Sunday, 10 November 2019

So you say Labour's plans would cost £1.2 trillion ...

The Tory party have concocted an absolutely absurd misinformation campaign aimed at convincing the gullible that Labour would waste £1.2 billion if they win the next election.

If you come across anyone dim-witted enough to actually repeat these nonsense numbers, here are eight simple questions you can ask them to illustrate exactly how gullible they're being.

1. Where did you get this figure from

The figure was jumbled together on the Tory 'costofcorbyn' website, and then uncritically splashed all over the pages of the right-wing billionaire-owned propaganda rags.

No reputable source has mentioned this bogus figure without the disclaimer that it's been calculated in an incredibly shoddy way. Even the BBC called it out as "bogus numbers" and "dodgy accounting"!

2. Why do you believe it?

Whether this claim has been sourced from the Tories directly, or rote learned from the pages of the S*n/Daily Mail/Express, whoever is repeating it is believing it at face value with no critical thought whatever.

Don't they even know not to trust politicians without checking their claims first, or that they shouldn't believe everything they read in newspapers?

3. Did you check the workings?

Whoever is repeating this nonsense obviously didn't check the workings, because they're absolutely full of basic errors.

The idea that Labour would enact every single one of their policies on the day they formed a government is as blatantly ridiculous as the idea that government investments create absolutely zero returns to offset the cost.

Anyone who even remotely looked into how this figure was devised would definitely not be repeating it, because nobody actively wants to make themselves look an economic illiterate. Do they?

4. Do you understand the difference between an investment and an expenditure?

This is absolutely basic accounting stuff, but it's apparently beyond the abilities of the Tories who devised this number, and all the gullible piss-wits who are regurgitating it.

The difference is that when you invest in something, like taking the water supply, railways, or national grid back under public ownership, it's an investment that provides returns on investment, while expenditures are not recouped (at least not directly).

Investing in the de-privatisation of vital national infrastructure and services is not an expenditure with no returns because once private profiteers are prevented from soaking away the benefits in huge dividends and bloated executive salaries, the profits go back to the nation.

Jumbling up national investments up with government expenditures, like extra spending on stuff like free childcare, and free school meals is utterly ridiculous.

5. How did they work it out when Labour haven't published their manifesto yet?

Working out what a party's election manifesto would cost before they've even published it seems like pretty odd behaviour, especially since Labour set the precedent of explaining their spending pledges in their last manifesto.

Shouldn't the Tories be working on their own manifesto, and figuring out how much it would cost, rather than making up fake figures to discredit Labour's manifesto, when they've not even seen it yet?

6. How much does the Tory manifesto cost in comparison?

In an extraordinary car crash interview Tory minister Kwasi Kwarteng was asked by Sky News how much the Tory manifesto was going to cost in comparison, to which he gave the incredible reply that he was "not going to bandy around figures".

The absolute brass neck of bandying around such economically illiterate figures about Labour's spending plans, then bare-faced dodging questions about their own!

7. If the Tories are this bad at maths, why would you trust them to run the country?

The £1.2 trillion figure is so riddled with basic errors and economic illiteracy it's absolutely astounding that anyone would be happy to have the incompetents who produced it running the country.

If they can't even do basic stuff like differentiate between an asset and an expenditure, is it any wonder the Tories have delivered the slowest economic recovery in centuries, caused the worst period of sustained wage depreciation in history, and chucked away the UK's AAA credit ratings?

8 How much has austerity cost?

In 2010 the Tories promised that austerity fanaticism would have eliminated the budget deficit by early 2015, it's late 2019 and the national debt is still growing.

How much has all of this extra borrowing added to the national debt?

Well the national debt has risen almost £1 trillion since 2010, and what do we have to show for it? Worse public services, failing schools, smaller army, fewer police and fire fighters, bankrupt local councils, vandalised social safety net, the lowest level of infrastructure investment in the developed world, cancelled flood defence spending, soaring poverty, collapsing wages ... and according to Tory tribalists that represents money well spent!

And how much has the ruinous economically stifling austerity agenda wiped off the value of the UK economy?

According to research by NEF austerity has wiped a whopping £100 billion off the value of the UK economy already, and that's not a made up figure, it's economic value that's already been destroyed.

Do you see any Tories crying over that?

