Saturday, 22 June 2019

Theresa May's audacity

In March 2019 Theresa May's despicable 2014 Hostile Environment legislation was declared unlawful in a British court of law for the racist way it was used to discriminate against Windrush Brits.

This unspeakably vile piece of legislation was used to deny housing, employment, banking services, social security, and even life-saving medical treatment to black British citizens.

Scores of black Brits were even deported overseas under May's unbelievably outrageous "deport now and hear appeal later" principle. Several of these British deportees actually died in exile overseas.

When the Windrush scandal finally broke in 2018 May outright refused to take responsibility for the Hostile Environment rules she pushed through as Home Secretary, instead having Amber Rudd take the fall for it (before being rapidly bounced back into government to take over the DWP just a few months later).

Today Theresa May released a stomach-churningly hypocritical video praising the Windrush generation, banging on about Windrush day, and announcing a Windrush statue to be erected in Waterloo Station.

Theresa May and every single one of the MPs who voted in favour of her despicable Hostile Environment should never have the audacity to even utter the word "Windrush" unless it forms part of a profuse apology for their role in creating such a shameful national scandal.

But instead Theresa May and numerous others in the Westminster establishment class are using Windrush Day to pat themselves on the back, and to whitewash the pivotal roles they played in causing so much suffering.

Perhaps the only people rivalling Theresa May for audacity are the Lib-Dems who released a Windrush Day Tweet claiming that they would "Redouble [their] efforts to challenge the hostile immigration policies which created the Windrush Scandal".

Anyone reading Tweet this without knowing what a bunch of duplicitous tosspots the Lib-Dems are would probably imagine that May's Hostile Environment was passed despite vehement Lib-Dem objections.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In reality the current Lib-Dem leader Vince Cable voted in favour of it, his predecessor Tim Farron voted in favour of it, the new Lib-Dem leadership candidate Ed Davey voted in favour of it, and the other leadership candidate Jo Swinson joined the Labour right-wingers in abstaining in order to help it glide through parliament virtually unopposed.

Of the 57 Lib-Dem MPs at the time, just 3 had the decency to defy the party whip and vote against it (all of them departed from parliament now).

In fact the Lib-Dems were so keen on Theresa May's hostile environment that their MP Mark Hunter acted as one of the tellers for the "Aye" lobby!

The SNP, Plaid Cymru, and the Greens did themselves proud by opposing this disgusting legislation from the beginning.

Labour, which was still in catastrophic late-stage Blairism mode, badly let themselves down by whipping their MPs to abstain so the legislation could pass without substantial opposition, with just six Labour MPs defying the whip to vote against it. This honourable six include Jeremy Corbyn (now party leader), Diane Abbott (now shadow Home Secretary) and John McDonnell (now Shadow Chancellor).

The fact that three of the honourable six now occupy the top three jobs demonstrate that Labour have moved on from this despicable episode in their history, but the party should be deeply ashamed that they abandoned the principles of social justice like this, and be vigilant of ever going back to the dark days of Blairites, Tory enabling abstentions, and horrifying anti-immigrant mugs.

The Tories and Lib-Dems have no such excuses. The Tories elevated the architect of this disgusting and unlawful legislation to lead their party, and the Lib-Dems elevated Vince Cable, who actively voted it through, as leader of their party.

Neither of these parties has shown an appropriate level of contrition for their roles in this institutional racism scandal, and now they're both pathetically rewriting history to pretend that they ever gave a shit about the Windrush Brits they actively legislated to discriminate against.

As a white British person I'm fucking outraged at the audacity of this Orwellian revisionism from Theresa May, the Tories, and their Lib-Dem enablers, and I can only try to imagine how black British citizens must feel to see these audacious bastards rewriting history to whitewash away their demonstrable track record of supporting racism.

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Anonymous said...

"honourable six" - Corbyn is doing nothing to save Assange's life or oppose the lies and smears, just as he did nothing to stop the bombing of Syria and support of terrorists - "our" so-called moderate rebels. To hell with the Labour party and all you fake left-wingers. Corbyn has shown he's a charlatan - all words, NO ACTION!

Anonymous said...

Um... you realise that Corbyn is not the Prime Minister and as such has no power do anything? What do you think Corbyn can possibly do to 'save Assange's life' or stop the bombing of Syria?

Anonymous said...

Um, you realise he's in Parliament and can visit Assange in prison and can state the facts, oppose the lies, and point out that the Judge overseeing the case has a CONFLICT OF INTEREST AND SHOULD STAND DOWN. In other words, be a bloody opposition leader and a HUMAN BEING.


"Geoffrey Robertson QC said the European Arrest Warrant under which [Assange] had been detained was invalid because he had not yet been charged...The Swedes are guilty of an 'abuse of process' as they have not demonstrated any intention to charge or prosecute Mr Assange...The arrest warrant paperwork is not valid as it does not 'unequivocally' state that he is wanted for prosecution...Extraditing Mr Assange to Sweden would be a 'real risk of a flagrant denial of justice' and a 'blatant breach' of British constitutional principles."

