Wednesday, 26 April 2017

7 years of Tory misrule - sources

After the last seven years of Tory misrule you'd have to be utterly divorced from reality to believe a Tory when they try to claim that they ensure that the benefits of their governance are felt by everyone across all of society. Such a claim is so backwards it's ridiculous, but apparently an awful lot of people actually buy into such backwards Tory rhetoric, otherwise they'd be cratering in the polls for talking such Orwellian rubbish instead of actually leading.

At Prime Minister's Questions Theresa May actually tried to claim that she's going to deliver economic benefits across all levels of society in precisely the way that the Tories haven't been doing since 2010.

I decided to create an infographic to counter this ridiculously backwards propaganda with some actual facts. This is the article to go with the infographic listing the sources in case anyone is in any doubt about the fact that the Tories have been ruling for the benefit of the super-rich minority at the expense of everyone else for the last 7 years.

1. Longest sustained decline in workers' wages on record

Sources: Evening Standard, Guardian, Financial Times

2. Wages still 10% below 2007 levels in real terms
Sources: Independent, BBC, The Times (paywall)

3. Most unaffordable house prices in history

Sources: Financial Times, Office for National Statistics

4. 400,000 more children growing up in poverty

Sources: Mirror, Child Poverty Action Group

5. 1 million+ reliant on food bank handouts

Source: Independent (The Trussell Trust supplied food packages to 554,000 different people, and they're only one of the food bank organisations accounting for less than half the total, meaning packages have been likely distributed to more than a million different individuals, before you even get to estimating how many children were fed on food bank handouts)

6. Systematic impoverishment of disabled people

Sources: Multiple sources collated in this AAV article.

7. Super-rich minority literally doubled their wealth

Sources: Guardian, Telegraph


In order to accept Theresa May's claim that she will rule for the benefit of all, you'd have to completely disregard the last 7 years of Tory rule. You'd have to literally deny reality in order to imagine that there's any reason whatever to believe her completely backwards rhetoric.

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