Thursday 9 November 2017

Boris Johnson just appeared on Donald Trump's favourite show to heap praise on Donald Trump

Fox and Friends is Donald Trump's favourite TV show. Since becoming President he's mentioned or retweeted the show over 70 times. That's more times than he's mentioned subjects like health, debt and the economy! 

On some mornings the President of the United States just live Tweets the show, hastily paraphrasing their right-wing talking points on his Twitter account in one Tweet after another.

Boris Johnson knows this. He knows about Donald Trump's morning Tweet storms and his symbiotic relationship with Rupert Murdoch's Fox News propaganda channel, so it was no surprise at all when Johnson showed up as a guest of Fox and Friends and began lauding the President.

The interview started off with a few softball foreign policy questions when any journalist worthy of the name would have nailed him to the floor over his catastrophic mishandling of the Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe case, but no. Fox News employees are not journalists, they're propaganda agents for the right-wing media baron Rupert Murdoch, so Johnson was handed the easiest ride possible.

All he had to do was more-or-less match Trump's opinions on Russia and Syria, then he was handed his golden opportunity to shine in his audition to curry Trump's favour.

When asked his opinion on Donald Trump's Presidency, Boris leapt at the chance, describing him as a "huge, great, global brand" and praised him for "penetrating corners of the global consciousness that few other Presidents have ever done".

Since Donald Trump became President the global approval rating for the US Presidency has cratered from well over 60% to the all time record low of just 22%, but you wouldn't believe that to be the case if you took Boris Johnson's sycophantic grovelling at face value.

He was so keen to display his enthusiasm that he even praised Trump's method of launching early morning Tweet storms, which gave away the fact that he knew exactly what he was doing by appearing on Fox and Friends.

The previous evening Theresa May had hurried off to genuflect before the Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre because she knows that if he turns his guns on her she's well and truly finished, but within hours her unsackable subordinate Boris Johnson was auditioning to replace her with even more powerful people than the Daily Mail's hatemonger in chief. He's decided to prostrate himself before Donald Trump on the Rupert Murdoch propaganda channel that put Trump where he is.

Boris likes to pretend that he's just a harmless floppy-haired buffoon, but it's all just an act designed to disarm people into thinking he's harmless when he's a cynical operator who knows exactly what he's doing. He can smell blood, and he knows that when Theresa May goes down in flames, which she inevitably will, it will be very useful for him to have the likes of Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch firmly onside.


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