Saturday, 8 April 2017

Brexiter doublethink

I've just had yet another Brexiter turn up on the AAV Facebook page to opine that I should stop criticising the Tory government's lamentable handling of Brexit, and if I don't I'm guilty of "undermining the democratic process".

 Anyone who has been paying the remotest bit of attention knows that Theresa May was twice defeated in the courts as she tried to scrap parliamentary sovereignty in order to conduct the Brexit process as an all-powerful autocrat who rules by diktat with no democratic scrutiny.

Amazingly the Brexiters who never stopped banging on about the importance of parliamentary sovereignty before the EU referendum suddenly turned apoplectic with rage that Theresa May's efforts to scrap parliamentary sovereignty were defeated in the courts, even going as far as declaring the judges who made the pro-democracy ruling "enemies of the people", trying (and pathetically failing) to raise a 100,000 strong anti-democracy protest mob, and even inciting people to stalk and harass the judges until they're intimidated into changing their minds.

As if this astounding Brexiter u-turn on the importance of democracy wasn't enough, Brexit fanatics are now repeatedly demanding that we all mindlessly support the Tories or we're guilty of "undermining the democratic process".

Anyone who mindlessly supports the Tory government would clearly have to support the Great Repeal Bill, which is an audacious anti-democratic power grab designed to allow Tory government ministers to rewrite the laws of the land without any kind of democratic parliamentary oversight.

The only defence the Brexit Minister David Davis has offered to support this anti-democratic power grab is that there isn't time to do it properly so we should forget about democratic scrutiny and trust Tory government ministers to rewrite the laws with no democratic oversight.

When asked to trust the Tories to behave properly without any democratic oversight it's difficult to forget that the Tory party has been fined the maximum amount by the Electoral Commission for breaking the rules of our democracy, and that 13 police forces have handed Tory eelectoral fraud cases to the Crown Prosecution Service.

When there are clear electoral rules to protect our democracy the Tories break them to suit their own interest, and now they're asking us to trust them to rewrite the laws of the land with no democratic oversight whatever.

To be fair the sheer brass neck of asking us to trust them when they're only in power thanks to electoral fraud is strangely admirable, but the gullibility of tribalist Brexiters in demanding that everyone mindlessly supports this anti-democratic Great Repeal Bill power grab is far from admirable, it's utterly pitiful.

In the warped worldview of Brexiter tribalists we all have to uncritically support the Tory government as they repeatedly assault and undermine parliamentary democracy, otherwise we're the ones guilty of "undermining the democratic process"!

If you don't support Tory efforts to to undermine democracy, you're guilty of undermining democracy!

It's pretty difficult not to marvel at the levels of doublethink necessary for them to adopt such a bonkers position, but this kind of totally backwards thinking is clearly becoming the norm in Brexit Britain.

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