Sunday 30 April 2017

Can you see what's wrong with this Leave.EU Tweet?

You know who Leave.EU are right? They're the extreme-right anti-immigrant, pro-Brexit campaign that are currently being investigated for committing electoral fraud during the EU referendum campaign.

They're the guys who came up with that "delightful" anti-immigration poster that was modelled on anti-Jewish propaganda from the Nazi era. They're an incredibly nasty group funded by a particularly nasty bunch of right-wing millionaires.

On Saturday 29th April they posted one of the most mind-bogglingly stupid Tweets I've ever seen.

1. Anthony Joshua is proof of the benefits of immigration

As the BBC sports commentator Conor McNamara pointed out, Anthony Joshua comes from a family of Irish-Nigerian origin, and is therefore a wonderful example of the benefits of immigration.

2. Klitschko is an absolute legend

Like his fighting style or not, it's impossible to deny that Wladamir Klitschko is one of the most legendary heavyweight boxers of all time. Yes he lost this particular fight, but he's 41 now. Before his decline Klitschko was the second longest reigning world heavyweight boxing champion of all time, and his 23 successful title defences is second only to Joe Louis (26) and ahead of boxers like Mohammed Ali (19) and Mike Tyson (9).

The extreme-right keyboard warriors at Leave.EU accusing Klitschko of "grovelling" in order to piggyback their pathetically cheap jingoistic agenda onto Anthony Joshua's hard-fought victory is an absolute disgrace.

Joshua had the decency and good grace to pay a heartfelt tribute to his opponent after the fight but these extreme-right cowards felt free to use Klitschko's epic defeat to peddle their own tawdry agenda. I bet the cowardly right-wing keyboard warrior who posted this Tweet would never dare accuse Klitschko of "grovelling" to his face.

3. So much disrespect

The extreme-right Leave.EU keyboard warrior who posted this was so disrespectful to one of the all time greats of heavyweight boxing they didn't even spell his name correctly in the hashtag. It's Klitschko not "Klitchsko" you ignorant scum.

4. Klitschko is Ukranian

Ukraine isn't even in the EU.

5. I thought you guys hated him?

It was only January this year that Anthony Joshua received an absolute torrent of vile abuse from the extreme-right after he posted a picture of him praying in a mosque.

It's funny how the extreme-right can switch from absolutely hating a guy because of their anti-Muslim bigotry (Joshua isn't even a Muslim, he just has an interest in all religious faiths) to piggybacking their own fanatical extreme-right agenda onto his victory isn't it?

It's almost as if they're 100% immune to cognitive dissonance isn't it?

6. It was an epic fight that Klitschko almost won

Anyone who watched the fight between the 41 year old legend and the new kid on the scene (who only started boxing 10 years ago!) knows that it was a truly epic fight. Klitschko knocked Joshua down in the 6th round and had him reeling for the next few rounds, had it gone slightly differently Klitschko could have won it.

This was definitely not the kind of easy fight the delusionally over-optimistic Leave.EU mob seem to imagine that the UK is going to have with the EU 27.

7. 27 vs 1

The UK isn't facing a one on one diplomatic fight like a standard boxing match, they're facing a 27 vs 1 diplomatic nightmare. The EU27 have already agreed their Brexit strategy and we're standing alone against them as Theresa May dithers.

Joshua put on a brilliant performance to beat his opponent, but not many would put money on him to win against 27 other boxers all fighting him at the same time with a carefully pre-planned fight strategy would they?

8. Theresa May is no Anthony Joshua

Theresa May thinks that she can convince the British public that she's a "strong and stable leader" simply by repeating the phrase like a broken robot, but whether the people actually believe it and re-elect her appalling government, she's so obviously not.

She's petrified of facing Jeremy Corbyn in a head-to-head TV debate; She's terrified of facing the other party leaders too; She's terrified of unscripted encounters with members of the public and is intent on conducting her election campaign in a succession of "safe spaces" full of bussed-in Tory party sycophants where members of the public are excluded, and the press are more often than not barred from asking questions; she refuses to answer simple questions when she does come out of her "safe space" hiding zones and she U-turns all over the place like a drunk.

How out of touch with reality would you have to be to actually imagine an erratic self-serving coward like that is the right choice to lead the UK into the most complex and risky diplomatic process the nation has ever faced?

9. Woeful tactics

Diplomacy is not all that much like boxing so I know I'm beginning to over-stretch the analogy here, but Theresa May's woeful so-called "negotiating strategy" makes her an obvious walking total knock out if she doesn't run away crying first!

The centrepiece of her so-called strategy is to do a "no deal" flounce away from the negotiating table which would trigger an economic meltdown to make the 2007-08 global financial sector insolvency crisis look like a walk in the park.

In boxing terms Theresa May has informed her opponent that if they hit her too hard she's going to run out of the boxing ring crying, forfeit the match fee and make an absolute embarrassment of the country she's representing.

If Theresa May does flounce out of Europe it'll be the UK economy that is left reeling from the ensuing chaos, and grovelling for trade deals with other nations (a "no deal" strop means the UK resorts to WTO tariffs with all nations, not just the EU ones).

Imagine the delusional over-optimism of the type of Brexiter who imagines that the likes of India, Turkey, China and the US wouldn't use the UK's position of weakness to their advantage with "you need us more than we need you, so what are you going to give us in return?"

10. Below the belt stuff

One of the only weapons Theresa May has in her armoury is the threat of using the lives of EU citizens in the UK as bargaining chips in the reckless game of brinkmanship she's playing, which is clearly the kind of lamentable below the belt tactics that are not going to win her any friends at all.


The Leave.EU mob are a foul jingoistic bunch who tried to piggyback their fanatical extreme-right agenda onto the success of a great young fighter who was disgustingly abused by the extreme-right just a couple of months ago!

They're suffering from an astoundingly over-optimistic delusion that the UK is going to come out of this scenario with some kind of magnificent victory, when in reality there's no chance of any such outcome, especially if we end up with a weak, spiteful and dithering charlatan like Theresa May leading us into the fight.

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