EU states on issues like combating terrorism (do we want to share intelligence on terrorist threats with our European allies or not?) and mutual defence (if you don't like that idea you should absolutely hate NATO shouldn't you?).

One of the most absurd things about this threat that "the EU are going to steal our nukes" is that they've already been stolen. In 1997 the Tory government privatised Trident into the hands of a consortium which is now run by three private companies, two US-based (Jacobs Engineering & Lockheed Martin) and one UK-based (Serco).

Imagine the detachment from reality it would take to be horrified and outraged about an entirely fictional threat that "the EU are going to steal our nukes", but 100% relaxed about the observable reality that our nukes are actually being run by a bunch of private corporations!

15. Loss of taxation policy (lie)

According to this point the EU is supposedly planning to revoke member states' ability to form their own taxation policies at some point in the near future.

Why member states would ever allow that to happen is not explained. Neither is the section of the Lisbon Treaty that supposedly proposes this radical policy (exactly like all of the other 26 points).

What kind of cognitively illiterate idiot believes the assertion the the EU is going to unilaterally take over all member states' taxation policies based on absolutely no evidence whatever?

16. Loss of national law (lie)

Again, what kind of idiot just believes that the EU is going to be able to prevent member states from creating their own laws with no evidence whatever?

Which member states would vote in favour of a treaty to abolish the legislative role of their own parliaments?

Somehow we're expected to believe that all of the nations of the EU are so stupid that they'd vote to abolish themselves! 

17 The UK loses its standing in the Commonwealth (lie)

Again, there's no reference to any specific legislation here. People are just expected to unquestioningly accept the vague assertion that the UK must lose standing in the Commonwealth, and this loss of standing has something to do with the Lisbon Treaty (which doesn't even mention the Commonwealth in the entire text).

Talk about assuming your audience to be a bunch of idiots!

18. Loss of British overseas territories (lie)

Not only does this point fail to explain how this supposed loss of British Overseas Territories like the Falklands, Gibraltar, and Cayman Islands has anything to do with the EU or the Lisbon Treaty, it doesn't even explain where the sovereignty of these territories is transferred to. Do they become independent states, vassal states of the EU, or do they just get erased from existence by some kind of space laser?

It's just another reiteration of the nasty EU bully boy stealing our toys, but the author is lagging now so they can't even be arsed to explain it any more, we're just expected to believe it because they set themselves up as an authority figure at the beginning with their claim to have read the Lisbon Treaty (a document that doesn't even mention the British Overseas Territories).

19. Loss of control of judicial system (lie)

What does the claim that "the UK loses control of its judicial system" even mean?

The British judicial system isn't just one entity, it's divided into three different systems (Scottish Law, Northern Ireland Law, English and Welsh Law). All of these three systems are necessarily independent from government control. The idea of government appointed judges is the terrifying stuff of totalitarianism.

So who "controls" the justice system in Britain now? And by what means are the EU supposedly threatening to seize control of it for themselves?

And how does any of this fit in with the fact that the EU has been suing the Polish government in an effort to protect the independence of the Polish judiciary?

20 & 21 Loss of control of national and international policy (lies)

This is such a vague complaint it's difficult to figure out which section of the Lisbon Treaty supposedly enables this terrible power-grab by the EU bully-boys.

Like most of the crap in this list, concerns over national and international policy are already covered by points 6 and 16 that wildly claimed that the EU would result in the abolition of parliament and the eradication of UK law.

How a country is supposed to develop "national policy" or "international policy" without a national parliament or national law is an interesting question ... Or it would be if all of the claims weren't just fear-mongering bullshit with no basis in reality whatever.

22. Loss of nationhood (lie)

I'd really like to see the section of the Lisbon treaty that says that all member states lose their right to call themselves a nation in their own right.

It's easy to see that whoever compiled this list was badly running out of steam by this point, but the idea that the identities of member states would be completely erased is such lazy hyperbolic nonsense that anyone with the faintest grip on reality should have been laughing out loud at the idiocy of it by this point.

But somehow no! Somehow tens of thousands of people actually read this shit, believed it, wrote furious comments about it, and helped spread these transparently obvious lies even further by sharing it.

23. Loss of space exploration programme (lie)

The British Space Agency was established in 2010. It has a budget of £372 million, much of which is accounted for by Britain's investments in multinational collaborative projects like the Galileo Satellite Navigation system, the European Space Agency Subscriptions, and the EU Satellite Centre.

