Friday 28 April 2017

Weak and chaotic leadership in my own self-interest

Pretty much everyone in Britain must be familiar with the Tories' massive "strong and stable leadership" propaganda drive to convince everyone that Theresa May is what an extraordinary abundance of evidence says that she simply isn't .

Incredibly they're also trying to claim that Theresa May would rule "in the national interest" when this whole damned election is a crystal demonstration of Theresa May putting the narrow party political interests of the Conservative Party way above the interests of the nation as a whole.

Weak and chaotic leadership
  • Does anyone believe that Theresa May is conducting her election campaign almost exclusively in Tory "safe spaces" where the public are excluded and the press are often banned for asking questions because she's such a strong leader?
  • Does anyone believe that announcing an election promise-breaking hike in National Insurance and then U-turning on it within a week, leaving a £2 billion black hole in your first budget, is a sign of strong leadership?
  • Does anyone seriously believe that Theresa May is "strong and stable" just because she keeps saying that she's "strong and stable" like a broken robot?
In the national interest

Let's just remember how Theresa May came to be Prime Minister in the first place:

When David Cameron gave the nation the most important referendum decision in decades what did she do? Did she pick a side that she thought was in the national interest and then argue it as strongly as she could?

Of course she didn't. She wasn't thinking about the national interest at all. She was thinking about her own self-interest, and the plan she came up with was a perfect example of low cunning in action.

She decided that her personal self-interest would be best served by hanging on to one of the high offices of state by paying lip service to David Cameron's official line that Brexit is a bad idea, but basically doing a very low-profile non-campaign just in case the Leave side won.

If Remain had won she could have stayed as Home Secretary and simply waited for David Cameron to retire (as he had said he was going to before the 2020 General Election), but her self-serving non-campaign paid off when Leave won because she had very little pro-Remain baggage to deter the Brexiters from accepting her total Brexit U-turn.

It was a masterful display of devious self-serving scheming, and it paid off exactly as she'd planned.

Now think about the reason, and the timing of Theresa May's opportunistic snap election.

Who on earth could believe that it's in the national interest to call a snap election just three weeks after triggering Article 50 and setting the clock ticking on the most complex and risky diplomatic process the United Kingdom has ever faced?

How can it be in the national interest to divert government ministers' attention away from the indescribably important task of trying to get a good deal out of the Brexit shambles for two whole months right at the beginning of the process, when they should be working like dogs to try to overcome the extremely daunting 27 vs 1 odds we're facing?

How are people failing to understand that Theresa May's decision to call her opportunistic snap election (that she repeatedly promised the nation she wouldn't) is far more about winning a thumping majority before the Tory electoral fraud cases begin going to court than it is about anything else?

How are people failing to see that Theresa May's opportunistic snap election is proof-perfect that Theresa May is putting the narrow party political interests of the Tory party way above the interests of the nation as a whole?

What we can do

The vast majority of the mainstream press is simply not going to hold Theresa May to account for any of this, so it's up to us.

The most important thing is to try to get the message through to people who don't use social media, or even the Internet.
Show people on your phone, or on your tablet. Print the articles off on paper if you think it will help. Don't worry about copyright issues - I don't give a damn.

If we don't fight back and do the job the mainstream media is abjectly failing to, then Theresa May is going to win a thumping majority to behave as recklessly and maliciously as she pleases.

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