Tuesday 4 April 2017

Rupert Murdoch's guide to joined-up thinking

The jingoistic anti-Spanish blabbering of Brexiter Tory MPs and the hard-right press is absolutely ridiculous.

Anyone who thinks a war with Spain over Gibraltar is a good idea is clearly not clued up to the fact that huge chunks of the UK have been sold off to Spain including Heathrow Airport, a significant swathe of the high street banking sector, toll roads, and even the last HGV manufacturer in the entire country. They're also presumably also forgetting that there are more than 750,000 Brits living in Spain which means that any UK military attack on the Spanish would likely cause a vast British refugee crisis.

Joined up thinking clearly isn't a speciality of the hard-right press hacks at The S*n. Whipping up anti-Spanish hatred is obviously an incredibly stupid idea given that Spain (along with all of the other EU states) will have a national veto over any post-Brexit EU-UK trade deal.

The idea of insulting and abusing the people we're going to have to negotiate with, and who will have a final say on the future of the UK's economic relationship with the EU (where we do over 50% of our trade in manufactured goods) is catastrophically stupid in its own right, but when it's juxtaposed with a front page offer of tokens to holiday in Spain it's mind-bogglingly idiotic.

The problem of course is that The S*n is aimed at a target audience with the comprehension skills of under ten year olds, so S*n readers are pretty unlikely to even spot the sheer idiocy of what they're looking at.

Tabloids like the S*n are so idiocy-inducing that University of London research has shown that reading a tabloid newspaper has a worse effect on your vocabulary than not bothering to read a newspaper at all!

The purpose of hard-right propaganda rags like The S*n is to stupefy their readers, and you'd have to be fantastically stupefied to think that their "up yours senors" front page (notice they didn't even spell "seƱores" properly) is a good idea.

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