Friday 28 April 2017

So much bullshit in just one sentence

The mainstream media has made it clear that they have absolutely no intention of properly holding Theresa May to account for the absolute bullshit she has been spouting, so it's up to us to ensure that her lame propaganda is exposed for the dishonest drivel that it is.

In this article I'm going to concentrate on just one sentence of this pitiful drivel and demonstrate how much is wrong with it.

"Strong and Stable leadership"

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Theresa May and the Tories genuinely seem to believe that if they endlessly repeat the phrase "strong and stable leadership" like a bunch of broken robots then the British public are so gullible and lacking in critical thinking skills that they'll accept it as fact despite the absolute abundance of evidence that Theresa May is actually a cowardly and self-serving leader of a chaotic government full of incapable and inept government ministers.

Just look at the timing of the snap election. She blundered and bluffed for 9 tedious months before triggering Article 50, and then just three weeks after setting the clock ticking on the most complex and risky diplomatic negotiations the United Kingdom has ever faced she called a self-serving and opportunistic snap election that she repeatedly assured the public and the financial markets that she wouldn't be calling.

Surely Theresa May and her ministers should be concentrating on the vital Brexit negotiations for the good of the country, not on trying to make the electoral fraud investigations go away by grabbing a bigger majority for the good of the Conservative party.


Theresa May and the Tories have the absolute gall to talk of "certainty". First they delivered a chaotic Brexit without even bothering to develop a contingency plan in case the public actually voted for what the right-wing fringe of the Tory party were telling them to (hence the nine months of dithering before triggering Article 50) and now Theresa May's so-called "negotiating strategy" is to try to face down the EU 27 with the astounding threat that the UK will commit a huge act of economic self-harm by doing a massive "no deal" strop away from the negotiating table if they don't give Theresa May what she wants!

Resorting to such hyperbolic threats doesn't provide certainty at all, it makes the likelihood of a massive Brexit recession ever more likely, and according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies a "no deal" cliff edge Brexit would trigger an even bigger recession than the one that followed the global financial sector insolvency crisis (you know, the one we still haven't recovered from thanks to seven years of Tory economic mismanagement).

Theresa May's belligerent approach to the Brexit negotiations doesn't provide certainty at all. By gambling so recklessly with the nation's future, and millions of people's livelihoods, she's providing the polar opposite.

"Delivering for people up and down the country"

Analysis by the Institute for Fiscal Studies has made it absolutely clear that if the Tories return to government and continue with their planned tax and welfare reforms almost everyone is going to be worse off.

Over the last seven years the Tory government have already overseen the worst collapse in the value of UK workers' wages since records began (a fall in the real value of wages matched only by crisis-stricken Greece) and now they're intent on stripping away the social safety net too.

As is always the case with the Tories the worst affected by their policies will be the poorest in society, but now they're going out of their way to ensure that children will suffer the severest consequences.

A look at the source for the chart in the header image reveals that the poorest 10% of working age families with children are facing a whopping 15.3% decline in their household incomes.

The Tories are promising to deliver a £3,000 per year income cut for the poorest households with children, significantly above £1,000 in cuts for the bottom 50% of all households with children, over £250 in cuts for 80% of households with children and over £200 in cuts for 50% of all households without children too.

The only households with children to get away with an income cut of less than £100 will be the richest 10%!

It's more of the same Tory inequality-increasing malice: Take from the poor to give to the rich.


Theresa May is lying about providing "certainty" because her belligerent Brexit "no deal" threats represent the riskiest gamble anyone has ever tried to take with the UK economy.

Theresa May's leadership is neither "strong" nor "stable", she's a weak self-serving coward who is petrified of having her record held up to proper scrutiny that she's conducting her election campaign almost exclusively in Tory "safe spaces" full of Tory loyalists who have been bussed in from miles away, the ordinary public are excluded, and where the press are often banned from asking questions if they've been invited at all.

Theresa May talks of "delivering for people up and down the country" but she refuses to say what she's planning to deliver, because it's yet another Tory assault on people's incomes and living standards, and if the EU 27 call her bluff on her "no deal" threats, a much bigger recession than the one that followed the global banking sector insolvency crisis too.

What we can do

The vast majority of the mainstream press is simply not going to hold Theresa May to account for any of this, so it's up to us.

The most important thing is to try to get through to people who don't use social media, or even the Internet.

Show people on your phone, or on your tablet. Print the articles off on paper if you think it will help. Don't worry about copyright issues. I don't give a damn.

If we don't fight back and do the job the mainstream media are abjectly failing to, then she is going to win a thumping majority to behave as recklessly and maliciously as she pleases.

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