Saturday 30 June 2018

The doubly ridiculous Tory spin on BAE's Australian warship contract

The Australian government has announced a new deal for the construction of nine Hunter class frigates, but the Tory spin on this story is doubly-misleading and absolutely ridiculous.

The Tories are attempting to present the story as if the contract represents some kind of £20 billion boost for the British economy, but in reality the vast majority of the £20 billion will be spent in Australia, creating Australian jobs, and stimulating demand in the Australian economy.

The only significant benefit to Britain will come indirectly through profits made by the British-based arms company BAE Systems. The biggest single investor in BAE is an American investment company called Capital Group. And one of Capital Group's most notable employees happens to be ... Theresa May's husband!

It's not like we're building the ships and sending them over there, and it's not even like the profit margin will actually make its way back to Britain either, it'll be divvied up amongst the mega-rich multinational investment class.

To put this Tory spin into perspective, just consider how the Australian government have been presenting this deal to their own people (see picture). The overwhelming majority of the investment is staying within Australia, it's going to create thousands of Australian jobs, and it's going to stimulate the Australian economy.

Also consider what BAE themselves have said about the deal making a "significant contribution to the Australian economy" and "creating thousands of jobs, supporting new industries and boosting the national supply chain for decades to come".

Even worse than their misleading presentation as if this contract is somehow a £20 billion boost for Britain, is the way the Tories have misleadingly presented this deal between the Australian government and a multinational arms company as some kind of justification for their Brexit farce.

In reality the Tories know that Brexit is going to be an economic disaster. That's why Michael Ashcroft has been praising Malta as a business base during Brexit. It's why John Redwood keeps telling the public that Brexit will be wonderful whilst telling private investment funds to get their cash out of Britain during the Brexit process. It's why Nigel Lawson is seeking French residency. It's why Jacob Rees-Mogg has opened up a new branch of his investment fund in Ireland.

The behaviour of these leading Brexiteers makes it obvious what's going on.

It's engineered disaster capitalism.

The Brexiteers have engineered the economic disaster that is Brexit and Tory Brextremists like Jacob Rees-Mogg are striving to ensure the disaster as destructive as possible with their constant "no deal" posturing. Meanwhile them and their mates are shifting as much cash as possible out of the UK before the economic implosion, so as to flood back in again like vultures once the Brexit recession hits to pick over the bones and gobble up £billions worth of distressed British assets on the cheap.

The Tories are not only misleadingly dressing up a financial benefit for them and their mega-rich investment class mates as some kind of £20 billion boost for Britain, they're using this deception in order to propagandise for the disastrous hard-right "no deal" Brexit they're plotting, which will also end up benefiting them and their mega-rich chums, but this time at a massive cost to the British public, British workers, and the British economy.

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'Centrist' dupes are giving tiny handouts to corporations to own the left!

The last time I looked at my PayPal donations account I noticed something odd, a spate of tiny attempted donations of just 1p or 10p. This was great news for PayPal because the corporation simply kept the entirety of these small payments for themselves in transaction fees, but I couldn't think of a reason for multiple people to attempt to send micro-donations all at the same time.

It turns out that the reason for this spate of tiny donations to my blog is that there's a ludicrous conspiracy theory spreading in right-wing political circles (from pro-austerity "centrist" Labour right-wingers to extreme-right ultranationalists) that sending tiny donations to independent left-wing media sites actually costs them money.

The people sending these micro-donations are so hopelessly gullible that their great fightback against the growing influence of independent left-wing media sites like Another Angry Voice, the Skwawkbox, Evolve Politics, Novara Media, and The Canary is actually to send us micro-donations in the ridiculous hope that it somehow costs us more money to receive them than they're worth.

On planet reality these micro-donations don't cost us anything, they actually just serve as free gifts to PayPal because although they take all the money for themselves in fees their policy is that if the donation is really small, the fee never exceeds the payment.

Just imagine being such a hopelessly gullible believe-everything-I-read numbnuts that you'd not only actually believe that the biggest online payments system on the planet has a glaring flaw that allows enemies of political free speech to shut down websites by sending them micro-payments, but actually attempt to join in such a futile attack.

If so-called centrists as so mind-bogglingly gullible, is it any wonder at all that they lap up and mindlessly regurgitate every single ridiculous pro-establishment propaganda trope the mainstream media drip feeds them? 