Of course you don't, because they don't actually care about the health of the UK economy, all they care about is transferring as much wealth as possible from the poor and ordinary to the mega-rich, no matter what harm this upwards wealth redistribution does to the wider economy.

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How Google are helping the Tories rig the general Election. Again!

Google's corporate code of conduct famously includes the phrase "don't be evil", but if deliberately colluding, for cash, with one political party to rig elections in their favour isn't "evil" then it's hard to know what is.

In 2017 Google accepted wads of cash from the Tories in order to help them hijack political searches so that anyone in the UK searching "Labour manifesto" would end up seeing an outrageous Tory attack site full of outright lies as their first search result.

In any sensible country this kind of cynical manipulation would have been legislated against so that political parties can't hijack political searches with attack ads, but given that the party of government were beneficiaries of these cynical, democracy hijack tactics, and most of the rest of the Westminster establishment class are a bunch of bloody incompetents, and the Electoral Commission are an absolute joke of an organisation, nothing whatever was done.

So Google and the Tories are at it again, this time hijacking search terms like "register to vote" and "postal vote" to serve up Tory attack ads as the first result, instead of neutral links with information on how to actually register to vote, or obtain a postal vote.
4 examples of this Tory-Google attack ad strategy
(click to enlarge)

The link description in these attack ads includes hyper-partisan Tory slogans like "back Boris", "get Brexit done" or "don't risk Corbyn", and the link itself takes you to a data harvesting page where the Tory party collect your personal information under the guise of needing it to register you to vote!
Research has shown over and again that huge numbers of people are incapable of differentiating between genuine search results and sponsored adverts, so it's not like pumping hyper-partisan political propaganda has no effect. If it had no effect, the Tories wouldn't be blasting huge wads of cash on doing it would they?

Just imagine if you enquired with your local council about how to register to vote or obtain a postal vote, and instead of offering you neutral advice, they sent you a load of hyper-partisan party political propaganda for one particular party.

There would be absolute outrage about it, especially if it turned out that this particular political party was actually paying the local council staff to supply their propaganda, instead of impartial advice.
If you click the link, it takes you to this
Tory data collection page.

But since it's Google behaving in this outrageous manner, it's apparently perfectly fine and acceptable!

Just consider all the scandal surrounding Russian efforts to hijack our democracy, and consider that by rigging their search results Google is doing a much more effective job of undermining our democracy, and they're doing it for cash, out in the open, because nobody seems to care.

And even if there aren't specific rules against this insidious collusion between Google and the Tories, it would easily be within Google's power to reserve democratically sensitive search terms to prevent this kind of sponsored hijacking (in the way that Twitter have banned political adverts), but they don't lift a finger to protect democracy, because helping the Tories hijack democracy is a nice little earner for them.

Of course Google aren't the only ones actively helping electoral cheats and liars to destroy democracy, what with Facebook making a special exemption for political parties to allow them to tell outright lies in their paid adverts.

For the best part of a decade the Tory party have allowed tech giants Google and Facebook to pay virtually no tax on the vast profits they make in the UK, and now Google are once again actively colluding with the Tory party attack and undermine democracy.

Something needs to be done because if left unchecked, democracy is going to be undermined to the point of destruction by the tech giants, not particularly because they aim to bring about the end of democratic era, but because helping electoral cheats and liars to wreck democracy is a nice little earner for them in the short-term!

That's the banality of evil right there.

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Saturday, 9 November 2019

Who should own our vital national infrastructure and services?

One of the most absurd fictions in British politics is the idea that the Tory party are Britain-loving patriots because they wrap themselves in the union flag and pretend to love our country as they carve it up and give it away piece by piece, while Jeremy Corbyn and Labour are supposedly a bunch of Britain-hating traitors.

In order to recognise this nonsense as the reality-reversed lie that it is, all you need to do is look at the contrasting economic policies of the two parties.

The Tory party believe in a grotesque form of so-called "privatisation" that blocks the UK state from owning and operating its own infrastructure and services, whilst allowing foreign governments to come in and buy up stakes as cash cow investments for themselves!

