Thursday 16 August 2018

Yet another Tory Brextremist is cashing in by betting against Britain on the sly

The Tory Brextremist Steve Baker has been caught investing over £70,000 in a company advising its clients to invest in gold in order to avoid the financial hit of a Tory "no deal" Brexit.

This isn't just any old Tory either. Baker was until recently an actual government minister working under David Davis (the guy who wasted practically all of the Article 50 negotiating period before huffing off in a strop because Theresa May's hard-right economically ruinous Chequers proposal wasn't hard-right or economically ruinous enough for his tastes).

Before Theresa May invited this ideological fanatic into government, Baker was actually the head of the secretive ERG group of Tory Brextremists which is now headed up by Jacob Rees-Mogg.

The company Baker has invested in is called Glint Pay Limited, and they've regularly advised clients to invest in physical gold in order to financially insulate themselves from the negative economic impact of a Tory "no deal" Brexit.

This is far from the first example of leading Tories publicly pushing the hardest possible version of Brexit whilst personally insulating themselves from the social and economic disaster they're attempting to trigger.

  • Nigel Lawson (chairman of the Vote Leave campaign) has applied for French residency in order to maintain his own personal Freedom of Movement in Europe as the Brextremists seek to revoke Freedom of Movement from millions of their fellow Brits against their will.

Their behaviour makes it increasingly obvious that all of the leading Tory Brextremists know that the hard-right "no deal" Brexit they're pushing for will trigger a massive economic recession that will likely dwarf the impact of the 2007-08 bankers' insolvency crisis that we've still not even recovered from a full decade later.

The way they're advising their wealthy backers to divest from Britain (into overseas assets, foreign currency, gold) just goes to prove what Brexit is really all about.

Their argument that Brexit is about parliamentary sovereignty has long since dissolved after they sought to over-rule the sovereignty of parliament in the courts, and then included anti-democratic Henry VIII powers in their Brexit legislation to allow Tory ministers to rewrite thousands of laws with no parliamentary scrutiny whatever.

Their argument that it's about the "will of the people" has also crumbled away with their determined opposition to a second EU referendum on the final terms of the Brexit agreement. Apparently, according to them it's important to listen to the "will of the people" when the people are voting blindly on a potential future deal they can't possibly know the final details of, but equally important to deny them a say when the terms of the deal actually become clear!

So what Brexit is really all about is disaster capitalism. 

Not the kind of disaster capitalism as described by Naomi Klein that sweeps in after a natural disaster like Hurricane Katrina to socially cleanse neighbourhoods and force the privatisation of public assets. 

Nor is it the kind of disaster capitalism that bombed Iraq to smithereens and then handed out £billions in outsourcing contracts to western companies to rebuild the infrastructure, and attempt to keep the peace in the deadly terrorism-riddled power vacuum the disaster capitalists created there.

Brextremist disaster capitalism involves cynically appealing to patriotism in order to trigger a deliberate economic meltdown in your own country in order that your mates in the mega-rich international investment class can swoop in and pick up £billions worth of distressed British assets on the cheap like vultures picking the flesh off a carcass.

The audacity of it is astounding. The Brextremists actually pose as patriots standing up for plucky little Britain against the horrid EU, but their behaviour betrays their true objective: Deliberately wrecking the British economy in order to benefit their friends in the mega-rich international investment class, and to unleash a terrifying hard-right power grab to crush the last remnants of democratic socialism in the ensuing crisis (the NHS, local government services, emergency services, the social welfare system).

The saddest thing is that millions of people remain completely unaware of this increasingly obvious Tory disaster capitalist agenda, and react with the cultish mantra of "Project Fear" to dismiss any and all evidence that a Tory "no deal" Brexit will be a social and economic catastrophe.

All you need to do is look at the furtive betting against Britain on the sly by Tory Brextremists like Steve Baker, and their true agenda shines through.

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