Saturday, 22 June 2019

The Golden Biscuit prize for duplicitous posturing goes to ... Ed Davey of the Lib-Dems

In 2014 Tory Home Secretary Theresa May pushed through the outrageous "Immigration Act" which was intended to create a "Hostile Environment" for anyone without the certification to prove that they had a right to live in Britain.

Toty Hostile Environment was eventually used to deny housing, employment, banking services, social security, and even life-saving medical treatment to Black british citizens of the Windrush generation.

Scores of black British citizens were even deported under Theresa May's "deport first, hear appeals later" principle, with several actually dying in exile overseas, thousands of miles away from their families and friends, and the land that they called home.

In March 2019 this despicable legislation was declared unlawful in a British court of law for the racist way it was used to discriminate against black Brits.

Yet on the newly instituted Windrush Day, Theresa May set about audaciously whitewashing her demonstrable track record of racist discrimination against black Brits, and the ever-duplicitous Lib-Dems are distancing themselves from the policy that they helped vote through, and even pretending that they're long-standing opponents of hostile Tory immigration policies!

Yes, Theresa May bears ultimate responsibility for the Hostile Environment, (and for making it even worse in 2016), but the Lib-Dems absolutely loved it at the time, in fact one of their MPs Mark Hunter actually served as one of the "tellers for the ayes" in the parliamentary vote!

Check Hansard if you don't believe me.

Former Lib-Dem leader Tim Farron voted in favour of Theresa May's unlawfully racist Hostile Environment.

Current Lib-Dem leader Vince Cabe voted in favour of Theresa May's unlawfully racist Hostile Environment.

Only 3 of the then 57 Lib-Dem MPs listened to their consciences and defied the Lib-Dem party whip to vote against Theresa May's unlawfully racist Hostile Environment.

But taking the Golden Biscuit prize for duplicitous posturing is current Lib-Dem leadership candidate Ed Davey who published a Windrush Day article pinning the blame entirely on the Tories, and whitewashing the fact that he himself voted in favour of Tory hostile immigration legislation in 2014!

It just goes to show how utterly degraded the standard of political discourse has become that we're surrounded by duplicitous liars on all sides, from the lying Brextremists who dragged us into absolute chaos via a tide of shockingly dishonest propaganda on one side, to the entirely unapologetic Lib-Dems on the other who whitewash their crimes against the British people (Hostile Environment, austerity fanaticism, wage repression, ruinous public service cuts, welfare vandalism, erosion of Legal Aid and the judicial system, shockingly illiberal secret courts, unpayable student debts, the slowest economic recovery in Centuries, and so much more) rather than fessing up and apologising to the nation for what they did.

And the worst thing of all is the tendency of these duplicitous liars to climb up onto their moral high horses and sneer down at those of us who refuse to buy into their despicable lies, or believe their Orwellian whitewashing of their utterly malicious track records.

According to them, the people who actively voted in favour of the Tory hostile environment they're now carping about from the sidelines, they're the reputable social progressives, and us on the left who opposed hostile environment all along are the partisan political militants!

I'm tempted to say you couldn't make it up, but the ever-duplicitous Lib-Dems already have.

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