The Tories are not opposed to national ownership in principle, because they allow the Chinese government to own stakes in our water supply, China and Qatar to own chunks of our National Grid, the national rail networks of loads of countries to buy up stakes in the UK rail network to siphon profits back into their own domestic rail networks (Netherlands, Singapore, Germany, France, Italy, Hong Kong ...), and they even sold off the UK's underground aviation fuel supply network directly to a company operated by the governments of Oman and the UAE, then immediately rented it back for ten years for three times the price they just sold it off for!

So the Tory "privatisation" ideology turns out to be the absurdly anti-British belief that every state in the world should be allowed to own chunks of British infrastructure and services, except for Britain itself!

And these are the people who pretend to be patriots!

The Tories also believe in outright defying the public will by privatising stuff like the police, NHS, Royal Mail, schools, and prisons into the hands of unaccountable private profiteers, mostly with disastrous consequences.

They flogged off the Royal Mail at a tiny fraction of its true valuethey've privatised 75% of the secondary schools in England in
to the hands of unaccountable private profiteersprivatisation of the police forensic science service has resulted in a huge evidence tampering scandal, their prisons privatisation agenda has turned out to be an absolute disaster, and despite all the Tory lies that "the NHS is not for sale" NHS privatisation rose to an all-time record high in 2018 of £9.2 billion.

The Tories continually put the interests of private sector profiteers above the will of the British people that the profit motive has no place in our police forces, hospitals, and schools.

Labour's position is much clearer and more coherent. They don't believe that foreign states should be allowed to come in and buy up chunks of our national infrastructure and services as cash cow investments for themselves, because it should be being run as not-for-profit public services for the benefit of Britain and the British people.

Labour also believes in running the police, NHS, Royal Mail, schools, and prisons as not-for-profit public services, not as money making scams for parasitical private sector profiteers.

Labour believes in Britain, while the Tories detest Britain to such an extent they'd rather have foreign governments and parasitical private profiteers running our infrastructure and services than Britain running it's own stuff!

Yet somehow, the billionaire propaganda barons, and their vast army of mercenary media hacks have managed to convince vast swathes of the public that the Tories are the patriots who love Britain, and that Labour are the Britain-haters who want to do it down!

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Thursday, 7 November 2019

Why are the Greens helping the Lib-Dems try to unseat pro-Remain Labour MPs?

If you're the kind of person who sincerely believe that the Brexit issue is far more important than other pressing concerns like the climate crisis, or combating the ruinous austerity fanaticism that caused Brexit in the first place, then the idea of a Remain Alliance between pro-EU parties makes some kind of sense.

However any such Remain Alliance must come with the obvious caveat that the Remain Alliance is only used to defend Remain parliamentary seats already held, and to unseat pro-Brexit MPs.

Unfortunately the newly announced Remain Alliance between the Lib-Dems, Greens, and Plaid Cymru goes a lot further, and actually targets the seats of a load of pro-EU MPs too.

One such target is the Labour MP for Warrington South Faisal Rashid, who holds a tight majority of 2,500 over the Tories (48.4% to 44.3%), with the Lib-Dem candidate coming in a distant 3rd place in 2017, with just 5% of the vote.

Rashid is a vocal anti-Brexit advocate, who wants another EU referendum, and represents a party that is committed to a Final Say referendum, opposes austerity fanaticism, and shares Green party views on de-privatisation of vital public services and infrastructure like the railways, water supply, national grid, NHS, and education system.

Rashid is also very vocal on the climate crisis, and in June 2019 he strongly urged Warrington Council to declare a climate emergency.

He sounds exactly like the kind of figure Green Party supporters should feel comfortable voting for, but according to the terms of the new Remain Alliance, the Greens are supporting the Lib-Dems in Warrington South, which seems like a very odd strategy for an alliance intended to put as many Brexit-sceptic MPs in parliament as possible.

If the Remain Alliance does succeed in their ambition to unseat Rashid, there are only two possible outcomes.

One is that the extraordinarily unlikely scenario where the Lib-Dem candidate comes from nowhere to achieve an unprecedented 40%+ swing, meaning a green, anti-austerity, democratic socialist who supports Remain is replaced pro-austerity, pro-privatisation, anti-worker, welfare-vandalising orthodox neoliberal who supports Remain.

Well, hooray for the Remain Alliance!

The other, vastly more likely outcome is that the Lib-Dems and their fellow Remain Alliance plotters split the anti-Tory vote, and let the pro-Brexit Tory take the seat (a scenario which would only necessitate a 4% swing).

