Friday 21 April 2017

Spot the difference

Isn't it incredible how Brexit has morphed from a glorious anti-establishment rebellion into a full-bore defence of the Tory establishment led by a woman who actually campaigned (albeit very quietly and ineffectively) for Remain, while the genuine anti-establishment candidate is constantly mocked and derided by the bulk of the mainstream press?

Whether you like his personality or not, Jeremy Corbyn's policies are undeniably progressive and he's clearly not afraid to mingle with the public he's vowing to stand up for either. He decided to launch his election campaign in the streets of Croydon, where the incumbent Tory MP has a wafer thin majority.

The fact that Corbyn is capable of engaging with real people is undeniably one of his strengths. He's often snarky with the media these days, and who would blame him after all the demonstrable bias, disgusting abuse, blatant misrepresentations, and outright fake news he's had to put up with since becoming Labour leader, but he's actually good at dealing with members of the public, and has a raft of policies to support ordinary people like workers, small business people, school children, students, NHS patients, public transport users, carers, and private sector tenants.

Theresa May on the other hand is terrified of the public. Instead of taking to the streets to launch her election campaign she chose to fly into a private golf club in a helicopter and speak in front of a hand picked audience of Tory loyalists.

In fact, some of the hand-picked Tory loyalists weren't even from anywhere near the golf club in Bolton. The brilliantly named Wirral In It Together Twitter account identified at least three Tory councillors who had been bussed in from Wirral in Cheshire 55 miles away.

Theresa May is a coward and a liar. She's afraid to face Jeremy Corbyn in an unscripted head-to-head debate because she knows that he'd expose her snarky slow-wittedness and her appalling track record of incompetence.

At PMQs she told Corbyn that she wouldn't debate him on the television because she's going to be taking her record "out to the country" instead. But that's not what she's actually going to be doing because she's just as terrified of the general public as she is of Corbyn!

She's actually going to be taking her record "out to carefully pre-selected audiences comprised entirely of Tory party loyalists", and the press are going to report on these staged events as if they're genuine public appearances, rather than slick micro-managed Tory party propaganda.

Theresa May is a coward who is petrified of debating Jeremy Corbyn, petrified of debating the other party leaders (especially the intelligent and quick-witted Nicola Sturgeon), petrified of unscripted environments, petrified of scrutiny and being held to account, and petrified of the general public.

Jeremy Corbyn has his limitations for sure, but at least he's not a quivering coward who is so terrified of unscripted environments (like interactions with genuine members of the public) that he's intent on insulating himself in an impermeable bubble of wealth and privilege like Theresa May.

It's astonishing that so many people are incapable of seeing Theresa May for what she is, and actually buy into the ridiculously unrealistic "strong leader" trope. She's a slow-witted and incompetent cardboard cutout of Margaret Thatcher who is already getting absolutely pounded in the Brexit negotiations before they've even properly started. And the British people, actually no, the English people are seemingly intent on entrusting the most complex and risky set of diplomatic negotiations in UK history to this unbelievably cowardly self-serving charlatan!

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