Friday, May 26, 2017

Thickos are trying to smear Jeremy Corbyn by sharing silly pictures

An awful lot of thickos are sharing pictures of Jeremy Corbyn with Irish people in order to try and "prove" that he met the IRA.

The problem of course is that they're thick, so they don't understand the difference between Sinn Féin (a political party) and the IRA (a disbanded terrorist organisation).

One of the most commonly shared pictures is the one in the header image, which shows Jeremy Corbyn with Gerry Adams, who is the leader of Sinn Féin.

The picture was taken in 1995, after the Downing Street Declaration (an agreement between the UK and Ireland that the Northern Irish people had the right to self determination) which led to the first IRA ceasefire.

Corbyn had been pushing the IRA to abandon the bombings and sit down to negotiate since the 1980s. By 1995 the Conservative Prime Minister John Major had taken the first hugely important steps towards peace in Northern Ireland.

It was just a few years later that the Good Friday Agreement was signed (one of the truly great achievements during Tony Blair's leadership of the Labour Party) and the principle of power sharing was established.

It was far from easy, but the sight of Ian Paisley (a fierce loyalist) and Martin McGuinness (of Sinn Féin) talking to each other, and working together, and even becoming friends, was something that was impossible to imagine back at the height of the troubles.

The fact that these fierce ideological opponents managed to put their differences aside and work for the good of the people of Northern Ireland should be an inspiration to us all, but to some intensely bigoted right-wingers it's not an incredible success story at all.

The problem is that some people are intent on digging up the anti-Irish animosities of the past and ignorantly using them in attempted smears against Jeremy Corbyn.

It's as if they wish that peacemakers like Jeremy Corbyn had failed, and that people in Northern Ireland were still being killed and maimed, and that the IRA were still planting bombs in England, and the loyalist paramilitaries were still exacting gruesome revenge.

It's as if they're still fighting the war in their sick little minds, even long after the main combatants sat down and negotiated a peaceful settlement.

Patriotism? Don't make me laugh

Make no mistake, a lot of these smear-merchants are not patriots, they're anything but. 

They hate Jeremy Corbyn's policy of bringing British infrastructure and services back under British control with a burning ideological passion.
These people adore the Tory determination to sell Britain off piece by piece, regardless of whether the pieces eventually end up under the control of the Chinese communists or the Islamist tyrants in Qatar.

They don't care if Communist China, the Islamist tyrants in Qatar, or whoever get a slice, as long as they have the chance to take a lucrative slice of British public infrastructure for themselves too so they can milk the British public for all they're worth.

They know Theresa May wants to keep things this way, so they'll smear, and smear, and smear.

These sick smear-merchants don't care about Britain or the British in the slightest.

They're just trying to smear Jeremy Corbyn by whipping up anti-Irish hatred of the past to serve their own sick selfish interests.

So if you see anyone (like the right-wing slob Paul Staines - AKA Guido Fawkes) smearing away in this bigoted manner:

Tell them that they're thick as fuck if they actually believe what they're sharing, and an economic traitor to boot for using anti-Irish smear tactics to help Theresa May keep our public infrastructure and services under Chinese control.

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Read Jeremy Corbyn's speech on terrorism for yourself

The Tory Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson described Jeremy Corbyn's speech on terrorism as "monstrous" and the Tory Security Minister Ben Wallace led the campaign of lies and smears accusing Jeremy Corbyn of trying to "justify" terrorism. 

Anyone who listens to or reads the speech for themselves will know that he did no such thing.

As you'll see, in his speech Corbyn repeatedly stated that questioning the current approach to terrorism does not "remotely excuse, or even adequately explain, outrages like this week’s massacre.".

Tory propaganda works by programming people to believe lies. It relies on people just believing what they're told by their Tory lords and masters, and not going to the primary source to check things out for themselves. 

In essence it relies on gullibility and intellectual laziness.

Here's the full speech so you can judge it for yourselves:


"Our whole nation has been united in shock and grief this week as a night out at a concert ended in horrific terror and the brutal slaughter of innocent people enjoying themselves.

When I stood on Albert Square at the vigil in Manchester, there was a mood of unwavering defiance.

The very act of thousands of people coming together sent a powerful message of solidarity and love. It was a profound human impulse to stand together, caring and strong. It was inspiring.

In the past few days, we have all perhaps thought a bit more about our country, our communities and our people.

