Wednesday 19 April 2017

Theresa May and the Tories are putting party political interests above the interests of the nation as a whole

Theresa May lied through her teeth over and again that she wouldn't call a snap General Election, yet she's broken her word and done it.

Given this track record of lies it would take an immense amounty of gullibility to conclude that her stated reasons for breaking her word and calling a snap election are her actual reasons for breaking her word and calling a snap election.

The Crown Prosecution Service are currently considering 30 Tory electoral fraud cases, and the announcements are due in late May and early June. There is plenty of evidence from whistleblowers, the Tory party accounts (that they tried to withhold from the fraud investigations) and from their own social media accounts that they engaged in electoral fraud in a large number of marginal constituencies, so it would look like a total whitewash if there are no criminal prosecutions whatever.

The suspicion must be that Theresa May knows that she's on the verge of having her wafer thin House of Commons majority eroded away as several Tory MPs are charged with committing electoral fraud and taken to court, so she's hoping to get a snap General Election out of the way to shore up her majority before the fraud cases begin going to court, and before the social and economic devastation of her fanatically right-wing hard Brexit agenda kicks in.

One of the most extraordinary aspects of this snap decision is the fact that she's announced it within three weeks of triggering Article 50 and setting the clock ticking on the most complex and risky set of diplomatic negotiations since at least the end of the Second World War.

Just when the government should be fully concentrated on getting the best Brexit deal possible for the nation, the Tories have decided to put their own party political self-interest first by holding a snap General Election in order to make the threat of the Tory electoral fraud scandal go away.

There really couldn't be a stronger demonstration of Theresa May and the Tories putting narrow party political interests above the interests of the nation as a whole.

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