Tuesday, 28 August 2018

There are more important things to criticise Theresa May over than her cringeworthy dance moves

Theresa May's dance moves are not great. She was filmed dancing at a school in South Africa and people are taking the piss.

Sure, she's a public figure and ridicule should be expected in a country where people have the free speech to criticise their political leaders, but surely there are more important things to criticise her about?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Another one of Theresa May's crackpot schemes as Home Secretary involved introducing ridiculously botched legislation to deal with so-called "legal highs". May just copied the legislation off Ireland in spite of the fact that the Irish policy of pushing the novel psychoactive substances market into the hands of criminals led to the biggest increase in consumption of these substances anywhere in Europe!
  • During the 2017 General Election Theresa May oversaw the publication of a shambolic manifesto with no costings whatever, then set about tearing pages out of it within days because of the public backlash against her "Dementia Tax" policy of asset stripping frail elderly people who end up needing social care services, then had a massive "nothing has changed" public breakdown under the stress.
  • Theresa May has demonstrated time and again that she's a hopelessly weak leader without the authority to sack her ministers, even for the most blatant abuses of their office. When Priti Patel was caught working as an operative of a foreign state embedded within the UK government, she was allowed to resign and keep her job as a Tory MP. When Boris Johnson made one idiotic remark after another and even broke collective responsibility by publishing his own personal Brexit manifesto - he wasn't sacked. This hopelessly weak leadership means the liar Esther McVey and the serially incompetent Chris Grayling still sit in her cabinet!
Basically, in light of all of this, if you're taking the piss out of Theresa May's lame dance moves, you're actually giving her an easy ride, because ridiculing her cringeworthy dancing is basically the equivalent of Rupert Murdoch's bacon sandwich attack on Ed Miliband.

By focusing attention on some trivial issue like her crappy dance moves, people are actually distracting attention away from her malice, her incompetence, and all the vile policies she's promoted, and even laying the foundations for right-wingers to paint this absolute monster as the poor innocent victim of cruel attacks from "nasty lefties"!

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