Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Dealing with bigotry accusations Tory style: Purge your accusers!

In 2016 Zac Goldsmith ran a despicable anti-Muslim fearmongering operation during his campaign to become Mayor of London. This campaign included several high profile Tories hiding behind parliamentary privilege to smear an innocent man as a terrorism supporter, and culminated in an absolutely despicable BNP-style propaganda piece designed to associate his Muslim rival Sadiq Khan with the 5/5 London terrorist attacks.

This bigoted Tory anti-Muslim campaign went right to the top of the Tory party, and it's being cited as one of many examples in calls for an inquiry into Tory anti-Muslim bigotry.

One of the leading figures calling for an investigation into Tory anti-Muslim bigotry is the Tory peer Mohamed Sheikh.

It hardly seems like a coincidence that Zac Goldsmith has taken to Twitter to call for Sheikh's immediate expulsion from the Tory party for having attended the same peace conference in Tunisia that Jeremy Corbyn is being smeared over.

Aside from the fact that he's calling for one of his main accusers to be expelled from the party, Goldsmith's choice of source is very telling indeed. It's widely known that the Guido Fawkes comments section is an absolute cesspit of bigotry and abuse, including an awful lot of anti-Muslim hate.

Imagine the kind of person who would actually share a link to one of the most vile anti-Muslim hate chambers on the Internet in order to call for the expulsion of a Muslim man who is calling for an inquiry into anti-Muslim bigotry that would certainly end up investigating their own anti-Muslim hatemongering. That person is Zac Goldsmith.

If Zac Goldsmith and his chums at the top of the Tory party succeed in purging one of the only senior Tory voices who dares complain about anti-Muslim bigotry in the Tory ranks in order to avoid an internal party investigation into their own actions, then we'll have absolute proof that anti-Muslim bigotry isn't just accepted within the Tory party, but that the party actually closes ranks to protect the perpetrators.

Whether you think Jeremy Corbyn is doing a good enough job of handling the Labour anti-Semitism row or not, there's no denying that he's publicly criticised anti-Jewish bigotry on numerous occasions, and that the party has sped up the disciplinary process when it comes to allegations of anti-Semitism.

What the Tories have done is completely the opposite. Theresa May has been stonewalling calls for an investigation into Tory anti-Muslim bigotry for months, and now we've got the disgusting spectacle of one of the worst offenders of all actually seeking the immediate expulsion of one of his accusers!

Don't expect to hear anything about Zac Goldsmith's desperate and transparent efforts to purge one of his accusers from the party, because it simply doesn't chime with the primary objective of attacking Jeremy Corbyn in order to defend the four decade long neoliberal orthodoxy that most mainstream media hacks have done very nicely out of indeed (while millions of others have paid the price of it).

Just imagine the furious reaction if Jeremy Corbyn had spent months denying anti-Semitism and stonewalling calls for an investigation, then a hypothetical senior Labour MP who cynically capitalised on anti-Jewish bigotry in an election campaign actually demands that one of his Jewish accusers is expelled from the party.

There'd be an unprecedented shit-storm of condemnation (and rightly so), but somehow, because it's Theresa May, bigoted Zac Goldsmith, and the Tory party, there's hardly even a whisper about it in the mainstream media.

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