Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Another display of extreme-right "logic" from the EDL

The British extreme-right have never been renowned for their cognitive abilities, but in recent times we've seen one extreme-right masterclass in lamentable gibberish after another.

Take Britain First's faux patriotic infographic that openly denied the existence of the Celtic nations and claimed that there's no such thing as freedom of thought in the UK.

Take Nigel Farage's admission that if when Brexit turns out to be an economic catastrophe, he'll not only refuse to apologise to the British people, but that he'll run away from the UK and become an immigrant in another country!

Take the serving UKIP councillor who claimed that the Somerset floods were God's revenge for the introduction of gay equality legislation, or the serving UKIP councillor who asked Facebook "I no this is probably a stupid question but is Tuna a real fish like ones that swim in water?"

Take the ludicrous (and extremely popular) Brexiter sign that falsely claimed that we only speak English in Britain on a sign that blatantly mangles the English language.

Take the disgraced former UKIP councillor who celebrated Article 50 day by patriotically strapping an upside down back-to-front union flag between two wheelie bins.

Take the fact that the majority of Brexit voters actually care more about the colour of their passport cover than losing the rights to travel, live, work, study or retire in other countries that it currently provides!

Perhaps the biggest display of extreme-right idiocy of all is the stance of the English Defence League against the burqa because it hides the face, while they simultaneously sell EDL branded balaclavas so that EDL fantics can hide their faces as they engage in their displays of drunken street thuggery. 

Make no mistake, the extreme-right are a pernicious and growing influence in British politics. It would take wilful denial of reality to imagine that the extreme-right had no role to play in letting the hard-right of the Tory party off their leash to begin remoulding the UK into their Thatcherite wet dream of a tax-dodgers' paradise.

Without the backing of the Britain First following, EDL sympathising S*n/Express/Daily Mail reading extreme-right, the Leave campaign would never have won, and any non-bigoted Brexiter who is capable of being even remotely honest with themselves can admit that they sided with and empowered the extreme-right to get what they wanted.

Saffiyah Khan stood up to the EDL by laughing in
their faces after they abused a woman in a hijab
The extreme-right are clearly a bunch of very useful idiots for the Tory party.

The Tories don't see extreme-right fanaticism as a problem because extreme-right fanatics create social divisions and keep the "lower orders" fighting amongst themselves whilst the Tory elitists can get on with asset stripping the country, attacking workers' wages and labour rights, and constantly rigging the economy even more in favour of the tiny super-rich minority who bankroll their party.

One thing we do know for sure is that the extreme-right are an incredibly humourless bunch who hate to be laughed at. Perhaps laughing at them while we point out the cognitive illiteracy of their politics is the best approach? It's going to be difficult for them to maintain their ridiculous fantasies of being brave patriotic freedom fighters if we all just laugh in their faces.

After the picture of Saffiyah Khan standing up to the EDL street thugs in Birmingham by smiling and laughing at them went viral the EDL leader brazenly lied about her and then demonstrated what a bunch of absolute dicks the EDL are by saying "she's lucky she's got any teeth left".

Laugh at us and we'll knock your teeth out, even if you're a young woman. That's the extreme-right mentality in a nutshell, and that's we need to stand up to them. 

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