Thursday, 14 February 2019

The unbelievable Tory attacks on Labour's pro-NHS video

The Labour Party have produced a short video detailing the dreadful consequences of the systematic Tory vandalism of the NHS that has been going on for the last 9 years.

The video is absolutely full of facts and evidence about the Tories' ideological vandalism of the NHS, but instead of attempting to counter any of the numerous factual assertions in the video, the Tory party decided to attack the video on the basis that the people in it are actors rather than actual NHS staff and patients (something that is clearly stated at the very beginning of the video as you can see for yourself).

The reason they don't want to engage with any of the evidence presented in the video is that they know that it's all factually correct. A British Medical Journal report did link 120,000 excess deaths with Tory austerity dogma in the health and social care services. Since the Tories came to power in 2010 waiting times have soared to the worst level everThe NHS has been devastated by staff shortages. And the NHS is undeniably being carved up and given away to private profiteers.

The director of the IPPR has done an extensive Twitter fact check thread going through all of the claims made in the video if you're interested.

Because everything the video says is demonstrably true, the Tories decided they needed another plan of attack. Eventually they decided to focus criticism on the fact that the video uses actors rather than actual NHS staff, even going as far as leaking the private casting information onto social media to make out there was some kind of terrible secretive conspiracy.

Presumably they thought it would be a wonderful "gotcha" moment like the recent furore over Amber Rudd and the Tory DWP getting caught using an actor to promote their life-wrecking Universal Credit fiasco as a "good thing".

But there's an absolutely crucial difference: Labour were open and upfront about it, and cearly admitted the fact they had used actors in the opening credits of the video. The Tory DWP deliberately and deceptively hid the fact that the star of their DWP propaganda video was a professional actor (and not just a fitness trainer as the video implied).

So now lets think about why Labour might have used actors to tell the truth about the NHS.

If the Tories are prepared to leak the private casting details of the actors in a desperate and pathetic attempt to smear the Labour Party and deflect attention away from the facts and evidence in the video, just imagine what they would have done had the video used real people.

If they're prepared to attack the professional lives of actors in the video, there's little doubt that had Labour used ordinary NHS staff and members of the public, then James Cleverly and other malicious Tory propagandists would have gleefully fed these ordinary people to the baying Tory mob, destroying their private lives and jeopardising their careers.

One of the big reasons Labour decided to use actors in the first place was to prevent reprisals against ordinary NHS staff and members of the public, yet the Tories just went ahead and carried out their reprisals against the actors!

Just imagine the depraved mentality of the Tories who did this. They knew they couldn't possibly win the argument by countering all the video's facts and evidence about their ongoing ideological vandalism of the NHS, so they decided to stick their nasty Tory boots into a handful of low-paid character actors simply for having done their job instead.

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Yatty said...

People who say that this should be real doctors, not actors, should be ashamed of themselves. Any doctor, nurse, or other member of the NHS staff would be lambasted as a 'whistleblower' if they actually appeared on this video.

I don't think it's fair to ask them risk their jobs, on top of what they're already doing.

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