Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Take from the poor to give to the rich

Imagine how gullible you would have to be to actually fall for Theresa May's crocodile tears about inequality and the "just about managing". On Thursday April 6th the Tory government are introducing a load of welfare cuts that affect the poorest people in society whilst handing out tax breaks that benefit the richest people in society.

If Theresa May actually gave the slightest damn about combating inequality and looking after the "just about managing" she had plenty of time to reverse George Osborne's last assault on the poor before it came into force, but she didn't.

The Resolution Foundation have found that 67% of the Tory welfare cuts will impoverish the poorest third of UK families, whilst 80% of the tax cuts are being handed to the well off. Once again it's a Tory budget that snatches from the poor in order to redistribute to the already well off.

One of the most appalling welfare changes is the decision to snatch bereavement benefits from families in which one of the parents has died. The savings from snatching this money are absolutely minuscule in comparison to Tory policies like renewing the UKs stockpile of WMDs, Brexit, and bribing the Chinese into building our energy infrastructure for us.

Analysis by the Guardian has found that the welfare cuts will end up pushing another 250,000 British kids into poverty. It's quite something that the Prime Minister can take time off from licking the boots of Saudi tyrants to furiously condemn a National Trust Easter egg hunt for not using the word "Easter" (when it clearly did), but the Christian morality she spends so much time going on about is perfectly fine with her snatching money off bereaved families and condemning a quarter of a million British kids to poverty!

Next time you see Theresa May crying crocodile tears about how much she cares about the vulnerable, or the disabled, or the working poor it's vital to remember that it's just an act (and not a very convincing one either).

Her strategists have told her that in the current political landscape words speak louder than actions. As long as she talks a lot of empty platitudes about wanting to reduce inequality, she can easily get away with actively increasing it.

The sad thing is that Theresa May's strategists appear to be right. It doesn't matter how blatantly her words are contradicted by her disgusting actions, millions of people actually adore her and refuse to even acknowledge her outrageous insincerity.

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