The people we have lost to atrocious violence or who have suffered grievous injury, so many of them heart-breakingly young.

The people who we ask to protect us and care for us in the emergency services, who yet again did our country proud: the police; firefighters and paramedics; the nurses and doctors; people who never let us down and deserve all the support we can give them.

And the people who did their best to help on that dreadful Monday night – the homeless man who rushed towards the carnage to comfort the dying, the taxi drivers who took the stranded home for free, the local people who offered comfort, and even their homes, to the teenagers who couldn’t find their parents.

They are the people of Manchester. But we know that attacks, such as the one at the Manchester Arena, could have happened anywhere, and that the people in any city, town or village in Britain would have responded in the same way.

It is these people who are the strength and the heart of our society. They are the country we love and the country we seek to serve.

That is the solidarity that defines our United Kingdom. That is the country I meet on the streets every day; the human warmth, the basic decency and kindness.

It is our compassion that defines the Britain I love. And it is compassion that the bereaved families need most of all at this time. To them I say: the whole country reaches out its arms to you and will be here for you not just this week, but in the weeks and years to come.

Terrorists and their atrocious acts of cruelty and depravity will never divide us and will never prevail.

They didn’t in Westminster two months ago. They didn’t when Jo Cox was murdered a year ago. They didn’t in London on 7/7. The awe-inspiring response of the people of Manchester, and their inspirational acts of heroism and kindness, are a living demonstration that they will fail again.

But these vicious and contemptible acts do cause profound pain and suffering, and, among a tiny minority, they are used as an opportunity to try to turn communities against each other.

So let us all be clear, the man who unleashed carnage on Manchester, targeting the young and many young girls in particular, is no more representative of Muslims, than the murderer of Jo Cox spoke for anyone else.

Young people and especially young women must and will be free to enjoy themselves in our society.

I have spent my political life working for peace and human rights, and to bring an end to conflict and devastating wars. That will almost always mean talking to people you profoundly disagree with. That’s what conflict resolution is all about.

But do not doubt my determination to take whatever action is necessary to keep our country safe and to protect our people on our streets, in our towns and cities, at our borders.

There is no question about the seriousness of what we face. Over recent years, the threat of terrorism has continued to grow.

You deserve to know what a Labour Government will do to keep you and your family safe.

Our approach will involve change at home and change abroad.

At home, we will reverse the cuts to our emergency services and police. Once again in Manchester, they have proved to be the best of us.

Austerity has to stop at the A&E ward and at the police station door. We cannot be protected and cared for on the cheap.

There will be more police on the streets under a Labour Government. And if the security services need more resources to keep track of those who wish to murder and maim, then they should get them.

We will also change what we do abroad. Many experts, including professionals in our intelligence and security services have pointed to the connections between wars our government has supported or fought in other countries, such as Libya, and terrorism here at home.

That assessment in no way reduces the guilt of those who attack our children. Those terrorists will forever be reviled and implacably held to account for their actions.

But an informed understanding of the causes of terrorism is an essential part of an effective response that will protect the security of our people, that fights rather than fuels terrorism.

Protecting this country requires us to be both strong against terrorism and strong against the causes of terrorism. The blame is with the terrorists, but if we are to protect our people we must be honest about what threatens our security.

Those causes certainly cannot be reduced to foreign policy decisions alone. Over the past fifteen years or so, a sub-culture of often suicidal violence has developed amongst a tiny minority of, mainly young, men, falsely drawing authority from Islamic beliefs and often nurtured in a prison system in urgent need of resources and reform.

And no rationale based on the actions of any government can remotely excuse, or even adequately explain, outrages like this week’s massacre.

But we must be brave enough to admit the war on terror is simply not working. We need a smarter way to reduce the threat from countries that nurture terrorists and generate terrorism.

That’s why I set out Labour’s approach to foreign policy earlier this month. It is focused on strengthening our national security in an increasingly dangerous world.

We must support our Armed Services, Foreign Office and International Development professionals, engaging with the world in a way that reduces conflict and builds peace and security.

Seeing the army on our own streets today is a stark reminder that the current approach has failed.

So, I would like to take a moment to speak to our soldiers on the streets of Britain - You are doing your duty as you have done so many times before.

I want to assure you that, under my leadership, you will only be deployed abroad when there is a clear need and only when there is a plan and you have the resources to do your job to secure an outcome that delivers lasting peace.

