Monday, 24 April 2017

Look at this ridiculous bar chart from the Scottish Tories

Just look at the state of this bar chart from the Scottish Tories. Just imagine how thick you must imagine your target audience to be in order to try to pull off such a brazen misrepresentation.

The bar chart features on a remarkably pathetic Tory party leaflet that only mentions their own party 6 times and details precisely no policies from the Tory Westminster government whatever (the General Election is about picking MPs to sit in Westminster isn't it?).

Conversely this absurd piece of propaganda mentions the Scottish National Party and their leader Nicola Sturgeon an incredible 19 times.

What is more is that the Scottish Tories actually accuse the SNP of being "obsessed" with the idea of an independence referendum in a leaflet that is 100% dedicated to the subject of opposing an independence referendum and mentions it 7 times!

With no irony at all the leaflet demands that the SNP concentrate on stuff like better "public services" and "safer streets" without mentioning any of their own Westminster government's policies on these issues such as ... err ... cutting public services to the bone all over the UK and ... errr ... destroying 17,000 frontline police jobs between 2010-2015!

Maybe Ruth Davidson would be more honest if she stuck to defending the policies being imposed on Scotland against their will by the Westminster Tories like the hated "Bedroom Tax", the impoverishment of hundreds of thousands of children (not just in Scotland, all over the UK), Theresa May's reckless hard-Brexit posturing, and the absolutely sickening Tory rape clause?

The idiocy of the leaflet is exacerbated by the fact that the Scottish Tories are clearly trying to turn Theresa May's opportunistic self-serving snap election into an unofficial referendum on Scottish independence!

Instead of attempting to persuade unionists that it's their duty to fight for the union that they support in a second independence referendum, they're basically admitting that they know that they've lost before the date has even been set, and that their only chance of stopping it is to try to obstruct the democratic will of the Scottish Parliament (a hubristic "do as you're told" tactic that can only end in eventual defeat).

Imagine how thick you'd have to be in order to swallow this self-contradictory and brazenly misleading drivel from the Scottish Tories, especially in light of the appalling track record the Tories have in Scotland.

From using Scotland as a testing ground for their hated Poll Tax experiment to relegating Scottish constituencies to second class status in Westminster so they can't vote on English laws, but retaining the right of English Tory MPs to vote on Scottish laws like the Scotland Act (from which every amendment by Scottish MPs was removed by English Tory MPs), the Tories have done more to turn the Scottish electorate away from Westminster rule than the SNP ever have.

It beggars belief that Scottish unionists are so blinded by their hatred of the concept of Scottish independence that they're willing to actually embrace the toxic Tories who are actually the ones to have done more to promote the cause of Scottish independence through their misrule over Scotland than the SNP ever did, but it certainly seems to be the case if the polling figures in the woefully misleading Tory bar chart are anything to go by.

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