Wednesday, 7 March 2018

The ugly truth behind Theresa May's "mansplaining" jibe

Tories are absolutely loving Theresa May's facile misuse of the term "mansplaining" at PMQs to have a dig at Jeremy Corbyn for pointing out that it's International Women's Day the next day.

I recognise that I'm in danger of being accused of "mansplaining" myself for the next bit, but the term "mansplaining" is not just shorthand for a man explaining something to a woman, it refers specifically to the kind of situation where some absolutely condescending dick of a man patronisingly tells a female astronaut with a degree in astrophysics to 'learn some actual SCIENCE', or tells a female Olympic cyclist how to ride a bike,  or tells a woman with a PhD in Women's Medieval Writing that women didn't write in the middle ages.

Don't take my word for it that the term is being misused far too broadly to attack any man who explains anything, take the word of the woman who is actually credited with inventing the term.

The fact that Theresa May has misunderstood and misused the term isn't even the worst of it by far.

There's the fact that this week Theresa May is welcoming the vile and misogynistic Saudi Arabian tyrants with open arms, with the aim of selling them even more British weapons to commit war crimes in Yemen.

Ha ha ha these myopic right-wingers chortle at Theresa May's glib identity politics point-scoring retort, whilst completely ignoring the growing mountain of mutilated bodies of Yemeni women and children who have been blasted to pieces by Theresa May's tyrannical and profoundly misogynistic Saudi mates.

Then there's the horrifyingly sexist impact of Tory hard-right austerity dogma to consider. Thanks to Theresa May and her Tory mates 86% of the economic burden of Tory austerity dogma has been loaded onto the shoulders of poor and ordinary women.

Mainly male financial sector workers trashed the UK economy in 2008 with their reckless gambling on absolute junk investments, yet Theresa May and the Tory party saw fit to load the vast majority of the economic burden of this crisis onto the shoulders of poor and ordinary women via hard-right austerity dogma, whilst actually lavishing massive tax breaks and favours onto the mainly male bankers and corporate fat cats who created the crisis in the first place!

But sadly this sycophantic laughter from the press gallery and the right-wing Twitterati at Theresa May's painfully glib "mansplaining" retort is indicative of the lamentable decline in the standard of political discourse in the UK

Who cares that Theresa May is the head of a political party with profoundly misogynistic economic policies who is welcoming an even more misogynistic bunch of Islamist tyrants to London to grovel for more of their oil cash? She did a funny, ha ha fucking ha.

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