It's actually pretty hilarious that in their efforts to harm the independent left-wing media sites that speak out against the ruinous impact of right-wing economic dogma and the crony capitalist economy this rotten ideology has created, these delusional people have ended up lobbing free money at a giant corporation.

Attempting to attack left-wingers and getting owned by capitalism. If that isn't 'centrism' in a nutshell, I don't know what is.

On a serious note

Independent left-wing media provides a small but vital counterbalance to the hard-right, pro-austerity, pro-privatisation, anti-worker, orthodox neoliberal bias that has infested Westminster and the mainstream media for the last four decades.

Independent left-wing media is brilliant at producing viral content, but in terms of budget and overall reach we're absolutely dwarfed by the mainstream media outlets that endlessly push the right-wing neoliberal orthodoxy.

One of the best ways you can help us to increase our influence is to set up small monthly subscriptions. Maybe imagine how much you might have spent on newspapers and political magazines in the past (perhaps £10-£15 per month?) and divide that sum into small subscriptions to some of the independent left-wing sites you value the most?

If you can't afford to donate money to keep us going you can still help by sharing our content as widely as you can; by sharing on social media, by linking to our work, by email, and even by printing off our articles and sharing them with people who don't actually use social media.

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Friday 29 June 2018

UKIP's new memes are truly "dank"

Just a couple of days ago the leaders of the shambolic remains of UKIP announced that they'd hired the services of four of the most grotesque right-wing hatemongers on the Internet.

There's the guy who became famous for teaching his girlfriend's dog to do Nazi salutes at the phrase "gas the Jews" (Mark Meechan), an inexplicably popular white supremacist and Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist Youtuber commonly known as "map wanker" (Paul Joseph Watson), a guy who responded to a flood of rape threats against Jess Phillips by saying "I wouldn't rape you" as if he's only interested in raping women he finds attractive, accused the #MeToo movement of being "golddigging whores", and expressed sympathy with the misogynist mass murderer Elliot Roger (Carl Benjamin) and an extreme-right former Brietbart editor who advocated the benefits of sex between adult men and 13 year old boys (Milo Yiannopoulos).

Hiring these foul extreme-right self-publicists is a move straight out of the Donald Trump "no such thing as bad news" approach to publicity.

As far as UKIP are concerned the extremist views and actions of these vile characters are irrelevant, as long as UKIP gains some second-hand publicity through association with them.

The objective here is obvious. UKIP are desperately attempting to drum up support for their spectacularly imploding party by piggybacking on the large social media reach of these disgusting extreme-right Internet celebrities.

In a truly cringeworthy video address the leader of the Welsh UKIP branch Neil Hamilton (yes, he is the guy who was so corrupt and self-serving he even got booted out of the Tory party in the 1990s!) gleefully welcomed these four vile extremists into the party and said how he was looking forward to them producing some "truly dank memes" ...

On the very same day he was announced as a new UKIP recruit the paedophile apologist Milo Yiannopoulos immediately gave Neil Hamilton and the Ukippers one of the "truly dank memes" they were craving when he told an Observer journalist "I can’t wait for the vigilante squads to start gunning journalists down on sight".

Just two days after his comments about killing journalists a gunman entered the building of the Capital Gazette in Annapolis and gunned down journalists on sight, just as Yiannopoulos wanted, resulting in the death of five, and the grave injury of several more.

Then Yiannopoulos got himself banned from PayPal for sending a $14.88 payment to a Jewish journalist as a coded message to David Lane's 14 word fascist slogan and "Heil Hitler" (H being the 8th letter of the alphabet).

It's undoubtable that openly fantasising about the murder of journalists and sending coded references to "Heil Hilter" to Jewish people is publicity generating behaviour, but whether this kind of publicity ends up being of any benefit to a political party that has always fervently denied being fans of extreme-right terrorism and anti-Semitic abuse is another issue altogether.

The endlessly repeated Ukipper schtick that "we're not extreme-right racists, we just want to leave the EU" doesn't work so well when your party is actively endorsing a man who fantasises about acts of extreme-right terrorism and sends anti-Semitic abuse to Jewish journalists.

