Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Centrists: Your anti-Brexit heroes are total frauds

The gullibility of some people never ceases to astound.

Even when it's absolutely obvious that a breakaway group of right-wing Labour MPs and Tories has absolutely nothing to do with Brexit, and everything to do with a desperate last-ditch effort to divide the Labour vote and keep the Tory austerity agenda rolling on, huge numbers of people who consider themselves rational, suddenly begin falling over themselves to continue believing the lies and deceptions of a bunch of egotistical fabulists.

If you look at the facts rather than mindlessly and uncritically absorbing mainstream media propaganda tropes, the entire justification for the existence of the Independent Group is obviously a fraud.

The ex-Labour component said they had to quit Labour because the party wasn't doing enough to oppose Brexit, and the ex-Tory component said they had to quit the Tories because they were in hock to Jacob Rees-Mogg's ERG Brextremists and the bigoted DUP sectarians that Theresa May bribed into propping up her shambles of a government.

But the evidence proves this to be absolutely false. 

On January 29th Labour tabled a Brexit amendment proposing another referendum as an option in order to prevent Theresa May and the ERG Brextremists driving the UK economy off a cliff, but the three ex-Tory members of the squatter group of MPs all actively sided with Theresa May, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Boris Johnson, and the 10 DUP sectarians to vote against this amendment [source].

If you ever needed absolute proof that opposing Brexit was never their true priority, the fact that these three voted against Labour's amendment 307 aimed at stopping Theresa May's reckless game of brinkmanship with the nation's future less than a month before becoming political squatters is it, isn't it?

And the fact that the ex-Labour component have joined up with these outrageous ex-Tories who less than a month previously were actively siding with the ERG Brextremsists and the DUP to prevent Labour's efforts to oppose Tory Brexit is proof that the priority isn't opposing Brexit for them either.

So if their stated justification is an easily demonstrable lie, what is the ulterior agenda?

Well the ex-Labour squatter MP Gavin Shuker (the one who decided to set their group up as a private company rather than a political party in order to hide who is bankrolling them) said that their primary objective was begging Theresa May to form a pro-austerity, pro-privatisation, anti-welfare coalition with them. "I'm willing to extend confidence and supply to your government so it doesn’t fall over" being his exact words.

The ex-Labour squatter MP Chris Leslie (one of the right-wing idiots who came up with the staggeringly unappealing austerity-lite posturing that trashed Labour's election chances at the 2015 general election) went even further, saying that the group would refuse to do everything in their power to stop the Tory Brexit chaos, because if stopping hard-right Tory Brexit meant giving Jeremy Corbyn another shot at removing Theresa May from power, they'd vote with the Tories to prevent that from happening!

The ex-Tory squatter MP Anna Soubry made things absolutely clear when she used the word "marvellous" to describe the Coalition austerity-enforcing, wage-repressing, public service-wrecking, social security-slashing, privatisation obsessed dogma of the 2010-2015 period that collapsed living standards and created the wave of public fury that drove Brexit narrowly over the winning line in 2016.

Instead of looking at the austerity disease that caused Brexit in the first place, Soubry is pretending to treat the symptoms (while actively voting against another referendum that may have helped to treat the symptoms) and actually continuing to praise the toxic Tory austerity dogma that caused the symptoms in the first place as "marvellous"!

And then Soubry went on the television to argue that she should be allowed to continue actively campaigning for the Tory party and their ruinous austerity dogma from under the umbrella of the Independent Group, and her fellow squatter MP Chuka Umunna actually sat next to her nodding and agreeing that members of his absurd vanity project should be allowed to actively campaign for the Tories and promote Tory austerity dogma!

The obvious problem is that the hopelessly gullible are incredibly difficult to convince, because in order to see the squatter MPs as the cynical opportunists hiding a pro-Tory pro-austerity, anti-worker, anti-investment agenda behind a cloak of Brexit rhetoric, people need to accept that they were foolish to take these politicians from deep within the heart of the Westminster establishment class at their word, and admit that this gullibility is why they got so easily duped.

If we've learned anything from the last few years in politics it's that huge numbers of people would rather ignore the facts and evidence to continue believing absolute nonsense, rather than take the ego hit of accepting they got conned.

So even when we point out that the squatter group's entire justification for existing is a fraud, and that they're just a bunch of austerity fetishists openly scrounging for places in a Tory-led pro-austerity coalition, people's egos won't allow them to admit that they were hopelessly gullible rubes to ever fall for it in the first place.