Erm, hooray for the Remain Alliance???

Another ludicrous target for the Remain Alliance is Stephan Morgan in Portsmouth South, who is a vehement advocate of another referendum, who swears he'll lead the Remain campaign in Portsmouth if the referendum happens. He won the seat from the Tories in 2017 by 41% to 38%, the Lib-Dem the Remain Alliance is backing came a distant 3rd on 17%.

Again the most likely scenario is handing the seat back to a pro-Brexit Tory, with the remote outside chance of switching out an anti-austerity, anti-privatisation democratic socialist Remainer, for a pro-austerity, pro-privatisation neoliberal Remainer.

In what world does this make any sense whatever?

The reason the Greens are supporting this absolute lunacy is obvious. It's a quid pro quo.

In return for the Lib-Dems standing aside in a few Green target seats like the Isle of Wight, and Bristol West (which is also held by a vocal Labour Remainer, Thangam Debbonaire by the way) they're going to help the Lib-Dems sabotage other Labour Remainer MPs like Faisal Rashid up and down the country, helping them turn Labour Remain red, to Tory Brexit blue.

From a pragmatic perspective helping the Lib-Dems remove pro-remain, anti-austerity, environmentalist Labour MPs
from parliament looks like dreadful self-sabotage from a wider green perspective, but from a narrow party political perspective it means a shot at increasing their representation from one seat out of 650 to maybe two, so it's a price they're apparently willing to pay!

The most charitable explanation possible is that all the Brexit chaos has given the Green Party a horrible dose of Brexit Brain Worms, rendering them incapable of thinking straight.

A less charitable explanation is that they're willing to embrace the notoriously untrustworthy Lib-Dem neoliberals and help them shoot down pro-Remain Labour MPs up and down the country, purely because they're prioritising their narrow party political interest above the interests of the nation as a whole.

Whichever way you look at it, it's incredibly disappointing and divisive stuff from a political party that most left-wingers, social progressives, and Labour supporters tend to agree with on most issues.

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Don't believe the hype - Boris Johnson's 'big' rally was a ridiculous fraud

After spending a week in hiding Boris Johnson finally came out for his first general election rally, and despite the protestations from the mainstream media that it was somehow super-special, it followed the exact same formula as Theresa May's cringeworthy events in 2017.
  • Huge buildings with all of the Tory activists crammed into the corner and filmed from close range to make it look packed.
  • Activists holding up placards printed up for them by the organisers.
  • Minimisation of Conservative branding in favour of big slogans ("Theresa May's Team" in 2017, "Get Brexit Done" for Johnson).
  • The creation of a meticulously controlled Tory "safe space" where Johnson is surrounded by ultra-loyal meticulously vetted Tory tribalists, with no chance of him getting heckled or booed as happens every time he goes out in public.
While mainstream media hacks at the event tried to make it seem far more impressive than it was ... Ooh! the music was louder than 2017, Ooh! there were a few more people bussed in than usual! Ooh they chanted 'Boris, Boris, Boris' on command like a bunch of lobotomised seals ... the reality is that it's virtually identical to the cynical, manipulative, stage-managed drivel in 2017.

And instead of playing along with the deception by photographing and filming the event from close range, the mainstream media should call this absurd Tory bullshit out by putting it in it's true perspective.

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Why genuine 'centrists' should be backing the left

For the last nine years Britain has been charging headlong to the far-right, with one increasingly militant Tory government after another.

In 2010 the Lib-Dems enabled the Tories back into power for the first time in 13 years, and the results were disastrous. The Lib-Dems voted through every single piece of wanton Tory ideological malice, including the austerity fanaticism that trashed our living standards and laid the groundwork for the Brexit backlash to happen.

The Lib-Dems love to pretend that they were some kind of wonderful moderating force, but the truth is easy to find. If we look at the absolute worst stuff the austerity coalition did, Lib-Dem fingerprints are all over all of it: Austerity fanaticism, unprecedented wage repression, disability persecutionNHS privatisation, catastrophic local government cuts, Bedroom Tax, 75% of secondary schools in England privatised, Theresa May's unlawfully racist Hostile Environment ...

