Wednesday, 30 October 2019

9 things every voter needs to know about the Corbyn-IRA smear campaign

We all knew perfectly well that the billionaire right-wing press barons and their lackeys in the Tory party would attempt to smear the hell out of Jeremy Corbyn during this election campaign. 

They hate his policies of standing up for ordinary people and repatriating vital British infrastructure and services out of the hands of profiteering corporations and foreign government like China and Qatar.

They hate his policies so much they're absolutely fixated on trying to destroy his reputation with anything they've got, and his early involvement in the Northern Ireland peace process is seriously the best attack line they can come up with, because they know it feeds into the hateful anti-Irish bigotry that still unfortunately exists in Great Britain.

In this article I'm going to set the record straight by detailing 9 things that every single voter should know about the Corbyn-IRA smear campaign.

1. Condemning the IRA bombings (part one)

When Jeremy Corbyn was interviewed by Sophy Ridge during the 2017 election campaign he clearly condemned the IRA bombings, but the Tories outright lied that he didn't.

The right-wing propagandists really seem to believe that people will mindlessly lap up their reality-reversing lies rather than quickly checking things for themselves (see video)

2. Condemning the IRA bombings (part two)

Anyone who says that Jeremy Corbyn has "never" condemned the IRA bombings is lying through their teeth. In 1994 Corbyn signed a parliamentary motion on the 20th anniversary of the IRA pub bombing in Birmingham which described the attack as a deplorable terrorist atrocity.

It's on the parliamentary record here for all to see.

3. Misrepresentations (Sinn Féin are not the IRA)

Anyone sharing pictures of Jeremy Corbyn with people like Gerry Adams or Martin McGuinness to "prove" that he met the IRA is either being thick, or totally disingenuous.

Adams and McGuinness were not the IRA, they were leaders of the democratic political party Sinn Féin, which is the political wing of the Irish Republican movement, not the now-disbanded terrorist faction.

People who share these pictures are either so blinded by anti-Irish bigotry that they can't differentiate between a political party and a terrorist organisation, or they know the difference perfectly well, but they're sharing the pictures in order to feed into the anti-Irish bigotry of people they consider to gullible and easily led.

4. Peacemaker

In 2013 Jeremy Corbyn was awarded the Gandhi Foundation International Peace Award for his efforts to bring about a peaceful solution to the conflict in Northern Ireland. 

You can read his acceptance speech here.

5. The Loyalists

The right-wing smear merchants are always desperate to bring up the fact that Corbyn met with Irish republicans, but they're a lot more reticent about the fact he also met plenty of loyalists too in his campaign for peace. 

Corbyn met with Gary McMichael and David Ervine (Ervine was a jailed loyalist terrorist turned politician for the PUP), and he also spoke regularly with Ian Paisley who, according to his widow Eileen, considered Corbyn to be "likeable", "courteous", "polite" and "a gentleman".

In light of the indisputable fact that Ian Paisley was a fierce opponent of Irish republicanism, why on earth would he say such things about a guy, who according to the Tory smears, was undermining the loyalist cause by promoting a peaceful solution to the conflict?

6. Openness vs Secrecy

Corbyn spoke openly to Irish republicans and Ulster Loyalists during the 1980s. Nobody is denying that.

The problem for the Tories is that declassified records prove that Margaret Thatcher was secretly negotiating direct with the IRA terrorists at the time. The shocking thing isn't that she was negotiating with terrorists though, it's the fact that she outright lied to the British public over and again every time she repeated her "we do not negotiate with terrorists" phrase.

People who attack Corbyn for openly talking peace, whilst refusing to condemn Thatcher's secret negotiations with the IRA, or the succession of lies she told to the British public are clearly as happy with secrecy and lies from right-wingers as they are furious with openness and honesty from left-wingers.

7. Abject Tory hypocrisy (that councillor)

If right-wingers really honestly cared about criticising politicians with links to the IRA, why is it that they're perfectly happy to have an ex-IRA terrorist and arms smuggler serving as a Tory councillor in Croydon?

You can find more details on this ex-IRA Tory politician in this article, or by Googling "Maria Gatland" for yourself.

8. Boris Johnson's super-hypocrisy

Of all the people resorting to IRA-Corbyn smears, the crap-haired buffoon Boris Johnson surely has to be the most hypocritical.