But then the gossamer-like transparency of their fraud is so fragile that it's enough to make us suspect that Brexit isn't actually the main issue with a lot of these "centrists" at all, and that the actual unstated priority all along has been an absolute desperation to keep the Tories in power so they can carry on brutally punishing the poor and disabled, trashing ordinary workers' wages, gutting public services, and throttling Britain's economic potential with their toxic austerity dogma like they have been doing for the last 9 years.

The Independent Group is not a brave new challenge to the political orthodoxy, it's people from deep within the political orthodoxy desperately hawking "more of the same" under the guise of opposing the hard-right Brexit that several of their group were voting in favour of less than a month previously!

So the only people left promoting these democracy-fearing squatter MPs are either hopelessly gullible idiots who just rote learn and repeat their political opinions without doing even the most basic fact-checking, or cynical and malicious propagandists who are deliberately hiding their pro-Tory pro-austerity agenda behind a crude veneer of anti-Brexit rhetoric.

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Anonymous said...

You started your piece with the statement "The gullibility of some people never ceases to astound."

Have a look at this video of Corbyn expressing his unguarded views on the EU a little while ago, under different circumstances - then come back and tell me that he is an honest and trustworthy and people.


The gullible ones are those that believe that Corbyn has undergone some Damascian conversion!

Unknown said...

People's views are aloud to change when Corbyn made his views known I was driving a Allegro car..you are the gullible one..the European Union is so intertwined now in business and security it's daft to pull up a drawbridge..

Unknown said...

Corbyn is putting his views (regardless of what they are) secondary to a democratic vote. The break-away MPs are running scared of deselection/by-elections in their own constituencies. Not really the same at all.

Anonymous said...

With respect to the comments at 12.29 and 13.07 above ... admire your one-eyed, valiant attempt at defending the indefensible.

Sir/madam at 12.19, if you were driving an Allegro ... then I am afraid you have lost all credibility to judge anything. Out of all the cars in the world ... you chose an Allegro fcs!

Sir/madam at 13.07, so, to paraphrase your comment..... the personal views, morals, ethics and principles of the leader of the Labour party are irrelevant because the only thing that matters is the majority view of Momentum voters that have taken over the membership of the Labour Party and are determining Labour Party policy in direct opposition to the views of the elected Labour MPs. That description is the personification of, truly, a puppet leader with principles for hire. And you appear to be very proud of him!

Unknown said...

A man with proven principles is a man to follow, he has been proven right on numerous occasions, a puppet he is not and he does not pander to the press for qualifications of his actions, unlike some parliamentary so called mps running to the Tory wrags..

Unknown said...

And by the way listen to prime minister's questions today, only Corbyn is defending the the homeless and low wages housing food banks if you don't want this your in the side of wrong, you need to expand your knowledge and source some independent news sites, it will do you good to get out of this bubble set up for the chattel..

Anonymous said...

Comment at 16.05 above ...

"A man with proven principles is a man to follow" you wrote.

You obviously watched the video of Corbyn speaking in Ireland where he gave his views on the EU, on the need to hold referendums on the EU, his abhorrence of the EU and what its stands for and his derision of the notion of holding second and third referenda ... until the EU get the right answer. That was then.

Now, He blames the Tory party for having a referendum on the EU (even though he voted with the government to hold one). He thinks the EU should stay in the EU or be much closer or keep most of the EU's four pillars, and he thinks there should be a referendum.

I know this is uncomfortable for you, but you will just have to accept that Corbyn is just another slimy, "principles for hire", grubby MP that will do anything, say anything, in his attempts to get power.

Unknown said...

Don't gripe about Corbyn, he stands for something, what are you going to promote, wars, neoliberal project, more failing austerity, centerism, what's your exelir Tory light,what do you stand for, Corby was elected twice, he commands over half a million members and you think he is no good, suppose you support the quitters and shit bags in the center...nobody is listening to you unless you have some credible plans..

Unknown said...

Everyone knows that you cannot just keep spending and spending in the public sector without running up lots of debt. Mis-managment of public money is more the issue and a commitment from government to investigate huge amount of wasted public money.

On another note there is nothing wrong with people being filthy rich as long as they pay their fair share of taxes to help all of society i.e. health,education and law and order.

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