Saturday, 25 August 2018

Why on earth are Labour MPs resurrecting Nick Griffin from the political dead?

Within a decade of his heyday in 2009 the former BNP leader Nick Griffin has disappeared into political obscurity after UKIP and then the Tories cannibalised the BNP propaganda tactics and their supporter base, but he's still hanging around on Twitter, spreading his bile.

One of his recent Tweets involved sharing a Daily Mail smear-job on Jeremy Corbyn that misrepresents Corbyn's criticism of 'a specific group of fanatical Zionists who turned up to a conference to berate and abuse the Palestinian speaker' with criticism of 'all Jews'.

Anyone with a few brain cells to rub together can see that the latest attempted smear actually reveals anti-Semitism on the part of the accusers, because to equate 'fanatical Zionist activists' with 'all Jews' involves the misrepresentation of all Jewish people as being the kind of blindly biased people who turn up to pro-Palestine events to abuse the speakers.

In his comment on the Daily Mail hatchet-job he shared, Nick Griffin attempted to turn this Daily Mail smear into a means of promoting extreme-right politics, by speculating that the mainstream media attacks on Corbyn are "red-pilling" Labour supporters.

For those who are not in the know, the concept of "red-pilling normies" is an extreme-right meme about the supremacy of extreme-right ideas that derives from the Matrix film where Morpheus offers Neo the choice between a blue pill and a red pill, with the blue pill returning him to normality and the red pill offering him the chance to be shown "how deep the rabbit hole goes".

The fact that the extreme-right have nicked this red-pill meme out of a film directed by two transgender Bernie Sanders-supporting social liberals tells you all you need to know about their cynical opportunism!

Two of the people who actively helped Griffin to spread his extreme-right interpretation of this Daily Mail smear-job were the Labour MPs Wes Streeting and Peter Kyle (a man so right-wing he's actually giving a speech at the 'Tory Glastonbury' festival!).

Both of these right-wing Labour MPs helped to increase Griffin's profile by retweeting him (prompting a significant boost in Griffin's Twitter following), and for what? To attack their own party!

Just consider the fact that during the Labour Party purge in 2016 thousands of ordinary left-leaning Labour members were instantly expelled for 'crimes' like once retweeting a Green party politician, admitting that they voted for another political party long before they joined Labour, and even liking the Foo Fighters too much!

But now we have two right-wing Labour MPs actually retweeting an extreme-right fanatic with no other purpose than damaging their own party, and they're getting away with it!

This contrast in the treatment of ordinary Labour members and right-wing Labour MPs who consider themselves so untouchable they can retweet fascists and speak at rival political party events with impunity is absolutely damning.

There's clearly one set of extremely harsh rules for ordinary Labour members that result in instant expulsion for the most trivial of matters, and another completely different set of rules for the party elitists that allow them to scream abuse at fellow Labour members, promote rival parties, and even retweet fascists without fear of sanction!

Returning to Griffin's Tweet,  a quick scroll through his Twitter timeline reveals the fact that he absolutely detests Labour and their democratic socialist agenda (see Tweets). So it's obvious that Griffin's motivation for praising Jeremy Corbyn is to create divisions within the Labour movement as a way of supporting the Tory party that is currently experiencing an overt take-over by the extreme-right.

Griffin might be a horrible extreme-right, anti-Semitic, white supremacist bastard, but he's clearly no idiot. He can see as easily as everyone else that when he attacks Labour he gets ignored completely, but when he pretends to support Jeremy Corbyn he gets thousands of column inches of publicity in the mainstream press, and even retweeted by Labour MPs!

Why wouldn't he praise Corbyn if he knows that he's going to get scores of newspaper articles mentioning him, and thousands more Twitter followers thanks to the free publicity that people like Wes Streeting and Peter Kyle are willing to throw at him.

But instead of ignoring the horrible fascist and his cynical little games, these two Labour MPs have actively helped to give Griffin the enormous boost of publicity that he craves, simply in order to undermine the leadership of their own damned party!

How anyone believe's that resurrecting fascists is an acceptable thing for Labour MPs to be doing is absolutely beyond me.

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