Wednesday 15 November 2017

The Daily Telegraph's effort to bully these Tory MPs has backfired spectacularly

Seven years of wilfully loading the burden of austerity dogma onto the poor and ordinary whilst lavishing tax breaks and handouts on corporations and the mega-rich is proof that there is no such thing as a good Tory. However it's clear that some Tories are certainly a lot less bad than others.

There are around two dozen potential Tory rebels who are expressing opposition to the fanatically right-wing Blue-kip takeover of their party that is happening under Theresa May's leadership. They don't like the way Theresa May is being edged ever closer to the "no deal" Brexit cliff edge by the ideological fanatics in their party, and they have strong reservations about Theresa May's efforts to sideline parliament and give her ministers the power to rewrite thousands of UK laws with no parliamentary scrutiny whatever.

They're not actually trying to stop Brexit completely, but they are determined to prevent the economic catastrophe that a "no deal" flounce out of Europe would entail.

Take a listen to Ken Clarke's speech during the Brexit bill debate to get an idea of where these "rebel" Tory MPs are actually coming from.

The Daily Telegraph's effort to bully these MPs into conformity to the Blue-kip extremism that Theresa May has embraced has backfired dramatically.

By attacking these MPs in the same way that the hatemongering Daily Mail attacked the judges who ruled in favour of parliamentary sovereignty, and the academics who dare to criticise or critique the shambolic Brexit process, the Telegraph have proven beyond doubt that their descent from respected broadsheet to the depths of the contemptible sewer press (Daily Mail, S*n, Express) is now complete.

It's also backfired because their attempt to bully and shame these MPs into conformity to the Blue-kip agenda has actually created a handy list of the minority of half-decent Tory MPs who still give a damn about stuff like the national economy, parliamentary sovereignty, and holding the government to account:

Heidi Allan, Kenneth Clarke, Jonathan Djanogy, Vicky Ford, Dominic Grieve, Stephen Hammond, Oliver Heald, Jeremy Lefroy, Paul Masterton, Nicky Morgan, Bob Neill, Antoinette Sandback, Anna Soubry, Tom Tugendhat, and Sarah Wollaston.

Assuming that this effort to bully these MPs into compliance is unsuccessful, and they do rebel against the lunatic decision to hard wire the exit date so that negotiations cannot be extended even if both sides desire it, and come out fighting to defend parliamentary sovereignty too, they'll be in the minority of Tory MPs who are prepared to put the interests of the nation above the narrow party political interests of the Tory party.

There's no doubt that these people are still complicit in forcing their ruinous austerity dogma on the nation, and in the savage mistreatment of disabled people, but they deserve credit for finally taking a stand against the fanatical hard-right Blue-kip insanity that Theresa May is embracing in order to cling onto power.

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