Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Toryism is increasingly just a smokescreen for the far-right

You're probably familiar with the far-right activist James Goddard as the man who hangs around Westminster intimidating politicians, abusing journalists, screaming abuse, and leading a gang of street thugs who spit on people and brawl with the police.

Well here he is arguing that he can't be far-right because he votes Tory.

The problem here is that the Tory party has demonstrably absorbed the far-right in order to cling to power. Furthermore many within the Tory ranks are openly courting this extreme-right ultranationalist demographic, and actively promoting the dissemination of imported extreme-right radicalisation propaganda on UK university campuses.

In 2017 Theresa May only just managed to cling to power thanks to the majority of Ukippers abandoning the wreckage of their protest party in order to turn Tory.

Without this surge of support from the far right the Tories would certainly have lost so many seats they wouldn't even have been able to use public cash to bribe the far-right DUP sectarians into propping up their government.

Leading Tories know that they've painted themselves over a demographic trapdoor, with the majority of under-45s holding strong anti-Tory views, and they know that they're absolutely reliant upon the extreme-right ultranationalist blue-kip demographic to retain their grip on power.

This is why they turn a blind eye to the ongoing infiltration of the Tory party membership by Arron Banks propaganda victims and other extreme-right activists.

This is why Tory politicians outright refuse to condemn extreme-right thugs like Paul Golding when they set about publicly intimidating people who dare to oppose Toryism.

This is why Tory politicians are far more likely to spew derision and vitriol at a bunch of kids protesting against the destruction of the environment than they are to condemn a bunch of extreme-right Brexity thugs brawling with police on the very next day.

The Tory party know they need the extreme-right to retain power, and with the collapse of UKIP as an electoral force the extreme-right know that they need the Tory party to obtain power.

Thus there's a growing political symbiosis between Tories and the far-right.

Not so long ago Toryism was incompatible with the far-right. Yes it was still bad because they promoted hard-right economic policies like ruinous austerity dogma, defunding of public service, privatisation mania, severe social security cuts, and ideologically driven wage repression, but they eschewed the extreme-right, green-washed their political agenda, and even promoted a few socially liberal policies like gay marriage.

These days they're still pushing the same socially and economically ruinous concoction of hard-right economic policies, but the green-wash has gone in the bin, they're actively colluding with the homophobic misogynistic DUP orange order sectarians, and they're openly courting the extreme-right ultranationalist demographic too.

Tory MPs are far more likely to be lobbing vitriolic abuse at pro-environment school kids these days than green-washing their economic agenda, and they're far more likely to be pushing extreme-right propaganda like the "cultural Marxism" conspiracy theory, scapegoating immigrants, or promoting extreme-right indoctrination propaganda on UK university campuses, than they are to be promoting socially liberal policies like environmental protection or gay equality.

And this extraordinary extreme-right radicalisation of the Tory party has taken place right in front of our eyes with barely a jot of coverage from the mainstream media. And this transformation is now so complete that a far-right street thug like James Goddard can publicly identify as a Tory voter, no Tory politicians come out to publicly disavow his support, and the mainstream media just continue refusing to engage with the fact that the Tory party has been radicalised to far-right extremism right in front of our eyes.

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