Not only did Boris share a picture of Corbyn with a member of Sinn Féin to "prove" that he met the IRA (refer back to point three and draw your own conclusions about whether Boris is being intensely thick or sickeningly disingenuous) he also claimed that this picture of Corbyn and McGuinness in the 1990s (while the peace process was really beginning to move forward) was proof that Corbyn is untrustworthy!

An accusation of untrustworthiness from a man who repeatedly lied that the NHS would get £350 million a week extra after Brexit!

Even if you agree with Brexit, only the worst kind of political tribalist could possibly try to argue that Boris brazenly lying to the British public like that in order to swing the vote was acceptable and trustworthy conduct.

9. Sheer bloody desperation

Perhaps the most important point of all is the sheer desperation that these Tory-IRA smears demonstrate.

They don't have any positive policies of their own to promote. They don't have any coherent criticisms of Corbyn's policies. So all they have left is a sickening smear campaign in the desperate hope that a combination of public fact aversion and anti-Irish bigotry is enough to put people off voting in favour of Labour's transformational manifesto.

They don't have a single legitimate argument in favour of themselves, or against Labour's policies so they're resorting to the dirtiest muck-slinging tactics possible.

I'll leave you with a quote from Margaret Thatcher about that kind of politics: 

"I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left." - Margaret Thatcher

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MJ said...

Can we also point out, if they are going to smear him with IRA connections, they should admit their own. After all, one of their councillors was a senior IRA member.

Unknown said...

What a pathetic justification for the defence of the idiot Corbin.

Jeremy’s entire career has been based on the unquestioning support of organisations that oppose both Capitalism and – by extension – any regime/country that supports then principles of democracy and free market economics. Furthermore, Corbin has consistently demonstrated his disturbing adoration of terrorist organisations throughout the years.

How laughable that this article disproportionately focuses on two interviews where Corbin vaguely states his objections to ‘terrorism’. Excuse me? According to your own article, this man only managed to condemn the Birmingham bombings by signing a Paramilitary Motion TWENTY YEARS after the event.

As for Sinn Féin not being related to the IRA, this is demonstrably untrue. Jerry Addams and Martin McGuinness have both been proven – beyond doubt - to be members of terrorist organisations.

Unknown said...

That was a good article until you quoted thatcher. She had plenty of shit to criticise without needing to get personal. She was the chief instigator of tory policies that have left us in such a shit pickle now.

Anonymous said...

Can we see a breakdown of all the MPs who 'only managed to condemn the Birmingham bombings by signing a Paramilitary Motion TWENTY YEARS after the event'?

Unknown said...

What a ridiculous statement. The point is, the vast majority of MPs - along with all right minded and decent human beings - didn't wait twenty years, because they condemned the bombing in the immediate aftermath. A simple Google search will reveal the numerous expressions of shock and revulsion expressed at the time.

But I cannot find any statements at the time from Corbin that similarly condemned the actions of the evil terrorists responsible for the attack. On the contrary, he had attended a meeting seven years previously which “honoured” eight recently killed members of the Provisional IRA.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

Unknown said...

Corbyn. Apologies for the misspelling the Marxist simpleton's surname.

Anonymous said...

I'm a swing voter and I only read this blog as part of trying to make up my own mind on Corbyn. The above link looked like it might be appropriate to post here...

The "Marxist simpleton's surname" comment made me google "Marxist" for a proper definition, and TBH it doesn't actually sound that bad (copied below). The current capitalist system that brought us the super rich & tax havens, GFC and Austerity (the real reason Brexit won?) is far from the wonderful system that we are indoctrinated to believe in.

"What does a Marxist believe?
Marxism believes that capitalism can only thrive on the exploitation of the working class. Marxism believes that there was a real contradiction between human nature and the way that we must work in a capitalist society. Marxism has a dialectic approach to life in that everything has two sides"

My swing vote has so far only ruled out one option - Boris. He is simply a liar.

My tuppence worth.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry, but your comments here are all biased and probably funded by the Marxist group Momentum... you have the audacity to ask for a donation, I think not.

How can you truthfully and hard on heart say that he has nothing to do with the IRA, it is so obvious, when you open your eyes that he is a man with no love for the country we live in, he denied ever meeting these people and the photos emerged to prove him a liar.