That is my commitment to our armed services.

This is my commitment to our country. I want the solidarity, humanity and compassion that we have seen on the streets of Manchester this week to be the values that guide our government. There can be no love of country if there is neglect or disregard for its people.

No government can prevent every terrorist attack. If an individual is determined enough and callous enough, sometimes they will get through.

But the responsibility of government is to minimise that chance, to ensure the police have the resources they need, that our foreign policy reduces rather than increases the threat to this country, and that at home we never surrender the freedoms we have won, and that terrorists are so determined to take away.

Too often government has got it wrong on all three counts and insecurity is growing as a result. Whoever you decide should lead the next government must do better.

Today, we must stand united. United in our communities, united in our values and united in our determination to not let triumph those who would seek to divide us.

So for the rest of this election campaign, we must be out there demonstrating what they would take away: our freedom; our democracy; our support for one another.

Democracy will prevail. We must defend our democratic process, win our arguments by discussion and debate, and stand united against those who would seek to take our rights away, or who would divide us.

Last week, I said that the Labour Party was about bringing our country together.

Today I do not want to make a narrow party political point. Because all of us now need to stand together.

Stand together in memory of those who have lost their lives.

Stand together in solidarity with the city of Manchester.

And - stand together for democracy.

Because when we talk about British values, including tolerance and mutual support, democracy is at the very heart of them.

And our General Election campaigns are the centrepieces of our democracy – the moment all our people get to exercise their sovereign authority over their representatives.

Rallies, debates, campaigning in the marketplaces, knocking on doors, listening to people on the streets, at their workplaces and in their homes – all the arts of peaceful persuasion and discussion - are the stuff of our campaigns.

They all remind us that our government is not chosen at an autocrats’ whim or by religious decree and never cowed by a terrorist’s bomb.

Indeed, carrying on as normal is an act of defiance – democratic defiance – of those who do reject our commitment to democratic freedoms.

But we cannot carry on as though nothing happened in Manchester this week.

So, let the quality of our debate, over the next fortnight, be worthy of the country we are proud to defend. Let’s have our arguments without impugning anyone’s patriotism and without diluting the unity with which we stand against terror.

Together, we will be stronger. Together we can build a Britain worthy of those who died and those who have inspired us all in Manchester this week.



Now that you've read the speech for yourself you can see that Corbyn never once tried to justify or excuse terrorism. He simply tried to explain that the current approach to terrorism is has been failing, and that whichever party forms the next government has a duty to do better.

Agree with him or disagree with him on these points, that's fine. 

But don't allow sick right-wing liars like Ben Wallace and Boris Johnson programme you into believing reality-reversing nonsense about what Corbyn said.

These Tory liars are expecting you, and me, and the rest of us. to just believe their outright lies about what Corbyn actually said without considering his actual words.

How sick and arrogant is it that they expect people to just lap up their lies and smears, rote learn them, and then repeat them as if they're facts?

How much intellectual dishonesty does it prove that instead of offering any kind of logical counter-argument to what Corbyn asserted, they just try to programme the public to reject it by spreading their outright lies and smears?

How much contempt does this brazenly dishonest smear campaign show for the general public? 

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Get ready for the smear campaign

The right-wing press barons and the sick minions who do their bidding are absolutely determined to make you hate, fear and despise Jeremy Corbyn.

I'm sure you can see it with your own eyes, how the right-wing press (especially The S*n, Daily Mail, Express, Evening Standard, and Telegraph) have desperately tried to whitewash the Tories disgracefully inept election campaign (Theresa May hiding in Tory safe spacesrefusing to debate her political rivals, and behaving ever more erratically; their totally uncosted manifesto, their depraved Dementia Tax, their ridiculous allocation of just 7p per child per day for school breakfasts ...) as they focus on relentlessly smearing Jeremy Corbyn.

A Loughborough University study has proven how severe this mainstream media bias is (see image). Despite their woefully inept campaign so far the mainstream press are still finding time actually heap praise on the Tory party and write hagiographies of Theresa May between their barrages of smear jobs on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.

The reason the billionaire right-wing propaganda barons and the mercenary bands of hacks they employ to do their bidding are determined to attack Jeremy Corbyn with everything they've got is because he represents the biggest threat to the toxic establishment order in decades.

Under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership the Labour Party have developed a transformational and carefully costed manifesto. It's absolutely full of great ideas to give ordinary people more political, social and economic freedom.

