Tuesday, 21 August 2018

How the mainstream media are burning ordinary people on their anti-Corbyn bonfire of hate

Last week the Sky News reporter Lewis Goodall turned up in Stoke to vox pop a load of people who were queuing to get into a Jeremy Corbyn speech. One of the people he spoke to accidentally said that Jeremy Corbyn had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (instead of the Sean McBride Peace Prize).

Goodall then included this short clip in a compilation deriding the "cult of Corbyn". The piece then went mega viral on Twitter with right-wingers and the usual 'centrist' bullies absolutely dog-piling the poor woman for her stupidity.

What nobody was ever told amongst this outpouring of hatred, contempt and derision was that the woman in question had quickly realised her mistake, then asked Lewis Goodall not to use the clip where she misspoke. 

He ran it anyway.

Of course running a clip when a member of the public has asked you not to because they realised they'd misspoken betrays an extreme lack of journalistic ethics on Lewis Goodall's part, but this isn't really the main issue.

The main problem is the way the mainstream media and a bunch of vile Twitter bullies savagely attacked a random member of the public in a desperate proxy attack on Jeremy Corbyn.

We've all seen the shocking levels of anti-Corbyn bias in the mainstream media. The way they endlessly promote absolute rubbish like not bowing-deeply enough, fake photoshop pictures to make it look like he was dancing, the Czech spy nonsense, the Russian stooge nonsense, the wreath nonsense ... all in order to distract public attention away from the grotesque track record of the Tory government they're trying to protect.

Corbyn has shown that he's strong enough to withstand these attacks, and left-wing public figures like me have gradually learned to withstand the regular tides of insults, abuse, defamatory accusations, lies, and threats from right-wingers and so-called 'centrists' (Labour right-wingers being about on a par with Ukippers for abusive blind fury responses to information and opinions they don't like).

But it's a completely different story when the anti-Corbyn mob turn their hatred on a random member of the public in a desperate attempt to portray everyone who supports Jeremy Corbyn and his democratic socialist policies as members of some kind of stupid cult.

Despite asking that the clip not be broadcast, the poor woman has been reduced to ruins, anxiety, and depression. Ashamed that she's been made to look so stupid, and even more ashamed at the damage she feels her seven second peace prize comment has done to Jeremy Corbyn and the mass movement for democratic socialism.

If mainstream media hacks and Twitter bullies are prepared to do this to an ordinary member of the public as part of their vendetta against Jeremy Corbyn, who on earth would trust them to speak out on behalf of ordinary members of the public when they're suffering systematic persecution by the government, wage repression, draconian sanctions, the effects of Tory austerity dogma, or anything else?

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