Friday 10 November 2017

Theresa May is deliberately vandalising the Brexit ejector seat

It's astoundingly obvious that Theresa May is just a puppet for the hard-right Brexiteer faction of the Tory party these days.

If it wasn't clear enough when the hard-right Tories forced her to replace her rogue International Development Secretary Priti Patel with another hard-right Brexiteer (Penny Mordaunt), it's completely obvious now that she's expressed her determination to introduce legislation to enforce a ruinous "no deal" Brexit cliff edge on the nation if/when a sensible UK-EU Brexit deal is not approved in time.

She's written to Tory party members detailing her intention to ensure that if no Brexit deal happens by March 29 2019, then Britain collapses into an economic meltdown to make the 2007-08 Bankers' insolvency crisis look like a picnic in comparison.

The reality is that the UK can revoke the Article 50 notification at any time if it looks like the UK isn't going to get a good deal, but Theresa May determined to vandalise this ejector seat, and make sure we suffer the consequences of an extreme "no deal" cliff-edge Brexit if her inept team of Brexiteers (Boris Johnson, bumbling David Davis, and the disgraced Liam Fox) don't manage to strike a decent deal with the EU.

The problem of course is that the hard-right Europhobic faction of her party don't actually want a sensible Brexit deal at all, and will actively seek to sabotage any progress towards an agreement that averts the economic catastrophe of plunging over the "no deal" cliff-edge.

They crave a chaotic "no deal" Brexit because the ensuing economic crisis will provide ample opportunity for their disaster capitalist mates to buy up British infrastructure and assets on the cheap, like vultures stripping the meat off a carcass.

The only possible reason that Theresa May would seek to vandalise the Brexit ejector seat in this way is pressure from the hard-right Brexiteers.

 She knows that they could topple her in days with a revolt against her shambolic leadership, so now she has to pander to their every whim.

This weakness is incredibly worrying because if she's unable to stand up to their demands that she remove our ability to change direction if Brexit keeps turning into a disaster, what hope has she got of disciplining them when they set about shrieking "bad deal" at every single minor concession the UK makes in the Brexit negotiations in order to propagandise for the hyper-destructive "no deal" Brexit chaos they crave?

They'll sabotage any progress towards a sensible Brexit deal because they want the most chaotic and economically damaging form of Brexit, and they're pushing Theresa May into vandalising the Brexit ejector seat because it will make their wet dream almost inevitable.

It's a spectacularly bad idea to intentionally remove the nation's ability to change course if a decent EU-UK Brexit deal isn't forthcoming, but it seems unlikely that the more moderate centre-right Tories have the willpower to put up a fight to protect the nation's economy and the hundreds of thousands of jobs that would be destroyed by a "no deal" flounce out of the EU.

It's a terrifying state of affairs that Theresa May is being held hostage by the fanatical Blue-kip faction of her own party, but what is worse is that thousands of Tory politicians, and millions of Tory voters are watching this nightmare scenario unfold, but they're unwilling to intervene, or raise voices of dissent.

Presumably they're fine with this lunacy because they consider themselves financially well-off enough to survive the economic meltdown.

As long as the economic burden of the crisis is loaded onto people like the young, the working poor, the sick and disabled, children, and the hundreds of thousands who will lose their jobs, well-to-do Tories with sufficient capital and income to weather the economic hurricane are apparently absolutely fine about just letting it happen.

So if the hard-right Brexiteers get the "no deal" economic meltdown they crave, the blame for the chaos won't just lie with them, it will lie with all of the less fanatical centre-right Tories who sat on their hands and just watched as the fringe Blue-kip nutters in their own party manipulated and coerced their feeble and directionless leader into delivering their depraved wet dream of a ruinous economic meltdown followed by an absolute orgy of disaster capitalism.

If Theresa May delivers a catastrophic "no deal" economic meltdown, all Tories will be to blame, not just the fringe nutters who manipulated her into it.

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