Tuesday 25 April 2017

Ruth Davidson's bare faced hypocrisy

Ever since Theresa May announced her opportunistic self-serving snap election Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson is at the forefront of the Tory election campaign north of the border.

On Monday April 24th she decided to do a photo shoot with a mobility vehicle charity that helps people with mobility issues explore the Trossachs National Park. She then Tweeted pictures from the photo shoot commenting on how great it is to help people with mobility issues.

The problem with this of course is that the Conservative government in Westminster that Ruth Davidson is trying to bolster has been on a mission to strip as many mobility vehicles off disabled people as possible.

So far Ruth's Tory chums in Westminster have snatched away at least 51,000 mobility vehicles, and the rate of confiscations has risen to an astounding 900 vehicles per week.
One example that Davidson should surely be familiar with was a case in Scotland where the Tory administered DWP confiscated a disabled person's mobility vehicle to save £6,000 per year, only to then award the victim a whopping £65,000 in order to pay for taxis to and from work for the next three years!

It beggars belief that a politician whose party is pursuing suck a malicious (and economically incoherent) policy towards disabled people would sit in a mobility vehicle and proclaim that helping people with mobility issues is a good thing, but any Scottish person will tell you that Ruth Davidson regularly beggars belief.

What the hell is she playing at?

Either Ruth Davidson was completely unaware that the Conservative government has been waging such an outrageous ideological war on disabled people's mobility and welfare, meaning she sat in a mobility vehicle because she was grotesquely ignorant of her own party's policies and didn't see a problem ... or she was fully aware of the Tory policy of snatching mobility vehicles from disabled people and she sat in a mobility vehicle anyway because she's so damned arrogant that she thinks she can get away with anything.

She's either shockingly ignorant and inept, or she thinks politics is just a big joke where you can confiscate mobility vehicles from tens of thousands of disabled people, then sit in a mobility vehicle for a photo shoot and talk about how great it is to help people with mobility issues.

Scottish Conservatives

The Scottish Tories have been rising in the polls through their total obsession with the SNP and the idea of a second independence referendum.

In fact they're so obsessed with the subject they've blatantly been trying to turn Theresa May's opportunistic snap election into an unofficial referendum on Scottish independence.

They're dressing themselves up as the party of unionism but only the most delusional of Scots would ever vote for them after the way they've treated Scotland. From using Scotland as a testing ground for their hated Poll Tax to relegating Scottish MPs to a secondary status where they can't vote on English laws, while preserving the right of English MPs to vote on Scottish laws (every single amendment to the Tory government's Scotland Bill made by a Scottish MP was stripped out again by English Tory MPs).

If you're Scottish and you vote Tory what the hell are you playing at?

Not only have this party treated your country with absolute contempt, they're also the main bloody reason that Scottish independence is such a popular idea. If the Tories in Westminster hadn't misruled Scotland so badly in the first place, you unionists wouldn't be feeling compelled to rally around and support the Scottish Tories, because the SNP and the concept of an independent Scotland wouldn't be anywhere near as popular.

If you vote Tory in Scotland because they're trying to turn Theresa May's opportunistic self-serving snap election into an unofficial referendum on Scottish independence, you're a self-defeating idiot.

More Tories in Westminster means more shockingly malicious Tory policies like the confiscation of mobility vehicles, ideological austerity, disability welfare cuts, rising child poverty, sanctions and the hated rape clause.

More repulsive Tory policies like that imposed on Scotland against their will, and the more popular the Scottish independence cause will continue to become.

The Tories are wrapping themselves in the Union flag and presenting themselves as the solution to "the problem", when in reality they're probably the most significant cause of "the problem" of all!

You'd have to have such a blinkered obsession with unionism to fail to see this, you really would.

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