Monday, 6 November 2017

The scrounging royals have been stashing their cash in tax havens

The royal family have been caught out using secretive offshore tax havens to hide at least £10 million while they simultaneously expect the British taxpayer to bankroll their lavish lifestyles, to refurbish their central London palace (because they're pleading poverty), and to throw in a free luxury yacht for the Queen too.

The royal family expect to live their lavish lifestyles on the backs of ordinary taxpayers, but then they spit in our faces by stashing their cash in secretive offshore tax havens.

Just imagine the forelock-tugging subservience of the people scrabbling to perform mental gymnastics to make excuses for this outrageous behaviour. 

Just imagine the kind of subservience that allows these people no real interest in stuff like fairness, decency, or integrity because all logical and moral considerations are overruled by deference to people they consider to be their rightful lords and masters.

The whole concept of monarchy is a ridiculous anachronism. It's an embarrassment to all of the countries that insist on persisting with unelected heads of state that are determined by birth, not by merit. 

Not only does this archaic system of hereditary patronage still persist in the UK, but the idle beneficiaries of it are so comfortable and complacent in their positions that they feel entitled to stash their unearned wealth in tax havens while pleading poverty so that ordinary taxpayers have to pay the cost of renovating the central London palace they've neglected to maintain properly for decades.

One of the worst things about royalist forelock-tuggers is that so many of them have allowed themselves to be trained by the mainstream media to spit outrage, bile, and hatred upon command at "scroungers" like a pack of salivating Pavlov's dogs. But when it comes to the biggest, dodgiest and most high profile pack of scroungers of all, they react with delight at the very thought of their own subservience to them.

How is it that people can fail to draw a connection between the tax-dodging of the super-rich establishment class, and the fact that our public services are at breaking point and in-work poverty and child poverty are soaring out of control?

How is it that people can think it fair that the hard-working exploited poor should not get any help whatever from the state to provide for a third child, but erupt in joy that William and Kate are expecting a third child who is destined to live its entire life suckling on the taxpayers' teat?

How is it that the thought of a guy claiming unemployment benefits and working cash in hand on the side provokes such ire, but the thought of a family of scroungers living lives of absolute luxury at the public expense and stashing their cash in secretive offshore tax havens has them in raptures of delight?

I guess it's just a matter of approach. 

If the tax-dodging scrounger is just some working class chap who tries to hide what he's up to, then the forelock-tugger Daily Mail-reader types would gladly spew hatred at him upon demand.

However if this hypothetical scrounger took a more brazen approach and flaunted his ill-gotten gains by riding around the streets in a gold carriage wearing a diamond encrusted hat, perhaps they'd love him for it? Perhaps they'd queue for hours for the chance to catch a glimpse of him and save up their hard-earned cash to buy mugs, plates and all kinds of awful tat with his face printed on it? And perhaps they'd gladly have their taxes used to refurbish one of his mansions and buy him a brand new luxury yacht, even though they know perfectly well that he's living large at the public expense and diddling the taxman as he does it?

Who knows how these people think? How they maintain such unshakeable faith in an antiquated system of patronage bestowed on an idle bunch of scroungers who spit in our faces by hiding their cash in tax havens while they simultaneously plead poverty and expect ordinary taxpayers to pay for their yachts and castles?

I guess the answer is that some people just like to be subservient. They like to be abused and taken advantage of by people they consider to be their superiors. Like Stockholm syndrome, but with flags, and castles, and parades, and pageantry, and golden carriages.

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