The European Space Agency has a budget of £5 billion, and by walking away from the EU the UK is going to lose access to this project, and the British Space Agency is going to be left as a deflated husk with no space programme at all.

There never was an EU plan to take over the British Space Agency, however by quitting the EU the Brexiteers are absolutely trashing Britain's space exploration potential.

There's so much wrong in this list of lies that it beggars belief, but like the financial services fear-mongering in point 4, this one is especially egregious in the way it completely reverses reality by addressing a subject which provides one of the strongest reasons against quitting the EU as a reason to quit the EU.

Just ask any astrophysicist (or scientist in general) if they think that Britain quitting the EU is going to be great news for British science and space exploration.

24. Loss of aviation and sea lane jurisdiction (lie)

Guess what ... The Lisbon Treaty doesn't even mention aviation or shipping.

25. Loss of rebate (lie)

This lie is particularly easy to disprove. The Lisbon Treaty doesn't even mention the rebate, let alone set out a hard and fast expectations of increased contributions from member states.

As a result of the definitely-not-cancelled rebate, the UK (population 66 million) still pays significantly less than Italy (population 60 million) for its EU membership!

The aforementioned ECJ ruling on Article 50 found that the EU couldn't punish the UK by cancelling the rebate, so even if we decide to stay in after pissing them about for three years, the rebate stays.

26. Dodgy financial calculations (lies)

The list finishes of with a list of dodgy unsourced calculations referring to the claim in point 25, and speculating vastly increased UK contributions to the EU budget.

It's unclear when the first iteration of this absurd list of lies was compiled, but the Lisbon Treaty came into effect in 2009, which was followed by a period in which the UK's contribution to the EU budget declined significantly between 2013 and 2017!

If the Lisbon Treaty did set out specific financial expectations of member states (it didn't) then they must have got their maths spectacularly wrong to demand an extra £billion+ year on year, only for the UK contribution to fall by well over £1 billion between 2013 and 2017!


The conclusion to the post tends to vary like the introduction, with people replacing the original with screeds of their own.

This particular version does a bit of sneering contempt for young people positing that their pack of lies about the future is what the younger generations are complaining about, when their actual legitimate complaints are that they don't want another economic crisis because we still haven't recovered from the last one thanks to 9 years of ruinous Tory austerity dogma, they don't want to lose their right to live, work, study, and travel across Europe, they don't want a wave of job losses, or chaos at our ports and airports, and they don't want their European-born friends/family members/work colleagues/neighbours treated with derision and contempt by Theresa May's xenophobic government.

It then goes on to claim that young people should be "on their knees" thanking Brexit voters for saving them from becoming Orwellian automatons, which is decidedly ironic given the clearly identifiable use of loads of Orwellian reality-reversing propaganda within the 26 point barrage of lies.

Then it finishes off with a conspiracy theory that Brexit is not dragging out because the process of quitting a political union you've been integrating with for four decades is a lot more complex than just putting a cross on a piece of paper and hoping for the best, but actually because there's some special deadline in 2020 (or is it 2022? as several of the 26 points claim) that will result in the seizure of our army, resources, and assets, the subjugation of our parliament and judiciary, the theft of our financial industry and space agency, the destruction of our borders, and the de facto abolition of the UK!

And do you know what the worst thing is?

If you ever point out that all the evidence points to the fact that Brexit is going to be an economic disaster, jobs will be lost, industries will flee, and Britain will be humbled on the international stage, the type of people who shared this despicable pack of fear-mongering lies will shriek "project fear" at you in order to discredit all the facts and evidence you try to bring to the table as if you're the one pushing fear-mongering lies!

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Stevie bill said...

Quite q few of my Facebook acquaintances have posted similar lists or links to them... I chose to gently ignore them. Thank you for taking the time and effort to respond so comprehensively.

Dan Johnston said...

I’ve seen several variants of this “Treaty of Lisbon” myth. On two or three occasions I have done as AAV has here, and responded with a point-by-point rebuttal. It never stops idiots from continuing to share the crap and to be outraged by it.

Unknown said...

To be honest I'm quite enjoying all the chaos I think it can only further the case for Scottish independence and hopefully, finally, make us an outsider looking in, at one of the most backward democratic systems in the civilised world.

Anonymous said...

Nice refutations.

However, [24] “Loss of aviation and sea lane jurisdiction (lie)” alludes to its opposite cause - it’s not the Lisbon Treaty, but Brexit itself that might bring this about.