Just try to imagine the media outrage if Jeremy Corbyn (or even Theresa May for that matter) had recruited an online celebrity as a political ally, only for them to openly fantasise about extreme-right terrorist attacks against journalists and then send anti-Semitic abuse to a Jewish journalist within hours of their appointment.

But the British mainstream media seem to have little interest in the fact that UKIP have hired the services of some of the most vile people on the Internet in order to sponge publicity from their huge social media reaches, or even that by refusing to discipline their new member they're normalising and endorsing vigilante violence against journalists and anti-Semitic abuse.

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Wednesday 27 June 2018

Theresa May is openly taking Tory voters for gullible idiots again

Theresa May has had an awful time defending her party's relationship with British businesses since her Foreign Secretary decided to say "fuck business" in response to the concerns that a shambolic Tory "no deal" flounce out of the EU would leave them with no choice to quit the UK and relocate to the continent.

Jeremy Corbyn raised these concerns at Prime Minister's questions, emphasising the risk Theresa May's chaotic Brexit floundering represents to hundreds of thousands of skilled British workers.

The Tory benches laughed and jeered when Corbyn read out a letter from a worker in the car industry with concerns that his job could disappear if Theresa May allows Jacob Rees-Mogg and the ERG extremists to deliver the ruinous "no deal" catastrophe they're craving (so that they can make a killing buying up distressed British assets on the cheap).

The sound of dozens of privileged Tory MPs laughing and jeering at the concerns of a British worker who is worried about the future of his job is a perfect encapsulation of the absolute contempt that these people have towards ordinary working people.

But things got even worse when Theresa May resorted to the scripted drivel she always spews instead of ever bothering to answer the questions she's asked.

"If he wants to stand up and talking in favourable terms about business he's got a decision to make; he can either back business or he can want to overthrow capitalism. He can't do both" she skwawked.

Presumably the privileged Tory wonk who wrote this riposte thought it was incredibly clever and witty, but the problem of course is that it's yet more contemptuous Tory idiot fodder.

Just consider the 2017 Labour Manifesto, and its commitment to reverse the Tory race to the bottom in order to restore Corporation Tax rates to nearer the G7 average.

What's the point in Corbyn doing this if he actually wants to 'overthrow capitalism' as the Tories accuse him of?

More specifically, what's the point of fairly taxing corporations if they don't exist?

Of course this kind of vapid scaremongering rhetoric plays well with the Tory base, because they're either too hopelessly misinformed to grasp that Corbyn is actually a middle of the road democratic socialist, not an extreme-left bogeyman intent on the destruction of capitalism, or they're well aware that it's utter bullshit but have so little faith in the rest of British society that they're happy to hear scaremongering propaganda gibberish from the Prime Minister because they imagine the rest of us are gullible enough to believe in it.

You'd have to be utterly delusional to imagine that a man who wants to slightly raise Corporation Tax rates (to a level lower than they were under Margaret Thatcher) is some kind of militant intent on completely overthrowing capitalism.

But then you'd have to be severely cognitively challenged in order to see a Prime Minister who allows her Foreign Secretary to go completely unpunished for saying "fuck business" in response to their legitimate concerns as some kind of champion of capitalism.

All in all you'd have to be hopelessly gullible to see the Brextremist-controlled Tories as a business-friendly party, but then by spewing such witless and sub-juvenile political caricatures of her opponent, Theresa May is clearly demonstrating that that's exactly how she sees most Tory voters: Hopelessly gullible dupes who will mindlessly believe whatever ludicrous crap she spouts.

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Tuesday 12 June 2018

The hard-right Daily Express propaganda rag is openly intimidating British MPs

In November 2017 Theresa May's Tories and their bigoted DUP enablers forced a shambolic hard-right anti-democratic power grab called the EU Withdrawal Bill through the House of Commons.

The opposition parties attempted to make several amendments to limit this outrageous Tory power grab, but without the support of the vocal Tory so-called "mutineers" (who all, despite all of their fine words, actually voted in favour of it) they simply didn't have the numbers to constrain Theresa May's dictatorial and anti-democratic ambitions, so the bill scraped through to the next stage.

The House of Lords made 15 amendments to the bill and sent it back to the House of Commons.

Not all of the Lords' amendments are sensible, but most of them are (see image).

