Sunday, 10 June 2018

Extreme-right sympathisers just spectacularly proved how gullible they are

The extreme-right always prey on the ignorant and easily manipulated, but this latest piece of fakery they just fell for just goes to prove how gullible and ignorant extreme-right sympathisers really are.

Before we get to the fake photo, it's first necessary to point out that the Free Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) protest that did happen in London was populated by a bunch of Britain-hating fascists and gullible idiots who actually fell for the lamentable argument that Yaxley-Lennon had been jailed for "free speech" rather than for deliberately and knowingly breaking a court order in an effort to disrupt a court case against child sex offenders, risking the collapse of interlinked trials (a crime he pleaded guilty to).

The mixture of fascist thugs, gullible idiots, and paedophilia defenders who turned out to support the extreme-right hate preacher and serial criminal Yaxley-Lennon behaved exactly as expected, attacking the police, cheering foreign fascists who demanded the destruction of longstanding British legal and moral values, and Nazi saluting all over London.

Without a hint of self awareness the thugs rampaged through London on a massive crime wave protesting the innocence of a man who was jailed after pleading guilty to contempt of court.
Then in the aftermath of the #FreeTommy crime wave. an extreme-right Twitter account calling itself "RealitySmash" tweeted a picture of a large crowd with a claim that it was the Yaxley-Lennon protest.

A simple Google Image search revealed that the image was actually an overhead shot of the Liverpool FC Champions League parade in 2005, so not just nothing to do with Tommy Robinson's gang of thugs and Nazis, but not even London either.

Amazingly well over 10,000 hopelessly gullible extreme-right sympathisers have shared the image, despite the number one reply to the Tweet pointing out the blatant fakery.

The extreme-right have always targeted the hard-of-thinking, but the willingness of so many people to believe outright and instantly disproved lies just goes to show the scale of the problem were facing.

There are huge numbers of people out there who have been raised in a dysfunctional education system and drip fed a load of vile extreme-right anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, illiberal bile by the mainstream media (especially the Daily Maul, S*n, and Express), further radicalised by the criminal Britain First mob, the toxic Guido Fawkes hate chamber, and extreme-right hate preachers like Yaxley-Lennon.

The whole mess has been exacerbated by the Tories who have used the same extreme-right hatempngering tactics for their own purposes (like Zac Goldsmith's vile 2015 London Mayoral campaign), cut the police force to the bone so they run away from protests like this rather than containing them, and further crippled the education system with the biggest real terms cuts in decades.

Once upon a time when the extreme-right were on the rise, the British people came together in solidarity with Irish and Jewish migrants to hand them a beating they never recovered from at Cable Street.

Now that the extreme-right is on the rise again do ordinary Brits have the decency and solidarity to beat these disgusting fascists down like their forefathers in 1936? Or this time do we succumb to it?

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