Cabotage refers to the right of a country to transport people and goods in another country’s territory. All the members of the EU have granted each other those rights mutually.

When the UK leaves the EU it loses those rights. So carrying people and goods by sea, air, rail, or road won’t be available to Britain in European Union territories. It will have to use EU owned shipping companies, airlines, railway systems and hauliers to move goods and people.

I haven’t found anything in the Withdrawal Agreement relating to this, but I haven’t finished going through it yet. I suspect that it will be dealt with in the Political Declaration, a wish-list for future deals involving the EU. I think that’s where all the Norway/Canada/ Switzerland plus-or-minus deals will emerge from.

Anonymous said...

An interesting read and thank you for all your work. Please don't forget that Tories are not all leavers and Labour are not all remainers. This whole messy business is a cross-party one and there are plenty of xenophobes on the left too. Neither side is faultless but maybe highlighting the left's reasons to leave and its attitudes might give you more kudos. Industrial south Yorkshire, a Labour heartland, for example, voted leave because of the influx of foreign labour.

George Carty said...

Personally I suspect grooming gangs may have been a bigger driver of South Yorkshire's leave vote than EU workers. After all, both Leave campaigns appealed to Islamophobia: Vote Leave with its "Turkey is joining the EU" leaflet and Leave.EU with the infamous "Breaking Point" poster.

Haravikk said...

I heard the nasty EU also puts mind-controlling fluoride in our water and reads our minds with microwaves.

Martin Barmby said...

No mention of EN standards being worse than BS and yet we have to adjust BS to fit EN, meaning goods from the EU don't have to meet BS, which is a lot safer than EN standards.

Andy Pye said...

On the Commonwealth point, the Commonwealth countries viewed our membership of the EU in a positive light, as it is their gateway to the EU market.

El Ingl├ęs said...

Martin, you may have reasons for your conclusion but it's not my experience. Many ENs are based on the original BSs and build on them, not the reverse. Moreover, the implementation of ENs as national standards is derived from the rules of CEN, CENELEC and ETSI which are private associations as you perhaps know.

Anonymous said...

The fact that none of this was mentioned in the actual referendum should be a massive red flag. This stuff actually being in the treaty would be absolutely game changing and completely alter the UKs relationship with the EU in such a huge way that all but the most hard-core of Europhiles would be massively against it. Such overreaching behaviour, in the EUs own treaty for all to see, would be the ideal weapon for the Leave campaign. They should have mentioned it in every appearance, referred to it in every publication and quoted passages from it in every interview.

But they didn't.

Did they not know? Were they completely ignorant of this massive thing about to befall the country just a few years later? Or is it all a load of nonsense someone made up knowing that people will believe anything that reinforces their existing views instead of fact checking it? Which would explain why the only people talking about it are anonymous comments and random people on social media. Any actual politician or journalist spouting such false yet easily verified information would utterly destroy their reputation and never be taken seriously again.

Anonymous said...

The fact that none of this was mentioned in the actual referendum should be a massive red flag. This stuff actually being in the treaty would be absolutely game changing and completely alter the UKs relationship with the EU in such a huge way that all but the most hard-core of Europhiles would be massively against it. Such overreaching behaviour, in the EUs own treaty for all to see, would be the ideal weapon for the Leave campaign. They should have mentioned it in every appearance, referred to it in every publication and quoted passages from it in every interview.

But they didn't.

Did they not know? Were they completely ignorant of this massive thing about to befall the country just a few years later? Or is it all a load of nonsense someone made up knowing that people will believe anything that reinforces their existing views instead of fact checking it? Which would explain why the only people talking about it are anonymous comments and random people on social media. Any actual politician or journalist spouting such false yet easily verified information would utterly destroy their reputation and never be taken seriously again.

Anonymous said...

I am one of the 'criminals' who passed this on. Never at any time did I indicate that I was the person who wrote it nor did I believe that the person who sent it to me was the author. I would point out, however that I have also passed on equally fearful items - also questionable, from the opposite point of view. I read this with great interest and expected the author to give us the GENUINE gist of the Lisbon Treaty. A self confessed 'remainer' should surely take the opportunity to tell us all why we should NOT fear the contents of the Lisbon Treaty. For instance, is there ANYTHING in it at all, that is due to happen in the next year or two, which will affect our country ?
It seems to me, Lisbon Treaty or not, you're carefully avoiding the equally outrageous lies emanating from the 'remain' camp.

Anonymous said...