Whether we agree with the amendments or not (I disagree with amendment 110A for example, but very strongly support amendment 11) debating proposed amendments to government legislation is clearly a perfectly normal function of our sovereign parliament.

One of the big problems is that Theresa May and the Tories have made an absolute mockery of parliament by allocating just 12 hours to debate and vote on the 15 amendments (a paltry 48 minutes per amendment).

Then there's the fact that the right-wing propaganda barons are absolutely terrified that the opposition parties and some of the so-called "mutineer" Tory MPs will inflict a string of humiliating defeats on Theresa May and the hard-right Brextremist faction who control her every move.

None of the amendments are about stopping Brexit. They're all about constraining the Brextremists' most anti-democratic and dictatorial urges, limiting the social and economic damage the hard-right Tory Brextremists can do through Brexit, and ensuring that the Brexit process in conducted in a democratic manner.

This reality doesn't suit the Brextremist propagandists who work for hard-right propaganda rags like the Daily Express though, so they've simply warped reality to pretend that the parliamentary debate over the 15 House of Lords Amendment is some kind of cynical plot to derail Brexit and undermine "the will of the people".

What's more is the way they're predicting perilous consequences for any MP who dares to support the efforts to constrain Theresa May's dictatorial and anti-democratic EU Withdrawal legislation.

The Express hacks are well aware that the Labour MP Jo Cox was brutally murdered in the street by an extreme-right terrorist just two years ago.

They're also well aware that just a few months ago another jailed extreme-right terrorist admitted that he'd plotted to assassinate Jeremy Corbyn before carrying out a murderous attack against random Muslims at Finsbury Park instead.

They're also well aware of the tidal waves of extreme-right abuse and death threats triggered by previous right-wing headlines attacking judges ("Enemies of the people") and politicians ("Mutineers", "Proud of yourselves").

These vile hard-right hacks know exactly what they're doing when they print massive front page headlines threatening harmful consequences to politicians who refuse to bow down to Theresa May and the hard-right Brextremist faction who control her every move.

They know that what they're doing is nothing short of intimidation.

If opposition MPs and Tory "mutineers" are hit with yet another wave of abuse and death threats after the publication of this intimidatory front page, these irresponsible right-wing hacks should be held accountable.

And if the worst comes to the worst and another MP is physically assaulted or even killed for daring to defy the tyrannical machinations of Theresa May and the Brextremists, the role of the right-wing press in repeatedly whipping up these tides of hard-right hatred must be investigated.

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Monday 11 June 2018

The Tories can't blame anyone else for the High Street apocalypse they're created

After the department store House of Fraser's announced that they're shutting down half of their outlets a load of Tory apologists suddenly began astroturfing the Internet to posit the most absurd excuses for it.

One of the most common excuses was that department stores like House of Fraser simply can't compete with online retailers like Amazon and Ebay.

The obvious flaw in this line of defence is that there's nothing more inherently efficient about online retailers, especially given the extra transportation overheads of running millions of deliveries to customer's houses, often several separate deliveries per order!

Of course online retailers are often cheaper than high street stores, but the price difference has little to do with inherent efficiency, and a lot more to do with the fact that they've been getting away with paying almost zero tax on their British profits for the last decade.

This taxation disparity is a problem that is attributable to the Tory government that has not only failed to rectify the problem in their 8 years in power, but has also repeatedly intervened to obstruct international efforts to clamp down on the worst tax-dodgers of all.

Another factor that critically undermines this "natural consequence of online retailing" argument is the subsequent total collapse of Poundworld just a few days later.

It's easily possible to argue that people are more likely to buy their kitchenware, clothing, and furniture online these days, but surely nobody is going to attempt to argue that the online marketplace has undermined Poundworld's ability to hawk cleaning products, stationary, cheap Chinese tat, and Jammie Dodgers.

The real reasons for the Tory High Street apocalypse are glaringly obvious.

Firstly the sustained period of Tory wage repression since 2010 has absolutely battered people's disposable income. The less money they have in their pockets, the lower economic demand becomes. And the lower economic demand falls, the harder time retailers have selling their wares, whether at the top end of the High Street, or the bottom.

Then there's the Brexit chaos the Tories have delivered. The post-referendum 15% drop in the value of the Pound was felt almost immediately by anyone with overseas interests, especially in the importation market. It's taken longer for this collapse to filter through to the High Street in the form of price inflation, however the effects are becoming real and obvious, even to the most committed of Brexit enthusiasts.

