Tuesday 25 April 2017

Find out how much cash the Tories are planning to snatch from your local school

Our children are our future - yes it sounds like something from a 1970s hippy protest song, but it's undeniably true nonetheless. The kids in our education system now are the workforce of the future. The better the education they get now, the better equipped they will be to become capable of making valuable social and economic contributions to society in the future. It's completely obvious isn't it?

The Tories have made no secret of the fact that they are planning to introduce the harshest education spending cuts in decades meaning that anyone who votes Tory on June 8th will be actively endorsing this agenda of slashing £ billion from school funding.

Under Tory rule this cash will be used in order to hand even more tax cuts and lucrative government subsidies to those who need it the least (the likes of the already very wealthy and corporate outsourcing parasites).

By 2020 these Tory education funding cuts will have reduced the budgets of 99% of schools.

The average loss per primary school will be £103,574 (which works out at £403 per pupil) and the average loss per secondary school will be £470,433 (£554 per pupil).

Aside from the education funding cuts that will undoubtedly have a negative impact on the future economic potential of the UK, the Tories are also pursuing a number of other horrible education policies like stuffing our schools full of completely unqualified teachers, privatising thousands of state schools into the hands of unaccountable private sector pseudo-charities that topslice obscene amounts of cash out of school budgets to pay themselves vastly inflated executive salaries, overseeing outrageous fraud outbreaks at their flagship free schools and academy chains, blasting £billions on opening free schools in areas of low demand for places that end up folding because of lack of demand or creating wasteful spare capacity in nearby schools, and now they're on about bringing back selection at the age of 11 so kids with parents who can afford to pay for 11+ tuition get a massive life advantage, and kids who don't have wealthy parents to game the system to their advantage are likely to end up stuck in crumbling, underfunded secondary moderns like so many older readers will remember suffering themselves.

Lots of people have children or grandchildren of school age or below. Even if you don't have school age children in your own family, you must know someone who does. A close friend, someone in your wider family, a neighbour, a work colleague ...

Here's a tool to check how much the Tories are planning to slash from your local school, and from the schools of the children you know (just type in the school name, area or postcode):

School Cuts Checker

Remember: If you vote Tory on June 8th, you're actively endorsing their agenda of education cuts, and allowing them to snatch education funds from the kids you know in order to redistribute the cash to their wealthy mates.

If you vote Tory you'll be proving to yourself that you've embraced the idea that the UK is facing a bleak future of moral and economic decline.

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