Tuesday 4 April 2017

Theresa May's Easter egg faux outrage

Theresa May has been spewing faux outrage about a Cadburys/National Trust event supposedly dropping the word "Easter" from their egg hunt even though the event in question clearly used the word "Easter" prominently in their advertising.

She knows this kind of "Easter has been banned" fake news plays brilliantly with Daily Mail readers, Britain First followers, 'kippers and the like.

The ignorant and fact-averse extreme-right are an increasingly large demographic and she's proven herself desperate to appeal to them plenty of times before.

She also knows that this kind of synthetic outrage display is also a useful distraction from the massive (and incredibly unchristian) welfare cuts the Tories are imposing this week.

In Theresa May's warped worldview this poster is an outrage, but her government pushing 250,000 British kids into poverty isn't!

Theresa May's display of faux outrage is also a useful distraction from the fact that she's currently in Saudi Arabia grovelling at the feet of the very unchristian Islamist tyrants to convince them to continue spending £billions on British weapons for them to commit their war crimes in Yemen with.

In Theresa May's depraved mind this egg hunt poster is an unchristian abomination but selling weapons to brutal Islamist war criminals is perfectly fine.

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