And let's not forget the tax-dodging activities of the online retailers that the Tories have turned such a consistent blind eye to over the last eight years.

All in all the Tory High Street apocalypse has been clearly and undeniably caused by the Tory fixation with hard-right economic dogma, and the absolute shambles they've made of Brexit. But as usual, their sycophantic supporters are desperate to cast around for someone else to blame other than their beloved Tory lords and masters.

This time blaming Labour is pretty much out of the question since it's been almost a decade since they held power, and there's no clear way of blaming the EU either, so they've fallen back on that age old excuse of "market forces", as if the "market" is some kind of monolithic unchangeable force, rather than something that needs to be constantly directed and constrained by effective government policy.

If one part of the market is spectacularly undermining another because of the vast and unfair tax advantages you've allowed them to benefit from, there's nothing inevitable about it at all.

Any sane government would intervene to level the playing field, but the Tory refusal to intervene is indicative of the myopic hard-right economic fanaticism that infests their party.

The Tories exist in a world of simplistic hard-right mantras: "public ownership - bad", "private sector - good", "workers' rights - bad", "corporate deregulation -good", "government intervention - bad", "immensely powerful monopolies - good".

The Tories have created the High Street apocalypse, and their unyielding fixation with hard-right anti-interventionist dogma means they're utterly unwilling to do anything at all to stop it. 

All they'll ever do is make pathetic excuses and seek to cast the blame elsewhere.

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The Tories are actually trying to spin their anti-Muslim bigotry scandal as a vote winner!

After the Muslim Council of Britain and several senior Conservatives demanded an investigation into anti-Muslim prejudice in the Tory party, many on the left have been quick to point out the tiny flicker of mainstream media coverage on the issue in relation to the massive Labour anti-Semitism furore before the local elections.

The discrepancy in coverage is obvious, but it should come as no surprise at all given the relentless pro-Tory anti-Corbyn bias that not only dominates the print media, but also thrives on the supposedly neutral BBC too.

The allegations of widespread Islamophobia in the Tory ranks and specific accusations of anti-Muslim discrimination against Michael Gove and the Tory leadership should surely be getting more media coverage, but the reason these stories aren't getting much traction are obvious.

Of course mainstream media journalists don't want to scrutinise Tory Islamophobia to the same extent they attacked Labour over allegations of anti-Semitism. Firstly such scrutiny would run entirely counter to the mainstream media groupthink objective of protecting the neoliberal status quo by working to oust Jeremy Corbyn, and secondly "the Tory party is over-run with bigots" is really more of a common sense assertion rather than a groundbreaking news story anyway, isn't it? 

For me the huge disparity between mainstream media coverage of the Labour anti-Semitsm row and the Tory anti-Muslim allegations is actually secondary to another issue, the shockingly cynical Tory response to these allegations of widespread anti-Muslim bigotry in their own party.

While Labour took the position that anti-Semitism is wrong, and that it should be stamped out in all of society, including when it arises in the Labour ranks (the correct response), the Tories have signalled that they're absolutely fine with the allegations and have no intention of investigating them, or dealing with anti-Muslim bigots in their ranks.

The refusal to take the allegations seriously was exemplified by the new Tory Home Secretary Sajid Javid when he attempted to publicly delegitimise the Muslim Council of Britain rather than deal with their concerns over Tory anti-Muslim bigotry.

Labour admitted that they had a problem and proposed to take action to combat it and mainstream media hacks hounded them for weeks over it, and the Tories have basically said "fuck you, we're fine with it" and the mainstream press have largely left them alone.

The interesting thing here is that the Tory response to these allegations has been clearly calculated. They're not just adopting this "fuck you, we're fine with it" attitude because they expect to be allowed to get away with it by their chums in the mainstream media, they will also have considered the public opinion consequences too.

Given that the Tories are only clinging onto power at all because they managed to absorb the majority of the hard-right ultranationalist voters who fled the wreckage of UKIP, a belligerent "fuck you" response to accusations of widespread anti-Muslim bigotry in their ranks is likely to resonate a lot more strongly with this crucial demographic than an admission that anti-Muslim attitudes are wrong, and the launch of an investigation into the problem.