And to make matters even worse leading Lib-Dems actually took personal responsibility for delivering the absolute worst of it, the most egregious examples being Vince Cable's outrageous decision to flog off our Royal Mail at miles below its true value to a bunch of city spivs, and Jo Swinson doing nothing whatever to stop the imposition of unlawful tribunal fees, despite being Employment Minister in the austerity coalition!

Things did get even worse after the Lib-Dem collapse in 2015 as the unrestrained Tories intensified the already unprecedented rate of privatisations, and imposed the most brutal social security cuts in the history of the welfare state, but it's beyond obvious that things could never have even got to that stage without the deliberate calculated collusion of the Lib-Dems.

Then in 2016 the Tories gambled away the nation's future on a ludicrous Brexit referendum in which the Leave option was left entirely undefined, allowing Brexiteers to cynically promise voters the moon on a stick, with absolutely no intention of following through on their false promises.

The day after his gamble backfired Cameron was gone, replaced by the fanatically right-wing wannabe tyrant Theresa May, who had all the hard-right politics, inflexible stubbornness, control-freakery, and authoritarianism of an all-powerful autocrat, but thankfully not the competence, or self-awareness, or discipline to actually follow through on her outrageous threats, or actually 'crush the saboteurs'.

May did manage to inflict even more ideological damage during her two year reign, not least her decision to starve the NHS of new recruits by wantonly scrapping NHS bursaries, creating a ticking time bomb of a recruitment crisis that will destroy the NHS if it is not resolved soon.

And now we have Boris Johnson, who is so wilfully intent on pandering to the far-right ultranationalist demographic that stalwarts of Conservatism who backed all of the austerity fanaticism, and wage repression, and welfare vadalism, and disability persecution, and public service cuts, and infrastructure under-investment are now fleeing the party in droves in absolute disgust at what it's becoming, including Johnson's own brother Jo.

It's mind-bogglingly obvious that the UK needs to rapidly abandon this race to the extreme-right fringe and reset back towards the centre ground. It's equally obvious that it's literally impossible to move away from the territory of the hard-right without moving somewhat to the left.

Thus there are actually two kinds of 'centrists'. One type who recognise the obvious truth that the UK needs to move significantly leftwards in order to gravitate back towards the traditional centre ground, and another smug, complacent, orthodox neoliberal bunch who just want to pause where we are with a "more of the same" agenda, enjoy the trappings of power for a few years, and then hand deliver power back to the next hard-right government that comes along.

The problem of course is that there's no commonly understood distinction between these two different kinds of 'centrism'.

There are those 'centrists' who believe in the mixed economy of socially owned infrastructure and services, and privately owned but well-regulated businesses, who believe Britain has gone way too far to the right.

And there are those 'faux centrists' who believe in always standing just a couple of milimetres to the left of the Tory party, no matter how far off to the crackpot far-right extreme they've gone, and never shifting an inch back towards where the traditional centre actually used to be.

Unfortunately an awful lot of the second kind of 'centrist' have made their home in the Liberal Democrats, hoping to turn it into a Conservatives MkII party to hold firm on the hard-right political territory, to keep the crushing living standards-destroying austerity coming, to keep the tax dodge loopholes open for the benefit of their mega-rich backers, and to keep annihilating the wages and working conditions of ordinary working people under the utterly misguided delusion that the best way to make the rich richer, is to force the poor and ordinary into destitution.

I'm as guilty as anyone for vehemently condemning this kind right-wing faux 'centrism', and maybe genuine 'centrists' who do actually recognise the need for a dramatic leftward turn back towards the centre ground might have felt caught in the crossfire as the left have repeatedly slammed the faux 'centrists' for their ludicrous pretence that their pro-austerity, pro-privatisation, anti-worker, welfare-vandalising, infrastructure under-investing, hard-right fanaticism is anywhere near the legitimate political centre.

I'm sorry if this is the case, and people who just wants things to return to normality feels caught in the crossfire.

It's just that 
a bunch of right-wing neoliberal militants intent on creating a veneer of legitimacy for their radical hard-right agenda by pretending that it's some kind of moderate, mainstream, centrist philosophy have stolen the positioning of legitimate 'centrists', who do actually recognise the need to rebalance somewhat towards the left.

Any legitimate 'centrist' really has to understand that millions of people in Britain literally can't afford yet more years of "more of the same" neoliberal orthodoxy shamelessly disguised as 'centrism'.

