Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Our future is in the hands of these maniacs!

Our future as a nation is in the hands of a tiny unrepresentative clique of Tory party members who will chose our next Prime Minister for us.

This selectorate is made up of people who are so obsessed with Brexit that they'd be happy to see Scotland and Northern Ireland depart the United Kingdom to achieve it!

The official name of the Tory party is the Conservative and Unionist Party, yet an overwhelming majority of their members now see Unionism as such a low priority that they'd gladly trigger the break up of their beloved Union in order to achieve Brexit (a Brexit that still somehow remains undefined over three years after people voted for it!).

Aside from wilfully lobbing Centuries of Tory unionism into a skip and burning it, Tory party members have also entirely offered up the carefully crafted myth of Tory economic competence to the flames too.

An astounding 61% of Tory members would gladly cause severe economic damage to the UK economy in order to achieve a still-undefined Brexit, that's not economic competence, it's economic insanity!

If they're willing to destroy two of the fundamental pillars of Toryism (unyielding Unionism and the pretence that continually favouring the rich equates to economic competence) then it should come as no surprise that over half of Tory party members would gladly see the permanent destruction of the Tory party in order to achieve their still-undefined Brexit ambition.

But the craziest thing isn't what Tories would give up (Scotland, Northern Ireland, any pretence at being Unionists, any claims on economic competence) and destroy (the Union, the Economy, Britain's reputation, their own damned party) in order to achieve Brexit, it's what they say they'd give up Brexit to avoid.

The only option that makes them so afraid that they'd give up on their Brexit obsession is Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister!

These people would be satisfied with the permanent loss of Scotland and Northern Ireland from the Union, reducing the UK to a rump of just England and Wales!

These people would be satisfied with a severe economic meltdown that would destroy tens of thousands of British jobs, trash the value of the pound, cripple British businesses and institutions, and reduce us to a laughing stock on the world stage for having wilfully done this to ourselves!

They'd even gladly see the destruction of their own beloved political party in order to deliver this United Kingdom-busting, economy-tanking, reputation-trashing Brexit dream of theirs!

But when it comes to the idea of an old guy with traditional democratic socialist principles holding power for a few years, they'd willingly abandon all of their Brexit insanity to prevent it!
  • Why are they so absolutely terrified of reversing economically illiterate austerity fanaticism in order to properly invest in our schools, hospitals, emergency services, local councils, and infrastructure in order to maximise the nation's future economic potential, rather than strangling it?
  • Why are they reduced to gibbering with fear at the thought of sensible British foreign policy that avoids turning entire countries (Iraq, Libya ... Iran?) into lawless terrorism breeding grounds based on packs of lies and ridiculously dreamy "spreading democracy" propaganda?
The results of this poll paint a picture of a Tory party membership so frightened and confused that they'd wilfully give up the core elements of Toryism, and even the Tory party itself, in order to achieve an objective that they're still unwilling and unable to properly define.

These are people who are so brainwashed and bamboozled that they'd deliberately break up the United Kingdom and wilfully cause a humiliating self-inflicted national economic meltdown in order to achieve their Brexit pipe dream, but they'd give up the thing they'd sacrifice all of their principle for if Brexit meant temporarily having a democratic socialist as Prime Minister!

And the scariest thing about all of this is that the future of the nation is entirely in the hands of these frightened and brainwashed Brexit maniacs.

They get to pick the next Prime Minister between themselves, while the rest of us look on in horror at what they're going to choose to inflict on us.

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Anonymous said...

"reducing the UK to a rump of just England and Wales!"
NO, Wales would throw off the colonial shackles and declare independence as well. Wales already has an extremely effective and cost-efficient not-for-profit water company; the Welsh government wanted to set up a not-for-profit railway franchise but were blocked by English Tories. How much more of this English Tory shite will we take

Mr. Magoo said...

Jeremy Corbyn is NOT a democratic socialist, he's a social democrat. I don't care which heartless monster the Tory toffs pick as our next puppet of the bourgeoisie (whoever it is - the rich will get richer, the poor poorer, and the Brexit can will continue to be kicked down the road).

A lot of people don't know this (including Bernie Sanders and AAV):

Democratic Socialism:- The (mistaken) belief that a socialist government can reform society to put the means of production & distribution under democratic workers' control, on their behalf.

Social Democracy:- The (mistaken) belief that capitalism can be reformed to benefit workers and save the environment. Also, the (mistaken) belief that public utilities will work superbly under government control.

Deep Thinking said...

John McDonnell does appear to be a socialist, though...and democratic socialism does tend towards gradualism rather than insurrectionism, but in neither case is it required to work through centralized government.

Anonymous said...

Wales also claims 15 billion in welfare from London and has a fantastically high unemployment rate. I dont think thatd be a good idea.