The Tories seem to have calculated that their "fuck you, we're fine with it" attitude will play so well with the large extreme-right ultranationalist demographic they're so desperate to appease, that it will easily mitigate any fallout amongst Tory voting Muslims.

The logic being that any Muslim who still votes Tory after the outrageous BNP stype anti-Muslim fearmongering campaign they ran for Zac Goldsmith's London mayoral campaign in 2015, is clearly also likely to tolerate their refusal to investigate widespread accusations of anti-Muslim bigotry in the Tory ranks too.

An admission of the problem and the launch of an inquiry into it would infuriate the crucial blue-kip demographic the Tory party has rendered itself utterly reliant upon, whilst their belligerent refusal to engage with the criticisms creates the impression that they're exactly the kind of bigoted extreme-right anti-Muslim party this hard right blue-kip demographic are looking for.

just think about it. British society has not yet drifted so far to the extreme-right that the Tories can come out and explicitly position themselves as an anti-Muslim party, but what's the next best thing to appeal to the extreme-right - ultranationalist - white-supremacist - anti-Muslim demographic?

Publicly attacking and delegitimising the Muslim Council of Britain, and clearly signalling that they have no intention of rooting out anti-Muslim bigots from their party would seem ideal for the purpose don't you think?

The Tories are actually playing their anti-Muslim bigotry scandal as a vote winner, knowing that to a significant swathe of right-wing people, rampant anti-Muslim prejudice is actually an attractive quality!

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Sunday 10 June 2018

Extreme-right sympathisers just spectacularly proved how gullible they are

The extreme-right always prey on the ignorant and easily manipulated, but this latest piece of fakery they just fell for just goes to prove how gullible and ignorant extreme-right sympathisers really are.

Before we get to the fake photo, it's first necessary to point out that the Free Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) protest that did happen in London was populated by a bunch of Britain-hating fascists and gullible idiots who actually fell for the lamentable argument that Yaxley-Lennon had been jailed for "free speech" rather than for deliberately and knowingly breaking a court order in an effort to disrupt a court case against child sex offenders, risking the collapse of interlinked trials (a crime he pleaded guilty to).

The mixture of fascist thugs, gullible idiots, and paedophilia defenders who turned out to support the extreme-right hate preacher and serial criminal Yaxley-Lennon behaved exactly as expected, attacking the police, cheering foreign fascists who demanded the destruction of longstanding British legal and moral values, and Nazi saluting all over London.

Without a hint of self awareness the thugs rampaged through London on a massive crime wave protesting the innocence of a man who was jailed after pleading guilty to contempt of court.
Then in the aftermath of the #FreeTommy crime wave. an extreme-right Twitter account calling itself "RealitySmash" tweeted a picture of a large crowd with a claim that it was the Yaxley-Lennon protest.

A simple Google Image search revealed that the image was actually an overhead shot of the Liverpool FC Champions League parade in 2005, so not just nothing to do with Tommy Robinson's gang of thugs and Nazis, but not even London either.

Amazingly well over 10,000 hopelessly gullible extreme-right sympathisers have shared the image, despite the number one reply to the Tweet pointing out the blatant fakery.

The extreme-right have always targeted the hard-of-thinking, but the willingness of so many people to believe outright and instantly disproved lies just goes to show the scale of the problem were facing.

There are huge numbers of people out there who have been raised in a dysfunctional education system and drip fed a load of vile extreme-right anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, illiberal bile by the mainstream media (especially the Daily Maul, S*n, and Express), further radicalised by the criminal Britain First mob, the toxic Guido Fawkes hate chamber, and extreme-right hate preachers like Yaxley-Lennon.

The whole mess has been exacerbated by the Tories who have used the same extreme-right hatempngering tactics for their own purposes (like Zac Goldsmith's vile 2015 London Mayoral campaign), cut the police force to the bone so they run away from protests like this rather than containing them, and further crippled the education system with the biggest real terms cuts in decades.

Once upon a time when the extreme-right were on the rise, the British people came together in solidarity with Irish and Jewish migrants to hand them a beating they never recovered from at Cable Street.

Now that the extreme-right is on the rise again do ordinary Brits have the decency and solidarity to beat these disgusting fascists down like their forefathers in 1936? Or this time do we succumb to it?

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