Friday, 21 April 2017

Contrasting the Tory propaganda with the actual reality

The Tory propaganda machine and the Tory cheerleaders in the mainstream press have gone into overdrive in their effort to convince the British public that "black is white", and that Theresa May is a "strong" and "stable" leader, rather than a woefully indecisive opportunist who U-turns repeatedly whenever it suits her self-interest, and an abject coward who is petrified of facing the other party leaders in unscripted TV debates.

The Brexit U-turn

During the EU referendum campaign Theresa May campaigned (albeit quietly and ineffectively) for the UK to remain in the EU. She told an exclusive gathering of Goldman Sachs bankers that Britain quitting the EU would result in economic damage, a flight of businesses out of the UK in order to maintain single market access and an increase in security threats.

When it served her self interest to switch her opinions on Brexit, she did it in a flash. She went from warning about the economic chaos of Brexit to redesigning herself as Mrs Hard Brexit in order to get herself appointed as Tory party leader, and as Prime Minister of the UK by default.

Her Brexit negotiating strategy is pitifully inept and clearly failing before the negotiations have even started. She wants a hard Brexit, and if she doesn't get it the way she likes, she's threatening to march the entire UK off a socially and economically catastrophic "no deal" Brexit cliff edge.

Switching from expressing grave fears that a hard Brexit would cause massive economic damage by driving businesses out of the UK, to transforming herself into Mrs Hard Brexit isn't indicator of strong leadership or stability, it's a sign of self-serving opportunism of the most despicable kind.

The National Insurance U-turn

Theresa May and her Chancellor Philip Hammond concocted a plot to break a 2015 Tory manifesto pledge to not raise National Insurance in order to hammer millions of self-employed workers with a great big National Insurance hike.

The opposition parties unified against it, and when it became clear that quite a few Tory MPs were talking of rebellion over it, she U-turned just one week later.

Ditching one of your headline budget announcements within a week, causing a massive £2 billion black hole in your economic plans isn't a sign of strong leadership or stability, it's a sign of weakness and ineptitude.

The No snap election U-turn

Theresa May repeatedly assured the public that she would not be calling any opportunistic snap elections, but then just three weeks after triggering Article 50 and setting the clock ticking on the most complex and risky set of diplomatic negotiations the UK has ever faced, she called an opportunistic snap election!

If there was ever a time when the UK needed its government ministers to focus on a specific issue it was now. We're facing a 27 vs 1 negotiation process for goodness sake. But Theresa May has decided to put the self-serving party political interests of the Tory party above the interests of the nation as a whole.

Repeatedly promising not to call an opportunistic snap election, and then calling one at a ridiculously inopportune time for the nation isn't a sign of strong leadership or stability, it's proof of self-serving opportunism and a total disregard for the best interests of the nation.

The "this is not the time" U-turn

It's less than three weeks since Theresa May claimed that "this is not the time" for a Scottish independence referendum because it would supposedly cause so much "instability", and that it would be unfair to the Scottish electorate to have them decide their future before the terms of the Brexit deal become clear.

Now she's expecting the UK to believe that calling an opportunistic snap election at an incredibly inopportune moment in British history is not going to cause instability, but that it's actually going to create stability. Furthermore she's demonstrating that she thinks it's perfectly fine to ask the UK electorate to decide their future before the terms of the Brexit deal become clear!

This 100% reversal on her own damned rhetoric within the space of a month isn't a sign of strong leadership or stability, it's absolute proof that she'll say literally anything if she thinks it's to her own personal benefit, no matter how contradictory. And what's more, it's proof that she holds the general public in such total contempt that she expects them to just lap up her totally contradictory rhetoric as if it's manna from heaven!

The cowardice

Theresa May is utterly petrified of facing the other party leaders in live TV debates, and she's particularly scared of facing Jeremy Corbyn in a head-to-head debate because she's a self-interested coward who is so desperately slow-witted in unscripted situations that she's intent on letting her attack dogs in the Express, Daily Mail, S*n, Daily Telegraph and BBC politics department do her fighting for her.

In fact she's so afraid of unscripted situations she's intent on insulating herself in a bubble of elitism and Tory privilege by staging a series of totally fake public appearances full of Tory party loyalists bussed in from over 50 miles away to make it look like she has public support, when she's actually completely petrified of unscripted encounters with the actual public.

This is abject cowardice. It's a pathetically yellow-bellied effort to prevent her party's shocking track record from receiving any kind of real scrutiny.

This pitiful cowardice isn't a sign of strong leadership, it's absolute proof of weakness and fear. How on earth anyone could think that such a weak and cowardly leader is an appropriate person to lead the UK into the toughest diplomatic negotiations this country has ever faced is baffling, but then we live in a baffling world where millions of people are content to be told that "black is white" and that Theresa May is a strong and stable leader!

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