Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Theresa May is openly taking Tory voters for gullible idiots again

Theresa May has had an awful time defending her party's relationship with British businesses since her Foreign Secretary decided to say "fuck business" in response to the concerns that a shambolic Tory "no deal" flounce out of the EU would leave them with no choice to quit the UK and relocate to the continent.

Jeremy Corbyn raised these concerns at Prime Minister's questions, emphasising the risk Theresa May's chaotic Brexit floundering represents to hundreds of thousands of skilled British workers.

The Tory benches laughed and jeered when Corbyn read out a letter from a worker in the car industry with concerns that his job could disappear if Theresa May allows Jacob Rees-Mogg and the ERG extremists to deliver the ruinous "no deal" catastrophe they're craving (so that they can make a killing buying up distressed British assets on the cheap).

The sound of dozens of privileged Tory MPs laughing and jeering at the concerns of a British worker who is worried about the future of his job is a perfect encapsulation of the absolute contempt that these people have towards ordinary working people.

But things got even worse when Theresa May resorted to the scripted drivel she always spews instead of ever bothering to answer the questions she's asked.

"If he wants to stand up and talking in favourable terms about business he's got a decision to make; he can either back business or he can want to overthrow capitalism. He can't do both" she skwawked.

Presumably the privileged Tory wonk who wrote this riposte thought it was incredibly clever and witty, but the problem of course is that it's yet more contemptuous Tory idiot fodder.

Just consider the 2017 Labour Manifesto, and its commitment to reverse the Tory race to the bottom in order to restore Corporation Tax rates to nearer the G7 average.

What's the point in Corbyn doing this if he actually wants to 'overthrow capitalism' as the Tories accuse him of?

More specifically, what's the point of fairly taxing corporations if they don't exist?

Of course this kind of vapid scaremongering rhetoric plays well with the Tory base, because they're either too hopelessly misinformed to grasp that Corbyn is actually a middle of the road democratic socialist, not an extreme-left bogeyman intent on the destruction of capitalism, or they're well aware that it's utter bullshit but have so little faith in the rest of British society that they're happy to hear scaremongering propaganda gibberish from the Prime Minister because they imagine the rest of us are gullible enough to believe in it.

You'd have to be utterly delusional to imagine that a man who wants to slightly raise Corporation Tax rates (to a level lower than they were under Margaret Thatcher) is some kind of militant intent on completely overthrowing capitalism.

But then you'd have to be severely cognitively challenged in order to see a Prime Minister who allows her Foreign Secretary to go completely unpunished for saying "fuck business" in response to their legitimate concerns as some kind of champion of capitalism.

All in all you'd have to be hopelessly gullible to see the Brextremist-controlled Tories as a business-friendly party, but then by spewing such witless and sub-juvenile political caricatures of her opponent, Theresa May is clearly demonstrating that that's exactly how she sees most Tory voters: Hopelessly gullible dupes who will mindlessly believe whatever ludicrous crap she spouts.

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