Sunday, 23 April 2017

The mainstream media won't condemn Tory dirty tricks, so it's up to us

A Tory party employee and donor has been caught sharing a blatantly faked image in order to attack and discredit Jeremy Corbyn. 

As can be seen in the header image, the victim of this crude piece of right-wing photoshop propaganda was actually delighted to meet Jeremy Corbyn. Her name is Catherine Finney and she's an ordinary member of the public. 

We're all used to seeing the right-wing media attack Corbyn relentlessly and unfairly (remember the crudely photoshopped images of him supposedly dancing at the Cenotaph that were actually published by The S*n?) but a Tory party insider abusing a member of the public like this is really beyond the pale.

Catherine Finney is just an ordinary person. What right do the Tories think they have to create the false impression she's the kind of crude and abusive lout who would make obscene gestures at visitors to her house. It's completely outrageous.

After the faked images began to circulate on social media Skwawkbox and Evolve Politics did some some digging into who this Suzan Walsh character is. What they found is that she openly brags about being a Tory party employee on her LinkedIn profile, that she made a £9,000 donation to the Tories in 2015, and that her White Mid Sloan property company has had dealings with a shady tax-haven based company called Goldstar.

Suzan Walsh with Tory cabinet minister and
former mayor of London Boris Johnson
Her LinkedIn profile is full of self-aggrandisement about her influence in the Tory party, including a boast about having been given an award by the muck-slinging Tory electoral strategist Lynton Crosby.

It's no wonder she's decided to fight the 2017 General Election so low and dirty if she holds a disgusting individual like Lynton Crosby as some kind of hero.

Maybe she was hoping to get another award from him for her dirty tricks?

A quick thought experiment

Imagine if it had've been a Jeremy Corbyn staffer propagating a crudely faked image of a member of the public in order to try to discredit Theresa May.

Do you think the mainstream press would have completely ignored the story?

Do you think it would only be social media pages and independent blogs (Occupy London, Skwawkbox, Evolve Politics, Another Angry Voice) covering the story?

Of course it bloody wouldn't. You know the likes of Laura "fake news" Kuennsberg and a pack of fanatically right-wing hacks at the S*n, Express and Daily Mail would have been all over it.

They'd be demanding resignations, claiming it's indicative of a culture of bullying in the Labour Party, attacking Corbyn's leadership, demanding a personal public apology for the incident from Jeremy Corbyn himself.

You know it don't you?

How you can help

Evolve Politics attempted to contact Suzan Walsh to give her the right of reply, but much like her beloved Theresa May she seems to have gone completely into hiding today.

If Suzan Walsh is unwilling to personally explain her actions, we should surely take it up the chain of command and ask her Tory bosses to explain her actions and to apologise to both Jeremy Corbyn and Catherine Finney for her dirty tricks.The pro-Tory mainstream press are not going to hold the Tories to account over this, so it's up to independent media and ordinary people to do it.

Post this article on the Conservatives Facebook page, post it on Theresa May's Facebook page, post it on your local MP's Facebook page, Tweet it to Tory MPs.

Make them hear it:

We demand a public apology from Theresa May. 

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