Monday, 10 April 2017

The Tories are delivering a post-Brexit recruitment crisis death blow to the NHS

We all remember the "Let's give the NHS the £350 million ..." lie, we all remember the Brexiteers immediately disowning it as soon as it became clear that they'd won, and we all remember the pathetic displays of Brexiter excuse making that demonstrated the mentality that it's now absolutely fine for politicians to lie through their teeth, as long as the end result is the outcome the apologist wanted.

The "£350 million per week" lie was so instrumental in achieving Brexit that the director of the Vote Leave campaign Dominic Cummings has even admitted that the Leave campaign would have lost without it.

Tory Brexiteers like Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and the disgraced Liam Fox have proven that they can lie with impunity in order to get the outcome they wanted, and then simply disown their lies. But it's much worse than that alone. The Tories aren't just failing to deliver the promised funding boost the NHS so badly needs, they're still busy deliberately running the health service into the ground, and Brexit is helping them to wreck it even more quickly.

Since Brexit the number of EU nurses quitting the NHS has risen to an all time high, while the number of new nurses arriving from the EU has slumped by an incredible 92%.

"Ah but we can train up our own nurses instead"
cry the complacent excuse-making Brexiters. These excuse-makers are either lying through their teeth too, or they're such dim bulbs that they genuinely don't understand that the Tories have a burning ideological hatred of the socialist NHS principle of providing health care on the basis of need, not on the ability to pay for it, and have every intention of wrecking it in order to justify scrapping the principle of universal care and privatising the NHS facilities they haven't already given away to their private sector mates.

The reality is the complete opposite of this Brexiter fantasy of training more of our own nurses. One of the very first things Theresa May did after she was undemocratically parachuted into 10 Downing Street by her Tory mates was to scrap the NHS bursaries that allowed people to train as nurses without creating mountains of debt. As a result of this applications to nursing courses have plummeted by 10,000 in a single year.

Far from training up more of our own nurses as the complacent Brexiters like to fantasise, the Tory government has exacerbated the NHS recruitment crisis by driving huge numbers of potential nurses away from the profession by scrapping their financial support.

Tory Brexiters like Boris Johnson, Liam Fox, Michael Gove and Iain Duncan Smith lied through their teeth that Brexit would be good for the NHS, but now their party is gleefully hammering nails into the NHS coffin.

Rather than being furious that they were lied to huge numbers of Brexiters are still actually making excuses for the Brexiteers' NHS lies and flat out reversing reality by claiming that we could make up the Brexit nursing shortfall by training more UK nurses when the evidence says that the exact opposite is the case.

That's the problem with political tribalists, once they've made a decision they'll continue vociferously defending it no matter how much they have to defend outright dishonesty, reverse reality, and perform demeaning acts of mental contortionism to do it, because it's always very much easier to fool a person than to convince them that they've been fooled.

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