Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Lucy Allan is lying again

You May remember the Tory MP Lucy Allan as the woman who faked a death threat against her in order to cry for social media sympathy, or for that excruciating recording of her bullying one of her junior office staff members, or that hilarious 2017 election campaign photo shoot where she faked up pictures of her supposedly "meeting constituents".

Well somehow the people of Telford decided that despite her dishonesty and nastiness they wanted to return Lucy Allan as their MP, and no surprise, she's at it again.

On November 7th she posted a furious Tweet slamming her local council in Telford for supposedly not inviting her to their remembrance day events.

Liars usually get caught out eventually (as she already knows from the fake death threat she invented), and Lucy is such a woefully inept liar that she was caught out almost instantly for lying about not being invited to the remembrance events.

The reality is that she was invited to both of the remembrance events in Telford, but she declined to participate. Firstly she ditched the Saturday event because she supposedly had an important meeting that couldn't be cancelled, and then she bailed out of the Sunday event too because she apparently needs to get up early on the Monday morning*.

Concocting such lame excuses in order to dodge participation in the remembrance events is bad enough in its own right, but then taking to social media to lie that you weren't invited and insinuate that there's some kind of conspiracy against you is a whole different level of wrong.

Who in Telford can look at someone polluting their town's remembrance events with such outrageous and easily disprovable lies, and then think, 'I'm so glad I voted for Lucy Allan to be our MP again'?

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* = It will be interesting to see if any MPs who are based further away than Telford (like the north east, Scotland, Wales, Yorkshire, the north west ...) manage to make it to their local Remembrance events without crying off because they have to get up early for work the next morning.

Credit to Matt Thomas for highlighting this story on social media.