Wednesday 29 November 2017

Will Theresa May condemn Donald Trump for sharing Britain First bigotry?

At any other time in history the President of the United States deciding to actively publicise an extreme-right British political party would be an unprecedented scandal, but somehow this kind of lunacy has been happening virtually every day since Donald Trump entered the White House.

The bigot Trump decided to Retweeted three times to his followers is Jayda Fransen of the notorious extreme-right hate group Britain First, which is a spin-off from the BNP.

In 2016 the British MP Jo Cox was murdered in the street by an extreme-right fanatic who was heard yelling "Britain First" as he carried out the attack, and was also photographed campaigning with them in his local area too.

The problem isn't just that Trump decided to publicise anti-Muslim hate from a convicted extreme-right bigot who heads a truly vile extremist organisation, it's also that he's actively undermining the UK government promoting a rival political party.

Diplomatic convention has always been that elected leaders do not go around undermining the leaders of other states by promoting rival parties and politicians, especially not if the political rivals are a bunch of multiply-convicted criminals from the extreme-right fringe.

We all know by now that Theresa May is an abject coward who trashed her own election chances by refusing to debate her political opponents. We all saw how she hid herself away from the survivors and local residents in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower tragedy. We all saw how she scuttled off to America to heap praise on Donald Trump in her lamentable "begging bowl" speech, rather than stand up to him. We can all see how she's too weak to sack any of her government ministers, no matter how extreme their incompetence, disloyalty, or the pornography on their work computers.

So will Theresa May stand up for herself, for the United Kingdom, for the absolute fundamentals of diplomatic convention and basic human decency and tell Trump he's crossed a line by promoting this vile hate group?

Or will she hide away and pretend that it's of no great consequence that the "special relationship" between Britain and the United States has degenerated so rapidly and so dramatically that the actual President of the United States is publicising British fascist groups right in front of her face, while she sits by and does nothing?

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