Ideas like giving more power to ordinary people and local communities, and making the super-rich pay their fair share of tax fill the beneficiaries of the toxic establishment order with absolute horror.

How dare anyone attempt to make them pay their fair share?

How dare anyone attempt to redistribute a little bit of political power away from them and towards ordinary people?

The billionaire press barons are absolutely livid about this, and they've got their hacks working on overdrive to fill you, and me, and the rest of us with fear, with hatred, and with contempt towards Jeremy Corbyn.

They're intent on demonising him like this despite the fact that he's an all-too rare diamond in the muck who talks honestly rather than spewing the same old pre-written propaganda tropes like a broken robot.

They're demonising him like this despite the fact he was absolutely right that the invasion and occupation of Iraq was going to fuel the conflicts and terrorism of future generations, and Theresa May was one of the establishment stooges who voted in favour of it.

And the more worried they get that he might actually prevent Theresa May and the Tories from getting a majority, the more intense the smear campaign is going to get until it reaches absolute fever pitch in the days before the vote.

For the next couple of weeks it's absolutely vital that we disregard what the right-wing propaganda rags are saying and think for ourselves.

If you do happen to see what the right-wing propaganda rags are trying to make you believe about (nasty, horrible, disgusting, evil) Jeremy Corbyn, or about the (wonderful, fantastic, amazing, faultless) Tory party, steel yourself and believe the opposite.

Don't be a political sleepwalker.

Think for yourself.

Don't do as the right-wing billionaire propaganda merchants and their mercenary hacks tell you to do.

What we can do

  • Follow independent media and share their articles and infographics as much as possible in order to counteract the insipid pro-establishment bias of the right-wing propaganda rags.
  • Involve yourself in campaigning. Get out there and campaign for whichever candidate is most likely to kick this atrocious Tory government off the undeserved pedestal the right-wing press barons have put them up on.

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Just look at biased state of the UK press

We have all seen the evidence of our eyes that the mainstream media is horrifically biased against the Labour Party and in favour of the Tories, but it's useful to have some evidence to back up our suspicions.

Academics at Loughborough University have produced a report into general election campaign bias in the UK press and the results are astoundingly unbalanced.

Read the full report here

Looking at the graph in the header image anyone would have thought that the Tory party were the ones with a carefully costed manifesto full of popular policies and a leader who can draw vast crowds; and the Labour Party were the ones with the absolute shambles of an uncosted manifesto; a near universally hated policy of asset stripping people who need social care, a history of recklessly gutting the armed forces, police, emergency services, hospitals and border agency; an indefensible record in government, and an increasingly unstable and erratic leader who keeps spewing bonkers conspiracy theories under the pressure of an opportunistic and self-serving election campaign that they decided to trigger themself!

But no!

The press have actually found the time to heap praise on the Tories in between their relentless barrage of attacks on the Labour Party!

The Tories are in meltdown. Their climbdown on their hated Dementia Tax is unprecedented in UK election history; their decision to use the Manchester Arena atrocity to bury their  shockingly complacent blunder over school breakfast funding is despicable even by their own depraved standards; Theresa May's woeful tenure at the Home Office has come back into the spotlight in the most gruesome manner imaginable; and May is clearly buckling under the pressure.

Yet somehow the UK press are still relentlessly fighting to ensure she wins the election.

Under normal circumstances such severe systemic bias would be unacceptable enough, but in light of the ongoing Tory implosion it's absolutely sickening.

Don't believe the mainstream media lies. 

Read the (actually really good) Labour Party manifesto for yourself and make up your own mind.

Don't be a political sleepwalker.

Think for yourselves.

Don't just do as you're told by the sociopathic billionaire propaganda merchants who own almost all of the UK press.

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She accused the police of "scaremongering" when they tried to warn her

As Home Secretary Theresa May oversaw the longest and deepest cuts to per capita policing levels in British history. She slashed the number of police by 19,000 whilst allowing the biggest immigration surge in British history.

This combination of factors means there are now fewer bobbies per head of population than at any time since 1974.

This reckless assault on the police service was inspired by the Tory ideological obsession with hard-right austerity dogma: The demented economic delusion that the economy can be saved simply by cutting, and cutting and cutting.

Stuff like infrastructure investment, productivity, economic demand, social welfare, flood defences, art and culture, and perhaps most recklessly of all, public safety were all thrown on the Tory ideological austerity bonfire.

