Monday, 25 February 2019

Chuka Umunna thinks ex-Tory members of his vanity project should be able to keep campaigning for the Tory party!

With only slightly more than a month to go before Theresa May runs the clock down to the ruinous hard-right Brexit chaos that many in her party always wanted the Westminster establishment class coughed up an extraordinary response.

Instead of seeking to unify opposition to Theresa May's egregious delaying tactics, and outrageous threat to trash the British economy with a "no deal" meltdown if she doesn't get their own way, they decided to try to completely monopolise the political agenda with the launch of an extraordinary vanity project.

After leading us to the brink of calamity the Westminster establishment class have decided that their "solution" to their own mess is a fake political party (set up as a private company to avoid revealing who is bankrolling them) with no leader, no manifesto, no members, no internal democracy, no transparency, no respect for the constituencies that elected them, and no disciplinary procedures for dealing with racist MPs in their ranks!

For the first week the only policy they seem to have agreed on is that they'll beg Theresa May for the opportunity to prop up her pro-austerity, pro-privatisation, anti-investment government in return for another EU referendum in which she gets to pick the options, the wording, and the timing of the ballot to her own personal advantage, and then actively promote hard-right Brexit from Downing Street! (can anyone remember how the AV referendum turned out for the Lib-Dems?).

But now we have another policy they seem to agree on, which is that the three ex-Tory members of the parliamentary squatter group should be allowed to continue actively campaigning for the Tory party, and that if the Tory party don't want them to, then that's a sign of growing "intolerance" and "tribalism" in politics.

It's quite extraordinary these ludicrous self-publicists trying to redefine the longstanding political convention that party membership and affiliation is lost when members begin actively campaigning for rival political groups as some kind of uniquely modern kind of "intolerance".

Not only did the ex-Labour squatter MP Chuka Umunna sit beside Anna Soubry as she expressed her desire to continue actively campaigning for the Tory party, he actually agreed with her and joined in by suggesting the kind of rhetoric she should be using to decry the fact that the Tories don't actually want to be associated with a politician who quit their party to join a rival group!

We all know that Soubry is a massive fan of ruinous Tory austerity dogma, unprecedented wage repression, devastating public service cuts, and the barbaric treatment of sick and vulnerable people because she voted in favour of all of it, and then subsequently described it all as "marvellous" even after quitting the Tories to join the squatter group, so it's not really a surprise that she wants to carry on actively promoting these malicious Tory policies.

What's even more bonkers is that Chuka Umunna, who was elected on Labour's anti-austerity pro-investment manifesto in 2017 is now actively deriding the Tory party for not wanting his fellow squatter MP to campaign in favour of their austerity agenda!

Chuka's now such a fan of Tory austerity dogma that he thinks his fellow squatter MPs should have the right to continue campaigning for the Tory party while they pretend to be challengers to the establishment order!

Allowing your party members to actively campaign for a rival political party during elections is absolute idiocy, even by the standards of the right-wing pro-austerity centrists who devised Labour's lamentable "austerity-lite" strategy that lost Labour the 2015 general election.

This piss-witted wooly-minded, Tory-sympathising strategic ineptitude just goes to illustrate what a disaster it would have been if the likes of Chuka Umunna or Chris Leslie had ever got their hands on the Labour leadership doesn't it?

Perhaps the most extraordinary thing of all is that these egotistical opportunists from deep within the Westminster establishment class have tried to position themselves as some kind of new and exciting alternative to our "broken politics", but the only policies they seem to have agreed on in over a week is that they should beg Theresa May to form a pro-austerity coalition with the Tory party, and that members of their group should be allowed to continue actively campaigning for the Tory party from under the tinge umbrella!

It's unbelievably Orwellian to pretend to be revolutionising Westminster politics, when your words and actions betray the fact that you're actually just a desperate rearguard action to keep the Tories in power, and keep their devastating austerity and wage repression policies alive.

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Anonymous said...

I am no supporter of the Lib Dems, but it does say that the left wing call of "Red Tory" is rather accurate, when such TINGE figures can leapfrog the Lib Dems and jump in bed with defecting Tories.

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