We need fundamental change to undo some of the worst hard-right excesses of the last decade; investment instead of austerity, a well earned wage rise for British workers, restoration of the wantonly vandalised social safety net, de-privatisation of police, hospitals, schools, and prisons, and de-centralisation of political power ...

Legitimate 'centrists' should be saying "no bloody way" to Jo Swinson and the Lib-Dems' transparent efforts to restructure their party as Conservatives 2.0 disguised as 'centrism' to dupe the gullible, and "yes please" to Labour's strategy of actually investing in Britain's future, and undoing as much of the hard-right Tory damage as they can.

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Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Jacob Rees-Mogg insinuates the Grenfell fire victims deserved to die because they lacked common sense

Tory Brextremist Jacob Rees-Mogg has provoked outrage by insinuating that the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire deserved to die because they lacked "common sense".

Rees-Mogg made these outrageously callous comments in an interview with LBC's Nick Ferrari, in which he tried to desperately spin the findings of the first report into the Grenfell fire to the advantage of the Tory party.

For some unfathomable reason the inquiry into Grenfell fire has been split into two segments, one critiquing the response of the fire service, and completely ignoring the decision to cover the building in highly flammable cladding because it was fractionally cheaper than the fire proof stuff, followed by another report into the actual causal factors to be released after the general election.

The first report criticised the fire brigade for advising people to stay in their flats, rather than advising them to attempt to escape down the smoke-clogged stairwell, but no attention was paid to the fact that this kind of cladding fire was unprecedented in Britain, nor the Tory government's failure to inform the fire brigade that they had allowed hundreds of buildings up and down the country to be turned into similar fire traps, so that they could consider actually altering their protocols.

Rees-Mogg seized on the "stay indoors" advice to claim that he would have been clever enough to fully appreciate the scale of the fire from within his flat, ignore the advice, and flee down the smoke filled stairs.

Rees-Mogg's callously insinuated that the victims died because they were too stupid to ignore official advice, rather than because the local Tory council turned their building into a deadly fire trap to save an absurdly small amount of money.

This insinuation betrays the elitist mentality that's all-too-common in the Tory circles that the likes of Rees-Mogg move in: The idea that the rich are rich because they're morally, genetically, and intellectually superior to the poor.

The idea that rich Tory elitists in a burning building wouldn't panic, but calmly assess the scale of the fire for themselves, with such impeccable intuition that they automatically understand the situation far better than fire service professionals with decades of experience outside.

According to this warped worldview the poor people died not because they were treated with contempt by an elitist Tory council who couldn't give a damn about the desperate and dangerous living conditions of the "the lower orders", but because of their inherent inferiority to the Tory elitist class.

If only they'd been morally, genetically, and intellectually superior like Rees-Mogg and his Tory mates, then they would all have survived the fire by virtue of their inherent excellence.

And besides, they would never have been living in a decrepit death trap of a building anyway, because they would have had the good sense and intuition to have been born into good genetic stock, a luxuriant country estate, an Eton education that costs more than the average salary in annual fees, and an automatic place at the top table of society like plucky quick-witted Jacob, wouldn't they?

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Monday, 4 November 2019

How on earth is Therese Coffey fronting the Tory general election campaign?

Compared to most people I'm a total politics nerd, after all, it's my job to study and write about politics, yet I'd barely even heard of Tory MP Therese Coffey until Boris Johnson suddenly put her in charge of hounding the disabled and further impoverishing the already destitute duties at the DWP.

Before this unexpected appointment to a senior government position, Coffey was most famous outside her constituency for the repulsive boozed up picture of her slobbering on a cigar like some bizarre female Ken Clarke tribute act.

But suddenly Coffey is sobered up and all over our TV screens, airwaves, and social media feeds, fronting up the Tory general election campaign.

Yesterday she was sent out to cynically pretend that nine years of relentless Tory wage repression and cuts to in-work benefits have been a good thing for ordinary working people, and today she's been wheeled out again to defend the Tory parliamentary candidate who said that people on benefits should be put to death!

Picking someone most of the public have never even heard of to front their election campaign seems like an extremely odd strategy for the Tories to adopt.

Yes, there's often someone like Barry Gardiner in 2017, who comes from nowhere to charm the public during an election campaign, but a charmless figure like Coffey, monotonously reading out scripted lies is never going to be able to enchant the nation is she?