Of course the police chiefs complained and warned that they were getting stretched beyond their capacities, but Theresa May fobbed them off. In one sneering and condescending speech she accused police chiefs of "scaremongering" over her ideologically inspired cuts to the public safety budget.

Just look at the frightful leer she does at the end of this clip:
Now that we've got the army deployed on the streets because the pared-back police apparently can't cope with the security situation, I'm pretty sure that there are few who would be willing to argue that this speech has aged well.

One police delegate at that conference said that "Officers feel that they are under sustained attack from the media, the government and additionally the Home Office. At times, our only allies are the public that we serve" [source]

Slashing the police budget, sacking 19,000 police officers, repressing their wages, privatising the forensic science service, publicly lambasting the police chiefs, demoralising the police.rank and file. It was all necessary in Theresa May's warped austerity dogma-addled mind.
If the first video isn't bad enough, just take a look at this one where she dismisses the threat of terrorism as secondary to the Tory ideological austerity agenda by debt-fearmongering about Portugal.
She accused the police of scaremongering in the first video over their legitimate concerns, and in the second video she can be seen blatantly austerity-scaremongering to justify her ideologically driven cuts.

It's funny how legitimate concerns are "scaremongering" but delusional austerity fearmongering to justify public safety cuts is perfectly fine in the backwards world of Tory propaganda isn't it?

She was warned and warned and warned

Theresa May was warned time and again that her austerity cuts to the police were endangering public safety but she simply wouldn't listen.

The now-departed Chief of the Metropolitan Police Bernard Hogan-Howe repeatedly warned her. In 2015 he said that slashing 8,000 police in London would put the capital at risk. Shortly before retiring in February 2017 he argued once again that the Tory police cuts were endangering the public.

Now that we have the army deployed in the streets we should all understand that Theresa May's obsession with economically illiterate austerity has severely hampered our ability to protect public safety.

She was warned time and again of the danger, but she ignored it, and even accused the public safety experts of "scaremongering" for daring to raise their concerns.

The really sad thing is that millions of political sleepwalkers will ignore the evidence and glowingly approve of troops yomping the union flag around the streets and Theresa May and Amber Rudd strutting around importantly in the wake of the Manchester Arena atrocity pretending to be the ones who are protecting us, rather than the ones who trashed the public safety budget out of their deranged obsession with their economically illiterate hard-right austerity dogma.

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Suspended election campaign: A fantastic opportunity to bury bad news

So it turns out one of the only actual figures in the farcical Tory manifesto (£60 million for school breakfasts) was ridiculous plucked-out-of-the-air nonsense.

Less than 7p a meal!

The figure the Tories plucked out of the air to cover this policy worked out at just 6.8 pence per pupil per day to provide them with a proper nourishing breakfast!

Now, after getting rumbled, the Tories have admitted that it'll cost way more than that, and that they don't actually know how much!

Another manifesto climbdown

So after the Dementia Tax debacle, this is the second Tory manifesto policy to descend into farce within a week!

The widely respected election specialist David Butler said that he's never seen anything as shambolic as the Tory Dementia tax climbdown in the 20 General Election campaigns he's covered, and now we have another massive Tory blunder to add into the mix.

Economic competence

The Labour Manifesto is carefully costed. The Tory manifesto is an unprecedented farce.

Additionally - since 2010 the Tories have created more new public debt than every single Labour government in history combined!

Yet somehow, still, millions of people still allow themselves to be bamboozled by the mainstream press into believing the ridiculously backwards notion that the Tories are the more economically competent ones!

A good time to bury bad news

The fact that the Tories decided to sneak this humiliating news out under the cloud of a national tragedy is yet another revolting new low for the Tory party.

They knew the other parties had agreed to suspend campaigning because of the atrocity in Manchester, so they decided to sneak out their latest blunder when they knew opposition parties had voluntarily gagged themselves, so they'd be subjected to very limited scrutiny.

Remember that Labour Party adviser who was (rightly) lambasted for describing the September 11th attacks as "a good day to bury bad news"? Well this sneaky Tory behaviour is infinitely worse.

This isn't just an adviser suggesting the idea of using an atrocity to bury bad news, it's the Tory party actually following through with a "bury bad news" plot in order to try to salvage their foundering election campaign.

