Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Why you need to speak to someone who works in the NHS

I'm not asking you to just believe what I write here (even though I've backed it all up with links to evidence). 

I'm not asking you to believe Jeremy Corbyn when he says that our NHS needs to be saved from the Tories, and their wanton ideological vandalism of it.

I'm asking you to speak to someone who works in the NHS to ask them about a number of specific issues.

Almost everyone knows someone who works for the NHS. 

Everyone knows someone who knows someone who works in the NHS.

If you have to ask a mutual friend to introduce you to an NHS worker so you can meet them for a coffee/beer and chat about the issues facing the NHS, I'm sure they wouldn't mind at all. 

In fact they'd probably be very happy to meet someone who shows some actual interest in their work and working conditions.

Some of the issues to ask about:

  • Ask them whether the junior doctors were treated fairly and with respect during their confrontation with then-Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.
  • Ask them if they actually know anyone working in the NHS who has confidence in the pompous liar that Boris Johnson has put in charge now (Matt Hancock).
  • Ask them if their own primary care trust is in deficit.
  • Ask them whether they feel that their colleagues are ever more stressed and overworked as they try to cope with increasing demand for services while funding and staffing levels are slashed year after year.
  • Ask them whether they think the NHS can actually survive if the Tories carry on like this.

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Tom Lambert said...

I am from the US and as your site portrays it is a nation that has veered far to the right with a pseudo sponsorship of religion, through privatization. The effects of the Catholic church here are substantial, with effects on policy drafting and implementation. Business, legislators and the courts have been overly influenced by the Church and the far rights influence. It is also worth noting that one of the Catholic Church's enterprises is it's hospital system. This is not an endorsement for any type of health care system-but an alarm of what unregulated quasi private/public actuarial healthcare looks like. Our system is DOUBLE the price of most other nations-fraud waste and abuse are rampant-it is completely run by industry (special interests) through a government that is filled with revolving door executives. My web-page is and details the effects on my life of the various special interests, and policy that is written predominately to benefit the special interests. Review of the end-notes will provide a complete picture. I urge all readers to not only speak with your current providers - but to GET INFORMATION on the other systems and make informed decisions. The US model is NOT sustainable-has results that are comparable to many others (at far less cost)- and is mostly HYPE. We have an extreme amount of our bankruptcies due to health care costs.
My advice - GET informed-make decisions that will be sustainable-don't be afraid to re-evaluate or regulate to have results. Carefully consider the costs and benefits.

Steve Eckersley said...

Please enlighten me as to who introduced PFI into the NHS Tory or Labour?
Also please name the first PFI hospital in the UK!

Anonymous said...

In 1992 PFI was implemented for the first time in the UK by the Conservative government of John Major. It immediately proved controversial, and was attacked by the Labour Party while in opposition. Labour critics such as the Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury Harriet Harman, said that PFI was really a back-door form of privatisation (House of Commons, 7 December 1993), and the future Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling, warned that "apparent savings now could be countered by the formidable commitment on revenue expenditure in years to come".

The use of PFI was very limited until 1997 but became widespread under the New Labour government.

Two months after New Labour took office, the Health Secretary, Alan Milburn, announced that "when there is a limited amount of public-sector capital available, as there is, it's PFI or bust". PFI expanded considerably in 1996 and then expanded much further under New Labour with the NHS (Private Finance) Act 1997, resulting in criticism from many trade unions, elements of the New Labour Party, the Scottish National Party (SNP), and the Green Party, as well as commentators such as George Monbiot. Proponents of the PFI include the World Bank, IMF and (in the UK) the CBI.

thevoluntaryone said...

Tory or Labour or any other party come to that all screw up with public services! said...

Fascist Tories don't care about the NHS They want you to pay for your treatment knowing fine well lots of people can't afford to knowing full well people will die then they don't need to worry about paying out pensions They make out they are giving you money but in actual fact the money is yours anyway not their,s. And if you don't die from your illnesses they will just put retirement age up so they don't need to worry about paying your hard earned retirement money. They have this year to date had 5 secret meetings with American officials with regards selling off contracts to Big Pharmaceutical companies Channel 5 Dispatches programme has uncovered this. The Tories want to crash out with no deal so they can do what they want Boris the Buffoon has all the same traits as Adolf Hitler so be very wary who and what you vote for.