Did Boris really lie about the money? I never once heard him say all that money would go to the NHS, he said the money would be available and suggested we could fund the NHS, but only the media and every left wing Marxist loving fools, who can't make up their own minds and need to be directed how to think, truly believe that this is what was said...POPPYCOCK.

Boris has his issues, but he is the only leader who currently respects democracy and for that he deserves to have a full majority in the parliament, si he can get out country moving forward again, before we end up as part of a German led federal Europe.

David said...

The right-wing use the term "Marxist" as some kind of slur as they don't fully understand its meaning. There is virtually nothing in the Labour manifesto from 2017 that is "Marxist" and unlikely to be much in the 2019 one. It's a meaningless soundbite designed to scare voters who are happy to continue voting for and getting shafted by the Torys.

Regards comments made by Corbyn in the aftermath of IRA bombings, I suspect you won't find anything from other back-bench MPs of the time condemning the actions as 1. backbenchers rarely make headlines and 2. the internet didn't exist back

Anonymous said...

Idiot "Corbin"

Hahahahahahahahs the irony!!!

Anonymous said...

This story is exaggerated/denied by both sides of the argument.
Your article says that Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams were not in the IRA.
Martin McGuinness was the initially Commander of the Derry Brigade of the IRA before becoming IRA Chief if Staff in the late ‘70’s, a fact confirmed by numerous times by numerous senior IRA members over many years. Adams always denies being a member of the IRA, but this claim is refuted by the IRA itself, not just the press. It is also undisputed that Corbyn et al met the IRA numerous times both in Northern Ireland and in London.
It is also a fact confirmed by the IRA leadership (not the British press) that when Corbyn, McDonald, Abbott, Livingston et al were meeting with the IRA in the 80’s their agenda was the dismantling of the British state, and not a peace mission which they now claim. Something which Diane Abbott recently did not deny. The ex IRA members laugh when they’re told this claim.
So, whilst I fully accept the photographs and photoshopped images circulate and people get on their horses about them are fake news, there is just as much denial and fake news being generated on all sides and it’s only going to get worse as this campaign grinds on.
In summary, whilst I accept the point this article is trying to make, it is also evident that this article is also inaccurate and flawed and just shows that we can’t believe fuck all these days from all sides

Anonymous said...

"Vaguely states his objection" Do you struggle to read sir? Does the phrase "I condemn all the bombing by both the loyalists and the IRA" really make you think that's vague? You're in idiot, sir

Anonymous said...

" it is so obvious, when you open your eyes that he is a man with no love for the country we live in.."
What friggin planet are u on?
Are you not aware that we in the UK are currently in ITU? Do you have children in our schools? Or in universities paying 1000s? Or waiting in GP surgeries understaffed and an appointment time only after 2 weeks? Or the countless libraries closed down? Or friends working in zero hours contracts?
And you want to defend the Tories who are the epitomy of betrayal! Selling our country, our wealth, our childrens future for tuppence and the fat dividends of corporate behemoths? How dare you! Its time we took this nation back from the failing policies that have screwed us up from Thatcher, to her heir Tony to Cameron, Theresa and now Boris..
Marxism you say, lol, what a joke, we don't want your puerile bogey man comments. Do you even live in the UK I Wonder? Or do u blindly believe the corporate media who only want us to keep the ruinous status quo.

Anonymous said...

Yes Im a GP who cares!

Graham said...

*Parliamentary Motion
'Paramilitary (sic) Motion'

Graham said...

*Parliamentary Motion

Anonymous said...

Maria Gatland !!

Rob Loveday said...

"But I cannot find any statements at the time from Corbin that similarly condemned the actions of the evil terrorists responsible for the attack"

Probably because it was 1974 and he wasn't an MP then?

I'm not sure whether your comment is a genuine result of the Dunning-Kruger effect or whether it's been written to order; as always on the internet, Poe's law (or similar) applies. If the latter, whatever troll mill you work for clearly needs to up its game.

MisterAngree said...

In the interests of balance, we should point out that the DUP - bribed with taxpayers money to prop up May's incompetent Selfservative government - had links to the UVF, a terrorist organisation. Rightarded hypocrites.

Unknown said...

Try thinking for yourself instead of believing the tory media

Unknown said...

Why and what is the gain for Corbyn in meeting the IRA? I can understand a diplomat meeting sinn feine to mediate. I believe corbyn wears a poppy and wants no mother to lose a son.