Friday, 21 June 2019

How dare we interrupt our Tory 'lords and masters' when they're talking

The majority of our political class live in bubbles of wealth, power, and privilege that most of us could only imagine, swanning around from one lavish and oh-so-important event to another barely ever having to interact with ordinary people (or the lower orders as they tend to think of us).

Last night the Tory establishment class gathered for a speech by Tory Chancellor Philip Hammond at Mansion House, but this time some of the lower orders managed to get in and start making a fuss about climate change (you know, unrestrained capitalism is wrecking the planet, we've got to do something about it before it's too late ... that kind of entirely justifiable point).

The Tory establishment class are used to having things their own way, as they've been for centuries, so they don't take kindly to interruptions, especially when they're busy giving important self-congratulatory speeches about how wonderfully they've been doing overseeing the slowest economic recovery in centuries, the worst period of collapsing workers' wages on record, soaring rates of poverty, collapsing public services, and wanton vandalism of the social safety net.

The impertinence of these Tory safe space-invading protesters was all too much for the Tory MP Mark Field, who furiously leapt from his seat grabbed one of the protesters, violently shoved her against a pillar, and then dragged her away by the back of the neck.

The footage is shocking, and it certainly puts a lot of the right-wing faux outrage over political violence and free speech into clear contrast:

Lobbing milkshake on Nigel Farage generated torrents of 'this terrorism is the death of democracy' outrage.

A crap joke by a comedian was dressed up as 'incitement to political violence'.

And every time a right-wing hate preacher gets themselves kicked off a social media platform for breaking the community standards it's hailed as another example of 'the death of free speech'.

But when a powerful Tory MP and government minister literally attacks a woman and drags her out of the room for daring to interrupt when her Tory 'lords and masters' were speaking, and suddenly it's 'he did the right thing' and 'she was asking for it'!

The outrage only ever goes one way, until the violence and repression of dissent comes from their side, they're suddenly making excuses for it!

But the worst thing of all isn't Mark Field's display of elitist violence against political dissent, nor is it the naked hypocrisy of right-wing faux outrage about violence and free speech, it's the fact that nobody else in the entire room full of Tory toffs sought to intervene, or to even tell him to stop.

As far as the room was concerned this violent and repressive response to political dissent wasn't even vaguely shocking.

It's bad enough seeing ugly bile-spewing right-wing Twitter trolls banging on about how the protester got what she deserved, but the absolute non-reaction of the rest of the Tory toffs in the room as one of their own behaved in this atrocious manner tells you that they have the same mindset as the Tory Twitter trolls.

Of course they're far too refined to overtly blabber it out on Twitter in the hope of winding up social liberals and lefties, but their silence and non-reaction speaks louder than words.

These people weren't outraged because they simply saw nothing to be outraged about.

And these arrogant elitist toffs are the people we've let rule over us for the last nine years.

No wonder the country is in such an absolute mess.

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Mark Angove said...

Theresa May, at least make one useful decision during your dreadful premiership, sack this cowardly thug NOW!!

Anonymous said...

Omfg, Thomas. Protesters turn up to disrupt an event demanding the government sort out a problem they dont even understand and it's an example of Tory privilege... man, imagine if a momentum meeting were disrupted by Anti socialism protesters, a book store was... wait a minute!

Anonymous said...

If only Mark Field - and the incompetent and self-serving Tory government he's part of - had come down as hard on the speculators and parasites responsible for the financial crisis. I suspect that a sprinkling of the latter were among those seated around the tables - and looking somewhat uncomfortable, as Field went about his thuggish business. Such behaviour is the Tories all over - weak on the strong, and strong on the week...

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the asrehole would have behaved like that had it been a male?

Unknown said...

I very much doubt it.

Stevie bill said...

They like to think of themselves as the cream of society. Its not just cream that floats to the top. Just take a look at any untreated sewage outfall. Shits, the lot of 'em.

PaddyT said...

Just read that the Police were called to Boris flat , woman shouting get out and altercation, must be the rutting Tory season

Anonymous said...

Climate Change Protesters: "Looks, we know you've under funded the NHS, encouraged PFI, bombed Syria on no evidence, gone to War with Libya and Iraq turning both countries into hot beds of Islamic extremism. You've absolutely messed up Brexit, cut social services to the bone, cut police funding and seen a massive rise in violent crime across the U.K, allowed grooming gangs to go unchecked for decades, forced the U.K through a decade of austerity, killed thousands of disabled people by default, under funded the armed services... Grenfell...

But the world will DEFINATELY end in 12 years: You sort it out!"

I'm not holding my breath guys.


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Anonymous said...

The police have dropped the case as being no evidence of misdemeanour and it was Johnsons neighbours who called him. They've frequently flyered his car with anti-Borris flyers and have a clear bias against him.

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