The Tories knew perfectly well that political campaigning had been suspended, so they blatantly took advantage of the terrorist atrocity to sneak their bad news out when they knew the opposition parties wouldn't hold them to account for it.


This farcical made-up costing is yet another ridiculous Tory blunder, but the bigger story is their decision to sneak out their admission when they knew the opposition parties wouldn't hold them to account for it because campaigning has been suspended.

Using a national tragedy as a smokescreen to hide from political scrutiny is utterly despicable, even by Tory standards.

The opposition parties won't resume national campaigning until tomorrow, so they can't hold the Tories to account for this ridiculous blunder or their despicable effort to use the tragedy in Manchester as a smokescreen to hide it behind, so it's up to the public to spread awareness amongst ourselves.

Share this article, share other articles on the blunder, write your own Facebook posts and Tweets about it.

The mainstream media won't hold them to account for trying to hide their blunder in this despicable way, so it's up to us.

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The Americans are humiliating us but Rudderless and Mayhem do nothing

The United States repeatedly leaking the intelligence that the British shared with them is yet another example of America spitting in Britain's face, and the Tory government doing nothing but impotently stamp their little feet in response.

The theory is that the UK has an intelligence sharing agreement with the United States so that the two nations can cooperate against terrorist threats and the like. In reality it seems that the agreement exists so that US spooks can leak classified British intelligence details to their chums in the United States press.

After the name of the Manchester bomber was leaked by the Americans, the Home Secretary Amber Rudd called the leak "irritating" and said that it "should not happen again"

Within hours of her saying it shouldn't happen again, US spooks leaked a load of pictures of the blast scene to the New York Times.

There's no other way of seeing this than as a huge humiliation for Amber Rudd. The Americans spat in her face by leaking the name of the killer, she stamped her little foot and said it should not happen again, then they launched an even bigger gob at her by leaking actual pictures from the blast site, laughing at her impotence as they did it.

Just imagine if the boot was on the other foot and it was British spooks repeatedly leaking highly sensitive evidence from an ongoing US investigation into a terrorist atrocity. 

Do you think Trump would put on a petulant little display of foot stamping (like Rudderless and Mayhem) or do you think he'd be furiously lambasting the UK to his Twitter followers, demanding that the source(s) of the leak be identified and punished, and plotting retribution against the UK?

Of course he would.

These intelligence leaks are far from the first time the Americans have humiliated the UK.

The huge $110 billion US arms deal with Saudi Arabia just a month after Theresa May went on a sandal-licking mission over there to win more arms contracts was an obvious humiliation.

The Tory business model is fundamentally reliant on hawking weapons to war criminals, and for years the UK has been Saudi Arabia's main arms dealer. Trump's just blasted us out of the water by signing this huge arms deal with the UK's main customer just a month after May was over there bowing and scraping to the sick Islamist tyrants.

Before that it was Donald Trump's chief financial adviser explaining that Brexit is "a God-given opportunity" for Britain's financial rivals to steal our trade.

Even after hearing the Americans talking about us like that, Theresa May decided to humiliate Britain by scuttling over to America to hold The Donald's hand, shower him in praise, and beg him for a trade deal.

Trump may be a bigoted, narcissistic and profoundly-ignorant bully, but he's certainly has the cunning to spot weakness and take advantage of it, and Theresa May headlong rush over to America to beg him for a trade deal was about as pathetic a display of weakness and subservience as it's possible to imagine.

Yes of course the situation we're in is not entirely her fault because she inherited the impossibly weak diplomatic position David Cameron left her (needing to beg other countries for trade deals because we just sent a great big "fuck you" to 8 of our top 10 trading partners), but her displays of cowering decrepitude have made the situation a whole lot worse.

Having put ourselves in such a desperately weak diplomatic position by voting to tear up relations with our neighbours, the UK was never going to be getting an easy ride from the Trump administration, but Theresa May's craven subservience has clearly exacerbated the situation.

You can either be in a weak position and stand defiant, or you can be in a weak position and go around licking boots and begging for favours.

The outcome from putting ourselves in such a weak diplomatic position is almost certainly going to be extreme economic chaos and the national humiliation of having actually inflicted this mess upon ourselves, but at least we could have gone down with a bit of self-respect with a stronger and less craven leader.

Theresa May's weakness and subservience has led to the additional humiliation of our so called special friend laughing at us and repeatedly spitting on us on our way down.

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