It's interesting to look at the reasons someone as limited as Coffey is being pushed as the face of Conservatism.

Firstly Boris Johnson is in hiding.

He can't go out in public because he's getting booed and heckled wherever he shows his face, and his minders are keeping him away from as many interviews and debates as possible because they're all to aware that he's shockingly unprepared, utterly ignorant of stuff like facts and details, liable to make up absolute nonsense on the spot, or to just start spouting blatant lies.

Then there's the fact that most of the far-right Brextremist mob Johnson has surrounded himself with are freakishly unpopular with the public. 

Michael Gove with his coked-up, plastic-faced, right-wing goit act.

Sajid Javid, the reckless junk bond trader that Johnson has somehow decided to put in charge of the entire UK economy.

The haunted pencil figure of Jacob Rees-Mogg, like Lord Snooty but always with the sinister whiff of fascism about him.

Liz Truss, who is perpetually on the verge of another weird rant about imported cheese, or using barking dogs to scare away drones.

Priti Patel with her perpetual smirk, her open contempt for ordinary working Brits, and her liability to go off and collude with foreign governments again.

And then the absolute chancers who have been promoted exponentially above their abilities like Dominic Raab ('where's Dover?') and Gavin Williamson ('Russia should just shut up and go away!').

Rory Stewart was one of the very few sympathetic and relatable figures in the Tory ranks (to 'centrist dad' types at least), but he's been driven out of the party altogether because he wouldn't do as he was told, and Johnson simply can't bear to have anyone in the party who clearly has infinitely more eloquence and charisma than he does.

Amber Rudd was Theresa May's reliable and ever-willing dogsbody, always willing to step up when things got difficult, or take the fall for May's racist Windrush scandal, but she's quitting too, standing down from parliament in disgust at how awful the Tory party has become.

There's basically nobody left in the Tory ranks with any talent whatever, and of those actually capable of stringing a few sentences together without making an absolute tit of themselves, Coffey is the most human-looking specimen they've got!

And that's why a a slow-witted slob that virtually nobody has even heard of before has ended up fronting this Tory general election campaign!

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Meet the Tory candidate who wants to euthanise the unemployed

We all know there are a lot of right-wing people out there who secretly think that the Nazi concentration camps were a great idea, but that few of them are actually stupid enough to actually come out and promote Nazi-style eugenics in public, because they know the idea of state-administered murder of political non-conformists, ethnic minorities, disabled people, and so-called 'degenerates' fills most normal people with horror and revulsion.

One right-winger who is actually stupid enough to publicly promote the idea that people on benefits should be sent to death camps is the new Tory parliamentary candidate for the Gower constituency in Wales, Francesca O'Brien.

We're all aware of how "poverty porn" shows like Benefit Street were designed in order to whip up public hate against people who rely on benefits to survive, and to justify the Tory ideological agenda of vandalising the welfare state.

O'Brien is clearly one of the shows' target audience, because after watching an episode in 2014 she went onto Facebook to declare that the people on the show needed "putting down", and then endorse a reply proposing a "twat a tramp Tuesday".

Someone actually proposed a campaign of public beatings for homeless people, and instead of calling it out as vile vigilante nonsense, O'Brien responded "I'm liking that idea ... ha ha. Made me laugh"!

O'Brien has subsequently deleted the vile comments in the pathetic belief that the Internet will just forget the fact that she's some kind of hateful far-right ranter from the Britain First school of social media discourse.

And the Tory party have indicated how far they've moved to the extreme-right by continuing to endorse this vile woman as their chosen candidate.

yes they've spent the last nine years driving millions into absolute destitution with policies like sanctions, the benefits freeze, wage repression, disability benefit cuts, disability denial assessments ... but now they're unapologetically standing a candidate who says the state should go even further than systematically hounding disabled people and driving vulnerable people into starvation and suicide, and actually just kill them.

Let's hope the people of Gower have the good sense to reject this awful woman, and elect someone who has never actually proposed Nazi style eugenics, or laughed about vigilante violence campaigns against the homeless.

If she loses her bid to become an MP and then falls on hard times because of employers' understandable reservations about employing someone with such vile views, perhaps one day she might learn just a little bit of humility and decency?

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