Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Sean Spicer: A man of boundless ineptitude

The United States has suffered some pretty appalling governments in its history, but surely none of them can compare to the multiple displays of abject incompetence that the Trump administration have packed into their first three months.

Things started badly with Trump's tantrum over the fact that Obama's inauguration crowd was bigger, Spicer's lies and Kellyanne Conway's excuse that Spicer's lies were not lies, but actually "alternative facts", and then they just got worse and worse from there.

There was the resignation of Michael Flynn for outright lying that he hadn't been in contact with Russians; the introduction of Trump's profoundly unconstitutional Muslim Ban and his deranged attacks on the US judicial system when it was ruled unlawful
; the bizarre spectacle of the Trump and his administration lying that he'd been spied on by Obama and the British intelligence services; the debacle of Trump's failure to repeal the Affordable Care Act; and countless examples of Trump Tweeting about whatever gibberish he'd just been watching on Fox News propaganda channel.

When it came to Trump's decision to attack Syria and lambaste Barack Obama for having not attacked Syria earlier, his rhetoric was massively undermined by his own Tweet history (see image).

The August 29 2013 Tweet that demanded that Obama seek Congressional approval before attacking Syria was especially damning in light of the fact that Trump didn't bother to seek Congressional approval for his own attack on Syria.

Sean Spicer then weighed in to defend Trump's attack on Syria by claiming that Adolf Hitler never used chemical weapons, which looked suspiciously like an act of Holocaust denial from a member of a regime that was propelled into power on the back of the so-called Alt-right white supremacist neo-Nazi movement.

Spicer's Holocaust denial sparked outrage, prompting a hasty apology, but during his televised apology he literally said that the objective of Trump's attack on Syria was to "destabilise the region"!

Whether Spicer's "destabilise the region" comment was a Freudian slip in which he admitted the truth about Trump's agenda, or just a case of "mis-speaking" as our American cousins say, it's an astounding display of incompetence.

Imagine being such an incompetent blabbermouth that you'd somehow contrive to deny the Nazi Holocaust, and then state that the objective of your President's military action was to destabilise the Middle East during your apology!

Now imagine being such a stubborn, fact-averse narcissist of a President who is so lost in a cloud of Fox News propaganda that you refuse to even consider how much of a total arse your press secretary is making you look!

I do feel a slight twinge of sympathy for Spicer given that defending the constant stream of outright lies and mutually contradictory gibberish that Trump comes out with has to be one of the hardest jobs imaginable, but then I remember that he's only there because he wants to be there, and that he could easily step aside if he had any awareness of a. the sheer impossibility of the job he's tasked with or b. his own bumbling ineptitude.

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