INSTEAD CORBYN ALLOWED LABOUR MPs TO ACCUSE ASSANGE OF RAPE AND SEXUAL VIOLENCE, and also accused Assange of sexual assault himself by saying Assange should stand trial in Sweden. ASSANGE HASN'T BEEN CHARGED WITH ANY CRIME AND SO SHOULD NOT BE EXTRADITED ANYWHERE. He CANNOT stand trial when he has NOT been charged with a crime.

Ensure Assange gets a fair trial:

"This circular logic is not the only disturbing aspect of Judge Arbuthnot's overseeing of the Assange case. She is married to James Arbuthnot, who sits in the House of Lords, is a British Conservative Party politician, was the minister of state at the Ministry of Defense and for nine years was the chairman of the Defense Select Committee in the House of Commons, a committee that oversees the operation of the Ministry of Defense and the armed forces. Arbuthnot, who was reprimanded while a member of Parliament for diverting public funds to maintain his two homes, is a director at SC Strategy, established by John Scarlett, the former head of the British foreign intelligence service MI6.

"The politician also is on the advisory board of Thales UK, a huge arms manufacturer whose corrupt business practices, which included massive bribes to heads of state in exchange for arms contracts, were exposed when some of its internal documents were published by WikiLeaks.

"The judge 'has a strong conflict of interest...Her husband had been exposed by WikiLeaks.'

"Assange’s lawyers have asked the judge to recuse herself. She has refused."

CORBYN GAVE LABOUR MPs A FREE VOTE ON BOMBING SYRIA, SAYING THEY SHOULD "VOTE WITH THEIR CONSCIENCE" knowing that they have NO CONSCIENCE and knowing that the war was about trying to overthrow Assad, NOT fight terrorism. A 12-year-old boy was taunted and then beheaded by our so-called moderate rebels - BLOOD ON CORBYN'S HANDS! But that's not enough, he's going to sit by and watch Assange die.

Anonymous said...

We get this bullshit WITH EVERY LABOUR OPPOSITION LEADER - they're wonderful, perfect, marvelous, and then they turn out to be liars, hypocrites, and bloody shit! Sorry, if they don't do anything in opposition, I'm NOT voting them into power.

Not posting any more comments - Google captcha is a complete nightmare - click 1000 images - image after image after image after image AFTER IMAGE! - and Google's A.I. us being used by the Pentagon to drone people.


Even Assange's mother has condemned Corbyn for joining in with the lies - WAKE UP!

Anonymous said...

I have the Swedish police transcript, so I know this is all fact. Neither woman accused Assange of rape; both women said they consented; neither woman said they were scared of Assange. Assange was told NO CRIME had been committed and was free to go, which is how he ended up in the UK.

From the European Centre For Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) website: “Sweden has been condemned 17 times by international judicial bodies for not respecting...the prohibition to extradite to countries where there is a risk of torture or inhumane and degrading treatment, with unacceptable and bloody consequences for the individuals involved and their families.”



Excellent article here:

Corbyn paid vast sums to do piss all!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha you nutter!

Julian Assange should not be extradited to US - Jeremy Corbyn

As for rape charges Corbyn said: 'IF (key word) there are allegations which Julian Assange needs to answer of sexual issues, sexual attacks that may or may not have taken place in Sweden, then it's a matter for the courts to decide.'

Unknown said...

Another person who thinks that by virtue of being a good person its Corbyn's oblugation to fix all the world's problems. How about some recognition of what he does do?

Radioh3d said...

A spot on article about Theresa extreme-right, racist, sanctimonious, incompetent AF, evil & cruel monstrosity of a human being with gallons of blood on her hands May. Plus the complicit, money grubbing, opportunistic Tory, LibDem & Blairite careerists who voted in favour of her sick legislation. All of them scurrying around like the cowardly, self-serving, deceitful, right-wing rat bastards they are, thinking only of damage limitation and/or how to use the death & misery they caused to their own advantage.

Lots of scandalous stuff to try and wrap your brain around, but everybody's talking shite about Jeremy Corbyn, who happens to be one of the only guys in power who can and would knock this decade long, austerity/brexit fixated, Tory nightmare flat on its arse.

Never gonna happen though, not with everybody at each others throats over ridiculous distractions that are designed to stop ordinary people talking about what really matters i.e. exactly what the Tories are up to.

If it was up to me every single lying, thieving, corrupt Tory bastard would be held accountable for their crimes against this country, its people and humanity, then they'd be marched through the streets before being thrown down the deepest hole possible. It's not up to me though, and Boris Johnson will be PM this time next month. So basically, we're screwed.

Anonymous said...

Corbyn openly praised a totalitarian regime (cuba), who's history of human rights abuses include forced abortion on women.

That's why I'm not voting for him.