You don't 'confess' to being a remained!

Cooks said...

I, like the EU, don't take too much notice of words on paper. What I do and have taken notice of is, that since 1973 the UK has been in a steady decline into ever deeper austerity, our people are suffering deprivation, we have homelessness, food banks, unwashed and hungry children in schools, couples working at 3 jobs and still unable to manage. The EU is a corrupt, unaccountable and undemocratic monlith inspired by the Nazi party but run like the USSR. The sooner it disintegrates, the better. Thomas G Clarke appears to be a highly intelligent individual. Perhaps he should show loyalty to his counry and help us get out of what I see as the Fourth Reich.

Unknown said...

I'll tell you what isn't a lie - the UK voted to leave the EU

Hugh Sacristan said...

Unknown is mistaken. "The UK" did not "vote to leave the EU." Seventeen million people, about a quarter of the total population, voted to indicate that they thought the UK should leave the EU. Almost as many voted to indicate that they didn't, and more than either group didn't or couldn't vote at all. So that is in fact another lie.

Cooks is also mistaken. None of the evils they decry, which are real enough, have anything to do with the EU, and it is difficult to see how anyone could imagine there to be a logical connection. All of them are due directly to Tory and "New" Labour austerity policies.

I'm curious, by the way. (Downright strange, some say.) A friend of mine, who is frankly not Jeremy Corbyn's biggest fan in the whole world, says that she hasn't read many of your blog posts since you "came out as a Brexit supporter." I think I must have missed that post. Could anyone point me at it?

Hugh Sacristan said...

Oh, and to your anonymous correspondent who asks if there is anything in the Lisbon Treaty which affects our country: well, there is this thing called Article 50...

That's right. The entire Brexit mess that is currently tearing our country apart was made POSSIBLE by the Lisbon Treaty. Now that's something to which I could seriously take exception...

Anonymous said...

European Union (Notification
of Withdrawal) Act 2017
2017 CHAPTER 9

An Act to confer power on the Prime Minister to notify, under Article 50(2) of the
Treaty on European Union, the United Kingdom’s intention to withdraw from the
EU. [16th March 2017]
BE IT ENACTED by the Queen’s most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of
the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by
the authority of the same, as follows:—

1 Power to notify withdrawal from the EU

(1) The Prime Minister may notify, under Article 50(2) of the Treaty on European Union,
the United Kingdom’s intention to withdraw from the EU.

(2) This section has effect despite any provision made by or under the European
Communities Act 1972 or any other enactment.

2 Short title
This Act may be cited as the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Act 2017.

People I really need your help on this by getting this into the face of every news outlet.
Robin Tilbrook's Facebook account was taken down (disabled) when he published the full 137 words of this law! (In text form) i.e They do not want the text version and nub of the case - This Law - all over the internet!
European Union (Notification
of Withdrawal) Act 2017.
Why is it significant?
The presiding Judge in our case omitted this from his ruling in its entirety! In my view he did this on purpose to mislead people into thinking our case was in his words "The nub of the claim" other acts, without referring to the "real" nub of the claim "European Union (Notification
of Withdrawal) Act 2017" This is NOT a minor omission. There is a reason for it!
We are right! He could not disagree and therefore chose not to rule on it or mention it! HE CHOSE TO REFUSE OUR JUDICIAL REVIEW TO STOP THIS BEING AIRED IN OPEN COURT. The same as MSM and Parliament! A pattern is emerging!
The picture is like a Meme. It cannot be censored. The text can. It is the text they are worried about!

This act is so "specific" in it's wording in LAW. There is NOTHING complex about this at all. 1. It only confers power by parliament to issue the notice (not withdraw or extend it). 2. Once notice is given the clocks ticking (two years max OUT, OUT) 3. It specifically repeals (in spite of) the European Communities Act 1972. 4. "any other enactment" The last limb of this simple Law says "no other law, no statutory instrument, no motion" can alter this act. The act has full force of "Constitutional Law" as it was elevated and caused by three things 1. A Common Law ruling in the Gina Miller case 2. Common Law ruling in the Metric Martyrs Case 3. The 2nd Referendum. Thats it. No if's No But's. Your BEING CONNED like in the 1970's by the same establishment, same play book, Different actors!

Look at the ruling from this Judge. Not a single mention of "European Union (Notification
of Withdrawal) Act 2017. This simple 137 word law. Not a single ref. It mentions all of the other acts except this "crucial one". This is deliberate! Why? We are OUT!

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