Just be sensible... please said...

Fascist Tories? Don't be so bloody stupid. If you think Tories want you to die young you're just a conspiracy theorist who is deluded and ignorant.
There is not a bottomless pit of money.Right now in excess of £353 MILLION PER DAY is spent on the NHS. It's undoubtedly one of the least inefficient organisations despite being a massive employer and if they doubled the budget it wouldn't be enough.
Ageing population.
Open door immigration makes it impossible to ever cover the full costs.
if you think health tourism isn't a huge problem you're naive at best. Every single time I've been in a taxi driven by an Asian driver in the past couple of years they've happily expressed how great the NHS is as their family flies in from whatever country every few months for "free treatment".
Who can budget for that?
Who can afford to pay for that?
And this idea that Tories want to "sell off the NHS to Americans" is ridiculous. Do you know that the NHS doesn't manufacture drugs and spends almost £20BILLION on medicine already!

In the UK it will ALWAYS be an impossible task to completely solve NHS budgets as there is always a growing pressure on it... for example in the last 10 years an additional 6.5 million people registered with GP surgeries. How on earth can we cope with that?

Oh I know... just tax those b*stard rich people... that typically stupid socialist response.

Now, I do know that there's always improvements to be made a nd I want whoever is in power to improve but right now the Labour Party will only damage the UK finances and they will certainly not solve the NHS issue!!!

Anonymous said...

Why not close tax avoidance loopholes and increase corporation tax to help fund the NHS? Please elaborate asto why that is stupid.

Anonymous said...

Uncommon sense
‘Just be sensible ‘ - unlike you i’ve actually talked to the asian taxi driver. Members of family who have come to visit (especially older ones!) have decided it is too wet and miserable to ever consider leaving their HOME to come live here. Britain’s not a heaven or a paradise. European countries have a better quality of life as well as Australasia and I don’t see you leaving your HOME to go there. That Asian taxi driver is contributing to the economy and a consumer. Migrants are workers and generate net positive gains to the economy. Having been to a comprehensive school here the people that take advantage of the system are the (usually white) British born and bred. And that’s partially because the class role they’ve wierdly internalised.

The NHS is staffed by foreigners. Migrants are people of working age that bring a lot to this ungrateful country and are not parasites.

The tabloidy anecdotal view on the NHS funding and how appropriate it is - you need to look into this better. Compare our GDP spending to other countries and we're getting essential services for very very cheap. If we all privately funded our healthcare it would cost a whole whole lot more. We need to fund the NHS properly, we literally cannot afford to lose it.

Don’t fall for the line of anything socialist is too good to be true or somehow a dirty word. You need to balance socialist policies with neoliberalism etc. After all, unfettered capitalism is inherently contradictory... it seeks to reduce its workers’ wages to zero while expecting them to somehow be consumers for the system to work. Public services are those we cannot afford to fail and should be completely non-profit publicly funded; the markets can have fun with their shiny cars and luxury brands but not with that lfie-threatening asthma attack.

Unknown said...

Well said. Overcrowded UK not necessarily underfunded.

Tatum Reid said...

Please can the Asian driver tell me how his family does it?! As a immigrant from south africa , when my dad needed treatment on the NHS last month he forked out £2500. Don’t believe everything you hear ��

Anonymous said...

"European countries have a better quality of life as well as Australasia and I don’t see you leaving your HOME to go there. That Asian taxi driver is contributing to the economy and a consumer. Migrants are workers and generate net positive gains to the economy."

Nope, they're actually a net loss. Due to the high rate of welfare in this country an individual has to earn over 41,000 before they contribute a net positive in terms of taxation because families recieve: tax credits, child tax credits, social housing, The NHS and all the other contributions that help british families. The majority of migrants do not ear above 41,000 and many of them bring over their families as well (who can blame them honestly, but again, it's a net loss to the UK). Look up: The Bank of England White Paper 374. It outlines specifically how migrants lower wages for low skilled workers as well. Lastly, the UK builds 220,000 homes a year (approx) and we receive 300,000 + migrants a year who stay here permanently. Mathematically you've just massively raised the standard of living through increasing rent.

Minimum wage and rent control will not help, they've been proven time and again to do the opposite of what they're supposed to do policy wise. The only option is to lower the amount of people who come into the UK to manageable levels around the 30,000 mark (pre 2004).

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